Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency quick start guide

Prior to Christmas a lot of people asked me my opinion on cryptocurrency and bitcoin, so I put together the basic guide below.I skipped the ‘what is bitcoin’ and jumped straight into ‘how to get started’. I’m not a guru or trying to sell you anything, just sharing some basic information below.

Here is my quick background. I’ve just started getting into Crypto seriously now…

I was going to mine Bitcoin ~5 years ago but couldn’t get the rig I bought set up, so sold it on.

Then I spoke to my cousin about it a couple of years ago, to which he said “it’s too late, prices are too high.” – I took his word on it and missed out again.

Now I’m looking at speaking to only informed people who are actively buying and trading, as it’s only their opinion that counts – and learning from experts who do analyse the underlying trends, forecasts and fundamentals. Also having a group for active traders to share knowledge with each other. If you’re an active trader/buyer – you can skip this mini-guide. It’s really for beginners only.

There are a lot of ‘scammy’ looking companies, making big promises and offering guaranteed returns (!?) trying to ride the back of Bitcoin and crypto – but of course you have to join their scheme to participate – and you pay commissions and don’t have control of your money or crypto wallets.

– Remember: Don’t ever abdicate your responsibility to someone else to learn about investing your money.

– Also remember it is speculative so put in what you’re comfortable with and can afford to lose.

That’s right, if you can’t sleep at night because of the amount you have in Bitcoin/Crypto – you’re putting in too much money!

I’d recommend putting in £500-£1000 max. initially.

If just starting and can only afford a small amount, do only £100.

Get started TODAY – as once you have some money at stake, you will learn a lot faster and other traders are more likely to discuss other coins and methods of trading with you.

Once you build your confidence and know how it works you will want to look at putting in more and also buying Altcoins (alternative coins).

You can get the main coins Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin directly from the Coinbase platform. It’s quite easy to use, so split money across them evenly.
My personal strategy will be to Buy and Hold long-term (at least 12 months to start with) – and check in monthly to see what is worth keeping, buying or maybe selling.

It’s best to avoid daily news and price fluctuations, as if your blood pressure can’t take big gains and swings over the short to medium term, this is not for you! Your friends who don’t own any, will just try to put you off, as they’re either ‘afraid’ or ‘bitter’ they’re not Bitcoin millionaires already 😉

Ask them if they’re interested in Bitcoin, if they waffle about some ‘fear’ news story, don’t bother them. You will find a couple who are active and you can discuss crypto with.

The platform recommendations below are purely because I use these independent trading platforms to buy/sell Cryptocurrency.

I’m sharing a couple of referral links too, as they will give a small bonus to both of us when used.

You can use other platforms or remove the referral part of the links if you don’t like people getting paid for making recommendations. I added them to compensate for my time to put this quick start guide together after investing hours of my time to find out what works.

Anything from these links is small and incidental, you need to focus on actually buying and trading the cryptos, not getting referrals to make money (hence I won’t be upset if you don’t click on the links or take the Coinbase bonus).

Coinbase is the easiest platform to use for beginners to get started. This is what I used.

This link will give you $10/£7 free bitcoin when you buy $100(£74) worth of bitcoin using the special link below.

They also do a full Know Your Client with ID required etc. before you can buy.

This is the referral link to get the free bitcoin. If you use this link to sign up to Coinbase we’ll BOTH receive ten dollars of free coins when you purchase $100 or more.

[Coinbase do not accept deposits from Nationwide Bank]

You can buy with a bank card though.

You can also buy coins locally from people for Cash.

Take a look at this site here:

There are also ATM’s in various places to buy bitcoin.


Popular Exchanges for more coins (US based, Gov compliant – Beware Bittrex will comply with harsh tax laws in US)

Jan 2018 Update: Above were all slow at verifying accounts post Xmas rush – delays!


Exchange with Altcoins that are currently OPEN for registrations
(many have been overwhelmed with applications since Xmas and pending verification on accounts)

For Altcoins you can use…

Binance platform (I use this) – once again they do a full Know Your Client with ID

Kucoin platform (I have an account) – easy & quick to set up account

This is not a referral method to make money, just a small bonus for inviting people. It costs you nothing to use this link – and you can then create your own to invite people.

Another exchange is CoinFloor but min deposit is £2500 to use this platform (min deposit £2500)

Note: For Altcoin purchase I found it cheaper to buy ETH and then transfer ETH from Coinbase (rather than BTC)

There will be some MLM’s out there to avoid and new ICO coins not listed to trade so avoid them or do proper due diligence. Often the money you ‘invest’ is being used to pay MLM up-line commissions. Learn how to trade cryptocurrencies and be responsible yourself for putting your own money directly into trading.




Disclaimer: Any investment carries a degree of risk so please do your own due diligence and play safe by only contributing money you can afford to lose. Play safe, play smart but be sure to play!

