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You find out how much you’re valued by others based on the currency you receive – be it money, food, love or just a couple of chocolate coins…
22 hours ago

Put money in tips jar at Costa then realised I needed some change. Waitress looked shocked when I took 10p back out.
Yesterday at 17:29

Two more action packed days of MMI to go.
Sun at 00:35 · (5) (5)
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It was a wealth seminar call Millionaire Mind Intensive. Not sure when next one will be.
8 hours ago
Gayatri Monani
Gayatri Monani
Kewl.. have fun!
about an hour ago

Happy Birthday Dan Storey. I made it back in time to close up. Hope you had a fab night!
Sat at 22:47

On the way to Hilton Metropole London Edgware Rd for an action packed weekend.
Sat at 06:39

Can’t sleep and have to be up in 4 hours! The joys of crewing at seminars to make sure participants have a great experience.
Sat at 01:32

Saw a girl get her bag stuck in the tube doors as she jumped on. Shame they re-opened them as it could have been a really entertaining journey for the other passengers.
27 August at 23:12 · (8) (8)
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Ha, ha… Karma has a funny way of biting you in the ass.
Got my man-bag stuck in the mini doors where you swipe your Oyster Card. So NOT funny!
28 August at 14:31
Zuzana Stovicek
Zuzana Stovicek
I didn’t know u were that mischievous lol.
28 August at 14:56

In Maida Vale Marriott to find out what buddies Adam and Duncan do. If you’re passing by, pop in and say Hi.
27 August at 17:54

Had a fun day at the Launderette, lucky I had spare jeans to wear and emergency ‘red’ socks from a Virgin flight!
27 August at 15:45

Got lost walking around London without my Tube map. See how important it is!?
26 August at 16:28

Net-worth building with XL North West!
Connect… Inspire… Create…
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Host:XL North West
Time:Wednesday, 02 September 2009 18:30
Location:Amblehurst Hotel
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Devina Singh
Devina Singh
I wish this was in Montreal 🙂
26 August at 03:51

Sat in The British Library with some Supermalt and free Wi-Fi! Happy days…
25 August at 10:48 · (14) (14)
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Steph Daniels
Steph Daniels
Hi Bobby, have you become a Londoner yet?
25 August at 14:50

I am a Londoner, from Huddersfield.
Everyone up North – I’ll be back once a month for property and XL meetings, so see you then 🙂
25 August at 15:08

Finding that driving round London with a tube map is not as easy as he thought. Time for A-Z or GPS!
24 August at 16:53

Sat with Carolina discussing where to buy cheap books. As well as Amazon, check out for bargains!
24 August at 11:02

See you at the YES Group picnic in Regents Park later today.
23 August at 11:30

At Karaoke Box in Farringdon with a bunch of nutters! Happy Birthday Amanda Steadman!
22 August at 18:49

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing”
22 August at 12:55 · (1) (1)
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It’s true – there is no such thing as a free lunch!
22 August at 12:10


Bobby attended YES Group’s Got TALENT.

Bobby likes Shanti A. Gill’s link.

Looking for a desk and internet access in London Zone 1. In exchange I can make tea, cheer up the staff and fix all those problems that really aren’t 😉
21 August at 12:01 · (8) (8)
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Was looking for something more permanent in an office maybe! Don’t want people thinking I ‘work’ in these cafes – hmmm… maybe that is a good idea!
21 August at 14:44
Robert Clark
Robert Clark
If you ever get stuck, you’re welcome to a bit of space in our office, I know its not near London, but if you’re stuck ?
21 August at 15:35

Sat in Starbucks planning my next move. Not used to life slowing down to a slow Chess pace.
21 August at 09:49



Bobby commented on Martin R Bellinger’s link.

Bobby likes Elliot Kay’s video Mr Wolfgang Sonnenberg.

‘s your uncle! Or at least I am to my recently born nephew 🙂 Congratulations to my sister and brother-in-law!
20 August at 23:29 · (13) (13)
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Rukhsana Arifeen
Rukhsana Arifeen
Congrats mamoo!!
21 August at 15:43
Sukhdev Nazran
Sukhdev Nazran
Congratulations to you all.
Does this mean you’ll finally be forced to move out?!
22 August at 23:28

Just been to dinner with Adam Shaw and Jemma Prittie at Nando’s and we all agreed it was better than the dodgy cafe Dino’s in South Kensington!
20 August at 23:05 · (3) (3)
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Adam Haider
Adam Haider
Nandos is the best! : )
20 August at 23:15
Adam Shaw
Adam Shaw
We won’t mention hairy food though!
20 August at 23:16

Just reading Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers. More a lesson in syncronicity than a success formula.
20 August at 15:26 · (2) (2)
Rosemary Lamb
Rosemary Lamb
Is it good, Bobby? Getting much from it? xxx
22 August at 01:10

Very good – get it read!
22 August at 12:11


Bobby commented on Topher Morrison’s link.

Bobby commented on Heidi Amber Sutton’s link.

Bobby likes Heidi Amber Sutton’s link.

Bobby became a fan of Inglourious Basterds.

Bobby commented on ‘s note Men are just Happier People.

