Are you Seeking a Friend for the End of the World?

As the end of the Mayan Calendar nears, are you contemplating what it could mean for you?

With some thinking it is the end of the world; the same way there is always an end to the day, the week, the month, the year or any time frame for that matter, a new one ALWAYS follows.

Don’t worry, this is my last post on ‘the end’, as it either really will be TEOTWAWKI (the end of the world as we know it) – or as there are no doomsday prophecy deadlines I know of coming up any time soon, we’ll all live (happily) ever after…

But what if it was the end of the World?  And your days really are numbered?

Would you want to live your life differently, starting now…?

“Seeking a Friend for the End of the World” is a film that explores that and stars Steve Carell (Dodge) and Keira Knightley (Penny). The film runs an accelerated time frame of a couple of weeks to the end of the World – where everyone starts to question life and death and what you will doing just before and when you go.

In the opening scene when Dodge and his wife hear the announcement on the car radio, the government has failed to stop an asteroid that is hurtling towards Earth, which means almost certain doom for everyone – and Bruce Willis is not available!

His wife then climbs out of the car and just runs away from him and their (long suffering) relationship presumably, as it no longer matters.

It takes a while to set up the characters and then really gets going towards it’s ill fated ending…

Although the story has a lot of emotional depth and could have done with more character development time, it is poignant and touches on a very human topic. Forgiving some of the plot holes (related to end of the world stuff) it has comedy, drama and is also a tragedy.

Dodge is alone and is contemplating what to do with the rest of his (short) life.

“You’re going to die alone,” a female friend of his complains.

“He’s going to die with everybody else,” adds her husband.

So even though everyone is heading to the same fate, it is a personal journey which at least she understands.


Some characters in the film decide to do finally do drugs and get drunk, orgies seem to be the rage, as is rioting. No-one cares about tomorrow, it is only instant gratification that is foremost in their minds and lives now.
Some, like Dodge’s cleaner, go about their daily business as if nothing is going to happen.
A few, like Dodge and Penny, decide to go find their loved ones and make amends for what has happened and spend their last days with them.

How would you feel if you were going to die and everyone else around you?

When someone passes or leaves, we don’t mourn their loss per se but more our own loss and that of the relationship that we had created with that person.  We don’t feel sorry for them or miss them , as much as we feel sorry for ourselves and miss how they made us feel.  No-one else will make you happy if you cannot be happy alone – yet it is our relationships with others that show us who we really are deep down.  Other people reflect our good and bad back to us – and we only see that which is in us.

Penny – “I wish i’d met you a long time ago. When we were kids.”

Dodge- “It couldn’t have happened any other way. It had to happen now.”

Penny – “But it isn’t enough time.”

Dodge – “It never would have been.”

Penny – “I thought that somehow we’d save each other.”

Dodge – “We did.”

Even an optimist couldn’t have changed the ending of the film, hoping everything would carry on and work out.

It seems that at as the human race, we are collectively manifesting a lot of death and terror which shows up in the characters of films that we see. So how refreshing to see such a film that lets the characters explores the meanings of their life for a change.

The Ending is in the Title of the Film – so the film is about the journey to get to the inevitable conclusion. Questioning LIFE (not death) and what we do with our precious time and most importantly who we spend it with.

What would you do if you knew the end was coming and who would you want to spend it with?


2012 and the End of the Mayan Calendar

This is for fellow desk top astronomers, that look to their laptop to research the heavens above.  Many people don’t have an awareness beyond next weeks X-Factor but there are those that contemplate the Universe – why leave astronomy to the astronomers when you could learn so much about the bigger picture yourself?

Put the kettle on and put an hour aside to learn about the infinite Universe and a ≈ 26000 year cycle.