Extra info…

Wallet Creation
when holding coins long term

Whilst your coins are on the Exchange platforms, they could be hacked or lost.

Initially getting started is more important than trying to figure everything out first.

Protect your login details and wallet addresses on the exchange, as you would your bank account details, and don’t ever share the ‘secret’ addresses.

If you are putting in a considerable sum of money, then you need to get yourself sorted with some wallets and learn the method of ‘cold storage

You’ll find more info at the sites below. to create a wallet

Move cursor… use paper wallet

Generate 1 address, encrypt… use passphrase

SHARE Address to give to people to ‘receive’ and ‘load’

SECRET Address to ‘spend’

Enter Password

Create New Wallet

Save your Keystore File

Download Keystore File (UTC / JSON)

… I understand

… Save Your Private Key

… Print Paper Wallet

Desktop Wallet

Download… download


What Really Matters? Advice For Someone Smart Enough To Understand

What really matters? Below is a reminder from a couple of people who have been here before. Hopefully there is a lesson or two for you.

If you take a moment from being busy & productive and just look up, maybe you too will see what is really important in life.


“I’m 76. My high school and college classmates are dropping like flies. My time is coming fairly soon. I’ve had a varied and active life from stealing food from hotel corridors to survive to owning 4 successful companies and retiring at 49 to backpack the world with my kids. 35 was my best year. I was young enough to do it all and smart enough to see the traps ahead of me.

One thing I wish I knew back then, not just philosophically, but at the basic level of my soul: It doesn’t matter. Nothing really matters. There is no point to all of the pain, stress, arguments, hassles, and the rest.

I can buy a Lambo for cash and have my clothes custom-made, but I drive a 2,000 Toyota 4Runner with 242,000 miles on it, my pants are almost as old as my sons, I wear shoes I bought in 1999 that still have miles on them, my favorite food is spaghetti, and I tossed my smartphone six year ago. It drives my sons nuts. They want my wife to buy me a new Toyota Sequoia, a smartphone, and something other than the $9 tee shirts I get off Amazon.

But I learned something years ago, long after my 30s: It doesn’t matter. None of that stuff made me happy. It gave me pleasure, but pleasure fades and the darkness falls unless you are happy at your core. I am. So, I’d have liked to know not to take life so seriously. It cost me my first marriage and bad relationships all over the place because I tried to grind my way up the “ladder of success”. And it didn’t mean a thing.”

Source: Marlon Brandy on Quora

“100% true and profound based on my own life experiences. I worked for a man who is swimming in money and sinking deeper and deeper into unhappiness.

I have been in third world countries where there was no money, and there was pure heartfelt happiness. I have been betrayed by FALSE friends, used financially and emotionally, stolen from, manipulated, deceived and left for dead.

I interview people and ask them to define “success”, it is as if I asked them to define the “atom”, the only answer they have is “money”. People have made character , ethics, integrity and honesty an under valued waste of their time.

It reminds me of the 5 Life Regrets published by “Hospice International”, these are the regrets of people who are in the last hours of theirs precious lives, they are poor, middle class and mega rich, they all have the same regrets, if you take nothing of value from this post, TAKE THIS.
#1 I wish I would have had the courage to share my true feelings with people.
#2 I wish I would have been true to myself, rather than everyone else.
#3 I wish I would have spent more QUALITY time with my family and friends.
#4 I wish I would NOT have worked so long and so hard, especially doing things I did NOT want to do.
You notice there is NOTHING about success, money, materialism and soul mates. When it comes to climbing the success ladder of LIFE, you better make damn sure you are not really climbing DOWN.”

Source: Gary King


Theresa May -v- Jeremy Corbyn Popularity Poll

Find out how many of your friends like May -v- Corbyn below.

It will only show who is more popular on FB but it still comes down to voters and the voting machines.

63 May -v- 148 Corbyn for my friends.
(390k May -v- 991k Corbyn Likes)

Note: This is just a Facebook popularity rating and you know how much opinion & crap is on the TV, Newspapers & internet.


Do you want to build and grow your network or community?

bobby-gill-marketing-skills6 years ago Simon Zutshi asked me to work with him to create and grow the online media presence of property investors network ‘pin’.

He’d seen me online and knew I was active within various online communities, as well as hosting my own events – in Property, Business and Internet Marketing.

I’d been doing online marketing for a long time and active on Facebook using paid Advertising (since 2008) before a lot of the big corporates were even aware of online marketing.

I’d also helped at and supported many personal development events, from local YES Groups to bigger Tony Robbins UPW events and similar.

As well as booking speakers for events, it was important for me to provide outstanding customer service to attendees as well, as I’d been to too many events where the organisers lacked integrity and each person was just a ‘lead’. Things sometimes do go wrong and we all make mistakes – but when no-one takes actual responsibility for actions, service suffers and so does ‘word of mouth’ (and now social media posts) about your company.