Has lots of things on his mind…
19 August at 11:58 · (9) (9)
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Robert Clark
Robert Clark
Did your plates land ok? (hope they did)
20 August at 11:10

Still in the air… mind your head!
20 August at 13:22

Is looking to make £15k in the next month. All serious ideas welcome…
19 August at 10:18 · (1) (1)
Satie Punglia
Satie Punglia
Sell one of your houses?
19 August at 21:35

Best advice I was ever give? Remember to ‘Breathe’!
19 August at 08:56

Sat in Success Resources office discussing BIG event planned for bank holiday weekend: T Harv Eker’s Millionaire Mind Intensive Seminar in London on 29th-31st August 09 – Get your Free complimentary tickets here: >> <<
17 August at 16:38

Two fish in a tank – one turns to the other and says, “Bob, how do you drive this thing?”
17 August at 09:42

Inglourious Basterds – Tarantino is back with an original film that brings back memories of Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction. Go see it if you are a fan of war films, Tarantino or innovative cinema.
17 August at 00:56 · (4) (4)
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Nicola Everill
Nicola Everill
ooh thanks for the review I’ve not been following what’s on – might see who I can persuade to join me next Wednesday 🙂
17 August at 08:18

This has been about 10years in the making, so I wasn’t going to miss it. As it’s been a while since Tarantino did anything watchable.
17 August at 09:46
Satie Punglia
Satie Punglia
Is it good Bobby.I wasn’t so sure but if you are recommending I will hav to find time
19 August at 21:36

If you’re ever passing South Kensington DON’T eat at Dino’s Cafe. I’d rather have my teeth pulled out with rusty pliers!
15 August at 20:31 · (2) (2)
Graham Turrell
Graham Turrell
What did they do to u Bobby?
16 August at 06:46

Poor food, small portions (thankfully), bad service, expensive and I had to drink a litre of coke to dissolve the remains in my stomach!
16 August at 12:51

Off to see Daniel Priestley’s Social Media presentation on Saturday in London. Maybe see you there:
15 August at 00:37 · (3) (3)
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Jane Finch
Jane Finch
Wish I was going….
15 August at 00:41


Bobby likes Shruti Gupta’s link.

Bobby commented on his own note Can you recommend some inspirational DVD’s for us all to watch?

Bobby likes Tobie Ward’s link.

In Waterloo, larging it with the Time Lord Bert Verdonk.
14 August at 22:03

Wandered all round London again and now having Dinner at best veggie place in town
14 August at 17:36

Turned to busking on the streets of London. Special deals available for lunchtimes and office parties. Lighten up and book your visit from Bobby Now!
13 August at 18:05 · (3) (3)
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Michael Stott
Michael Stott
hehe where is bobby now havent seen him in a long long time!!!!!
14 August at 00:24

Alive and kicking! 😀
14 August at 12:54

Still house and couch surfing around London. Ideally need to find a place by this weekend to rent. Else may end up checking into a Hotel like rich people do in the movies! Hope they’ll let me settle the bill when I leave… lol…
12 August at 11:29 · (15) (15)
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Ziad Jarnaz
Ziad Jarnaz
hey bobby I’ve got a vacant 1 bed flat in edmonton – let me know if you want to rent it out.
12 August at 19:55
Michael Q Todd
Michael Q Todd
Been there done that but I was usually floor surfing.Couches-Luxury!Looks like Ziad may have something 4 ya.Edmonton? Where is that ?
13 August at 15:15

Looking for a 1-bed flat/apartment around central/NW London for £800-£1000 (max) per month. Do you know anyone renting?
10 August at 23:09 · (10) (10)
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Josephine Hirst
Josephine Hirst
Running away hun…
11 August at 23:49

Nothing wrong with south side, just distance/time to get to the north side and to Hudds. Will give you a bell later.

Maybe running towards as opposed to just away Jo 😉
12 August at 10:28

Loves lazy sundays. Gives you time to slow down and reflect on what’s really important in life…
09 August at 16:11 · (7) (7)
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Chris Gentle
Chris Gentle
Hollyoaks and BB.
09 August at 16:19
Andy Whitehead
Andy Whitehead
Hey Bobby! Dropped you an email matey a few months back, was wondering if you could spare 10 mins on the phone? As TR says, model success and was looking to have a chat to someone who was doing what I want to achieve! Let me know dude, cheers ears, Andy
09 August at 18:36

Greenwich to Hammersmith, to Clapham to Angel then Edgware Road. Busy day driving. Dinner then sleeps I think.
08 August at 20:09


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Been wandering around London looking for an apartment, a job, food and trouble. I found one!
07 August at 22:05

Back ‘home’ in London after a quick visit to Hudds. Now at a birthday party in Oxford Circus!
06 August at 20:38

Going to XL Circle meeting in Manchester tonight at 6pm. See you there.
05 August at 14:00 · (1) (1)
Darren Blake
Darren Blake
Too small for me
Now we are talking
05 August at 22:17

Listening to David Lee sharing new info, beyond Rent To Own, on doing property deals.
04 August at 20:54

David Lee at NPN with new Rent2Own Info

04 August at 20:50 · (1) (1) · Share
Steve Wright
Steve Wright
Great evening; fascinating subjects and excellent presenters. Thanks everyone.
04 August at 23:59

Get ready for the Northern Property Network event tonight in Huddersfield with THE Rent To Own Expert – David Lee!
04 August at 14:33 · (1) (1)
Christy Koleszar
Christy Koleszar
Hows the move going?
04 August at 15:36

is happy!
03 August at 20:33 · (19) (19)
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Andrea Smart
Andrea Smart
Out of all the 7 dwarfs, I wouldn’t have chosen a better one to model!!!!!!! As your Snow White, I really enjoy your hugs and squeezing your cheeks! (Now now!!) xx
03 August at 22:45

Thought just writing that would say much more than a lengthy update. See you all soon, hugs BG 😀
03 August at 23:21

Is Omnipresent!
01 August at 18:10 · (1) (1)
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