Below you will find some basics on how the calendar works and scroll to the bottom for a fun video that may (or may not) be the greatest Science Fiction story told!  You will have to forgive the American humour and sound effects to get through it, as he explores the 2012 Prophecies.
Your soul will be drawn to the animation at 19m15s in the Youtube Video. Don’t miss it as it will expand and spin your mind…
And all this is happening on Winter Solstice 2012, which ‘coincidentally’ is also in time for Christmas and Jesus’ birthday (I won’t go further into this as it will only upset the hard-core KJV literal believers)

Unlike 12-12-12 which is a man-made phenomena, such as roads, calendars and religion;
21-12-2012 (or 12-21-12 for the Yanks) is different.

21st December 2012 is a unique event during the Winter Solstice, irrespective of date and it is a Universal phenomena, such as days, years, nature and life itself!

The Apocalypse is coming… definition: a revelation of something hidden.
And after Revelation comes Genesis again.

Come the day after 21st December 2012, at least some things will be clearer (and another end of the world averted.) I bet Bruce Willis won’t even break into a sweat (one for Armageddon fans there!)

The clock says it’s time to be aware of what’s going on around you and wake up!

Good morning,

Bobby 🙂



December 21, 2012: Some predict the end of the world, some predict the beginning of a new era. The basis for these claims is based on the Ancient Mayan calendar.

It may seem silly to base a prediction off an ancient civilization’s calendar but the Mayans were a highly mathematically advanced civilization. Their calendar is not only mathematically complex, it is also highly accurate (in fact, more accurate than the Gregorian calendar we use nowadays).

The last day of the Mayan calendar corresponds to December 21, 2012. On this date, the Mayans are predicting the end of an era. The Mayans believe they were living in the 3rd era and on this date, the 4th era will begin. What does this mean to us? The beginning of a new golden age? Or does it mean the end of the world and life starts all over.

Nobody can really know what will happen. Some predictions indicate that on this date, the world will end and a new world will begin. Others interpret the ‘end of an era’ as the coming of a new golden age, world peace, end of world hunger, elimination of poverty or a cure for a common illness.

It is impossible to prepare for something we do not know. I would suggest being with a group of friends or loved one, counting down to this fateful day, and hoping for the best. Chances are, nothing will happen, but if it IS the coming of a new golden age, I would suggest everyone to savour and take in every second of this momentus event. If it is the end of the world, well, what can you do, at least you’re with the ones you love. 



Winter Solstice – 21st December 2012 Alignment


There are some great presentations within presentations in this video and I recommend watching it all for context. If you only want to flick through, here are some highlights:

4m49s Mayan Star Chart/Map

13m50s Quarks to Beyond

16m18s Earth circling the Great Central Sun

19m15s Helical Solar System (Must See!)

25m00s Long count Mayan Calendar Galactic Alignment and end of time

29m25s Time/consciousness is speeding up

33m20s Solar flares and radiation

40m00s Interstellar cloud /earthquakes

45m38s The Day The Earth Stood Still

53m28s The Size of Earth

1h02m50s The matrix!

1h04m30s Happy 13th Birthday (Age of Aquarius)

Remember ‘2012’ is already happening NOW!


Mayan Calendar and Aztec Sun Stone (commonly mistaken for Maya Calendar) images


How the Mayan clock works:



Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year

“And the Grinch, with his Grinch-feet ice cold in the snow, stood puzzling, how could it be so? It came without ribbons. It came without tags. It came without packages, boxes or bags. And he puzzled and puzzled ‘till his puzzler was sore. Then the Grinch thought of something he hadn’t before. What if Christmas, he thought, doesn’t come from the store. What if Christmas perhaps, means a little bit more…”

My gift to you this Christmas is to remind you that Christmas – and life, is not just about ‘things’ but ‘people’ and ‘feelings’.
Open your hearts as well as the other gifts you receive this Christmas. Know that the good you do for others is good you do for yourself.

Remember that this is a time of year to remember your family and friends, to spend quality time with your loved ones.
Presents are nice but the best present you can give anyone is your presence.

Go visit someone you’ve not seen in a while or give them a call.  Just to let them know you’re thinking of them and care. It’s a simple gesture but means so much to those who might not have family or friends around at this time of you.