People will remember how you make them feel and if you care enough to provide excellent service, which is more than just ‘good enough’. (Thanks to Graham Hill, Regional Director – Buckinghamshire & Bedfordshire of Shopper Anonymous for that reminder yesterday #FSB)

People are the most important part of any community or business.

Working with pin was a good fit, as one of my biggest values is that people should have a good time and feel valued. I would be able to help create that community online.

When I started with ‘pin’, I took on the task of creating and building the online presence of the property investors network across various online platforms and company websites. This grew from a few meetings to 50+ meetings and I was responsible for maintaining their online presence. Once I’d systemised all this, it became easier to scale and grow the online exposure.
The online marketing was all bootstrapped but has grown to a successful and large presence, had I bigger budget to work with I’d have done an even better job.

I also provided training & support to pin meeting Hosts on how to best use social media effectively, to connect with people and increase exposure for the meetings they ran in their local areas. Another task I took on was to keep on eye on the online reputation of Simon Zutshi, the company and the meetings.

As well as the online social media presence, I supported the Mastermind community by making sure information was easy to find on the forum and help them out with any queries they had, whether it was my ‘department’ or not. Either I’d sort it out myself or find the best person to help them.

All your clients (and team) are important, especially those that have paid for first class support.
This belief is what enabled me to provide the best service I could whilst at pin for many years.

In my spare time (Entrepreneurs don’t take evenings or weekends off, unless they want to take a holiday) I would also support on other events and help other Property education providers, as long as there was no conflict of interest.

After being there for over 5 years, it was time to move on.
So I have now moved to Milton Keynes. Why you ask? Why not?
It is closer and easily accessible to all the places I usually visit, from Birmingham & London being within 1 hour or so drive.  It was also good for a fresh start and to work on some new projects.

I’m now looking for a new challenge.  
Are you in property, personal development or a business related field and want to improve your service and/or reach? 
Or maybe you just want to create a community to share your love or hobby? 
Even if your idea is to start a Nicolas Cage Appreciation Society, get in touch.

If you have a business and no time to do it yourself, then why not give me a call and see how I can help.  My past experience and long-term view will help save you and your team many hours and tens of thousands by setting up things right to start with.
As I did when I advised a new property education startup earlier this month on the best way to set up and move forward.
The digital landscape has changed a lot in the last few years again, so don’t think that trying to copy someone else will help you remain ahead anymore. It’s not just what you see at the front end that counts but how it is managed in the background that matters.

You can find out more and contact me on Facebook , Twitter and LinkedIn

I also prefer to work with people I know, so if this is of interest to you, read the mini-CV below and get back to me if I can help you in any way 😀 👍

[full CV available on request]


Solutions focused Systems & Operations Freelancer looking to contribute extensive experience towards supporting progressive organisations in optimising their performance. Through increased efficiency by systemising, making things simpler by automating frequent processes, serving clients and having happier customers by meeting their needs and over-delivering on expectations.

My background is in Engineering, Property, Systems, Networking and Training Events and Social Media/Digital Marketing.

Engineering has given me an analytical background and project management skills which come in useful with jobs that require attention to detail and planning.

I have been involved in property investment and education since 2001, learning valuable lessons through boom and bust, and know many of the experts and trainers in the UK.

Attended a lot of personal development, business and entrepreneur seminars and paid for high-end coaching over the last 10 years.

As well as attending these events, I’ve also set-up, organised and hosted networking events, as well as helping out and crewing for many training courses.

Extensive background in social media and online marketing, website design from SEO to funnel creation, including paid marketing and CRM.

I’m more than competent in a lot of fields, although not a self-proclaimed expert or goo-roo. I realise I can always learn more and be better at everything. I’m a polymath (Renaissance man) with curiosity and many hobbies, talents and areas of interest and expertise, therefore I have a wide knowledge base that I can draw on and use in other areas to solve problems and for success.  I can explain what needs to be done in simple language, by removing fluff that some experts use to complicate things to justify their position.  I will listen to your ideas and recommend creative solutions & improvements.  I offer highly professional consulting and honest opinions and feedback, always acting in the client’s best interest.


So if any of that is of interest, contact me today on Facebook , Twitter  and LinkedIn or call if you’ve got my number and not rung me for a long time anyway. Always happy to meet up and have a chat.


Hillary Clinton -v- Donald Trump Popularity Poll

Find out how many of your friends like Hillary -v- Trump below.

It will only show who is more popular on FB but it still comes down to American votes and the voting machines.

63 Clinton fans -v- 620 Trump fans for my friends.

Note: This is just a Facebook poll and you know how much opinion & crap is on the internet.