Britain’s Next Top Coach Semi-Finals

My friends Jules Wyman and Elliot Kay made it through to the semi finals of Britain’s Next Top Hairstyle. They’re both great coaches and I don’t know who does their hair but they do a damn good job. If you do know, please give me a shout.

From the punk rock look from Brylcreem’s next top model Elliot Kay to the lovely L’OrĂ©al sheen of Jules’ shag! (I’d have gotten in trouble if I said anything about her balloons!)

Seriously though, please take a look at their videos and vote for your favourite.

Jules Wyman Elliot Kay

These are the topics they discuss.

Elliot Kay – “The SMART way” – Elliot has spent the last 12 months researching, watching, reading and interviewing entrepreneurs. What do all the world class successful entrepreneurs have in common? From his research Elliot will be sharing his successful S.M.A.R.T formula which he uses to work with his clients. What does S.M.A.R.T stand for?

Jules Wyman – “The confidence secrets” – Do you know someone who puts themselves down or underestimates their abilities? Whether that someone is a close friend, family member, work colleague or even yourself, it can be a painful way of living. Discover the simple truths about trust and confidence and you can empower yourself, and others, to an easier way of living.

And take a look at the competition too to keep it fair and the votes deserved.
(I don’t need any more complaints or bad vibes like I did after my last post).

After all it’s not the best hairdo that wins but who YOU consider to be the best coach.


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