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What Would Bobby Do? Move to London 🙂

Many people complain that time and distance to get to events in London is too much – and that’s even before the costs of food and accommodation. For those that are committed to their success you don’t hear any of those excuses, they just do what is needed to get and/or stay ahead.

I used to travel all the time and now I have moved to London (making frequent visits up North to host the Northern Property Network and be on the XL North West Leadership team). I’ve even swapped the YES Group North for YES London when I can make it.

I now get to go to all the major events without travelling too far and meet some fantastic people.
Despite the economy at the moment (which the media says is now recovering but that’s a different story) there are many others who are just getting on with what needs to be done.

I’ve been fortunate enough to know a lot of the events organisers here and they are attracting some great talent. Not only does London have a lot of the country’s best presenters, speakers and business people who you can come and meet anytime – They are now bringing you much more talent from abroad as well!

I can usually get access to advance tickets, best prices and discounts as well! So let me know if you’re hosting or attending an event and I’ll see what my network of friends and associates can do for you.

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