Are you for-getting to be for-giving?

Confusing title? Good. Have you ever hear the term ‘charity starts at home?’
With the current economic climate (I ‘m not going to mention the credit crunch cereal) a lot of people have been cutting back on expenditure. I have been one of them as income has reduced, expenses increased and no more lending of money for businesses from the banks.

I virtually cancelled all my payments except my phone bill, internet and car insurance! I’d also heard that charity started at home, so gave the contributions I was making a knock on the head as well.

Today I was walking through town, after 2 hours debating court summons with an incompetent council, why do all muppets work for the government – but hey, that’s another rant…
It was 5pm and getting cold, when a girl representing Shelter stopped me in the street. She told me about the families, especially children, living in sub-standard accommodation and the work they are doing to bring them better housing. Then she asked me the question, would £1.50 per week make a big difference in my life?
Actually, ask yourself, would £1.50 per week make a big difference in YOUR life?

Now everything is relative, yes it would but wouldn’t it make a much bigger difference to someone else who didn’t even have that much?

I realise that I always have enough to get by and have never been short of meeting my needs, wants being another matter completely. That to take away the little that I used to give is not really benefiting me as much as it would help provide for someone else. If anything it will make me think twice about wasting it at the nearest fast food place, just because it is more convenient than eating properly. Is a 1.50 coffee
really going to make my life better!?

So, as you sit there with the warm glow from your computer screen, drinking your favourite carbonated drink or premium tea / coffee, spare a thought for people that WILL be affected by the current economy. Are you one of those who, like me, had decided not to donate money because they were told that times are hard.

You know what I mean, it’s cold on a morning, the water takes a while to heat, fuel is expensive and then you have to go to work to make ends meet (which ends are they specifically?) Life may seem tough but it is a lot easier than for those that really struggle.

Also did you know that if you give, the universe has to provide more to fill any void so that you can continue giving!? Yes, it’s true. Isn’t that a nice thought.

Take a moment to think about those sleeping without a roof over their heads, on the streets without blankets, without clean water, empty stomachs and little hope of getting ahead in life – and that’s just in the UK! It’s going to be a cold winter for them, lets hope they’re around for the recovery! They need the help now, more than ever.

Your heating has just switched off and all you have to do is turn the light off and go to bed, take a moment to say a prayer and make a commitment to make a difference. I’m taking back the decision made to even foolishly think that times were hard, life has never been better. Things aren’t going to get any better because they actually already are! I’d just forgotten to give and now I know why I need to remember.
Give a little and you will reap as well. It’s a small world and you are one of the lucky ones, who is able to make a difference in someone else’s life! You just have to choose to, grow by giving a little this winter… and you will receive.

What is charity, where is home? It’s only a small planet and we are just a small family. Look after one another.

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