Boss or Leader – Which Are You?

boss-leaderAre you a Boss or a Leader?

You may recognise your employer and those in management positions.

A boss is someone who tells people what to do, bosses them around. Employees usually work out of fear and not respect. Mainly fear of upsetting the boss and therefore getting fired. You may recognise people in your organisation that live off the backs of others and don’t do much themselves, other than give orders and always looking for an easy ride. ¬†They usually use fluffy words and turn the conversation to actions of others, rather than being accountable and sharing themselves.

A real LEADER is someone who leads by example. They are prepared to ‘get off their high horse’ and get their hands dirty, to both learn how a job in an organisation is done – as well as show others how it is done.
Leading by example brings you real respect. People will follow you because you know where you are going (by being at the front) and they know that you are all on the same journey together.

Many ‘lazy’ people aspire to be a boss and do nothing.

Why not choose to be a Leader and be respected instead for putting energy into everything you do….

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