You are the lucky ones, if you have shelter, light, heat, internet and food to eat, surrounded by those that might drive you nuts but you love all the same.  Stop thinking about what you want to buy in the sales! Instead donate to charity or feed and clothe the homeless.  Be grateful for what you DO have and make a difference to someone who isn’t so fortunate.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and have a Wonderful New Year.

Wishing you more Love, Peace, Hope and Happiness for 2012!

Bobby 🙂

P.S. I’d like to remind you about the film “Joyeux Noël”. Watch it if you’ve not seen it before.
Peace and Goodwill to all mankind!

Joyeux Noël – Peace One Day

On Christmas Eve in 1914 during the bloody World War I, the Germans, French, and Scottish soldiers on the front-line called an informal and unauthorised truce.  With the other men, who they tried to kill every day because they were ordered and told to shoot at them.
They peacefully met each other in No Man’s Land to share a moment to get to know the men who lived on the opposite side, even though they were aware that their superiors would not tolerate it, they did what they felt was right and acceptable.

It became a true lesson of humanity, a real and heartfelt message of brotherhood and goodwill to ALL mankind, that may have been forgotten by many.

Remember your fellow man today and every day as you go about your life and business and know that they are no different to you, with the same hopes and fears for a better life.  Put down your weapons, do what is right and all will be well.

Joyeux Noël,

11:11:11 for Change and The Age of Aquarius

What is so special about 11th November 2011? Just because the numbers are all 1’s based on a calendar invented around 2000 years ago? I’m not sure either but if some say it is auspicious, we should take all the good luck and positive vibes we can from it.

Looking at the Bigger picture, it is also the Age of Aquarius. Yes, when I’m not focusing on the little details I often float up and look at the bigger canvas.

Recently, for me at least, it has been a challenging time for being understood by others, even when I only state the obvious and truth. I’ve always been able to grasp new technology, systems and ideas easily, ahead of the curve. As time has speeded up, new trends come even faster as the latest, shiniest thing is obsolete, as soon as it is introduced. I thought I was born too early for my time due to not being able to show everyone the easier, simpler, truer way that things are.  I knew the answer to many things without having to think about it too much or over-analyse.  Thinking too much causes us to come unstuck and ego takes over, then the results are never pretty.

But as I’m discovering more and more every day, maybe I’m not too early, perhaps I’m just leading the way.  Why do I say that? Because my beliefs echo those described in the article below and always have done.

Now in the Age of Aquarius (or changing times or modern times or whatever makes you comfortable talking about ‘the present’) things are rapidly in transition to my way of life from the stagnant way that many people have been stuck in.

Hierarchies of control will give way to flatter and fairer structure of networks and information.  Just like the internet you’re using, sharing information provided to you with friends and colleagues – to make things better for all.  Everyone has a voice that should be heard, it is our own responsibility to speak up and out loud.  It is up to us to shine brightly for others to see.  New leaders will rise.

We all need to embrace the change and polarities of good and bad that we are seeing, the honest and the dishonest, the truth we all understand versus legal double speak.  During these rapidly changing times you just need to be able to keep your own balance and focus, whilst everything appears to be falling apart, ready to rebuild itself better.  Stay true to yourself and those around you, don’t get sucked into the media pop-News of doom and Political promises.  The leaders will rise from everyday people DOing what they know to be right and BEing the best they can be.

Is it time for a new calendar? Maybe or maybe not,  although it is definitely a time to being and doing things the new way, a different way and a better way for everyone.  Remember, a lot of spiritual people will agree everything was just preparation to kick it up a gear on 11th November 2011.  And even if you’re not spiritual, (unless you like the way things are), it is definitely as good a day as any to CHANGE!

Like my friend Gandhi said “BE the Change that you want to see in the World!”

By Santokh Singh Khalsa, D.C.
What are these ages? Astronomers will tell you that the Earth rotates on an axis and that this line going through the center of the earth has a slight wobble to it. It goes through a little circular wobble about once every 24,000 years. This cycle has been broken into 12 parts associated with the 12 astrological signs, based on which constellation the axis is wobbling towards. From around 2000 B.C. to 0 A.D. we were in the Age of Taurus. From 0 A.D. to the present we have been in the Age of Pisces. For the next 2000 years we will be in the Aquarian Age. We have been in the transition from the Piscean Age to the Aquarian Age for the last 50 years. The official beginning of the Aquarian Age is November 11, 2011 or 11/11/11. Some people have set this date as December 21, 2012. Considering that this is a 2000 year cycle, no matter which date you accept, we are in for lots of change in the near future!
Why is this so important? Many people go their whole lives not caring or knowing if they are a Pisces, or a Gemini, or what their moon or rising sign is. This change to the Aquarian age is so important because it changes the astrological conditions for the entire planet. Every person on planet Earth has been and will be affected by this shift. Let’s investigate what will be changing.
The Piscean Age has been dominated by hierarchy, and power. The key phrase for this age was from Shakespeare’s Hamlet, “To be or not to be.” To make a successful and happy life, you needed to resolve this question. The key to the astrological sign Pisces is “I believe.” During this age, in order for you “to be,” you needed to find someone or something to believe in. When you found that thing, you attached yourself to that thing and were guided how to live. This could be a religion, a political ideology, a charismatic leader, work, etc. The keys to life were hidden and secret in the halls of power and in the monasteries and ashrams. But you didn’t need to know these secrets, only to follow leaders and guides who did. This created vertical hierarchies as a result, and it was essential to find your place in the pecking order.
This has been the foundation for human consciousness for the past 2000 years. Everything that you have learned from your parents, and they from their parents, going back 2000 years, has been colored by this Piscean frame of reference. And now that is all changing.
The Aquarian Age will be dominated by networks, and information. The key phrase for this age is “Be to be.” The key to the astrological sign Aquarius is “I know.” This is the age of information. Nothing is secret anymore. All information is available at your fingertips. Where the Piscean age was organized in a vertical, up and down structure of hierarchies, the Aquarian Age is organized in a horizontal network, opening the world up to true equality.During this age, the focus is no longer on your identity and existence (“to be or not to be”), but on accepting yourself as a whole person (“be to be”) who does not need to believe in something outside of yourself. You are ready to accept that you have the knowledge and wisdom within yourself. It is no longer necessary to attach to something outside yourself, but to become a leader of one: yourself. Instead of being a railroad car that is pulled by an engine, you become your own engine. It is your responsibility to stay on the tracks and to keep moving forward.
With this understanding, it is easier to comprehend what has been happening in the world over the last 50 years. On the inner level, since the 1960’s, there has been a huge movement towards personal transformation: self awareness, self improvement, yoga, meditation, tai chi, alternative healing, natural foods, etc. There has also been a major increase in depression, suicide, anxiety, stress, and drug use, both pharmaceutical and recreational.
In the outer world, we have seen amazing changes: civil rights, environmental consciousness, women’s rights, gay rights, global consciousness, etc. We have also seen the rise of fundamentalism, terrorism, partisan politics, racism, xenophobia (the fear of the “other”), and general fear mongering.
This shift is bringing out the best and the worst in mankind. Some people are preparing for this shift by opening their hearts and minds and embracing this new age, and some people are intimidated by the changes that they don’t understand and want to return to a “golden age” in the past, or to circle the wagons and trust only those who are like themselves.
Transformation is never a painless process. When you fast or cleanse to purify your body, at first you feel worse, because toxins get stirred up in order to be eliminated. Once these poisons have been cleared, you feel lighter and more energized. Now imagine that every person on planet Earth is going through this shift. We are heading into a time of radical change. It is a time of great potential growth and expansion, but it is also a time of great potential pain and suffering. The more that you understand what is happening, the more that you can go through all of the changes without losing your balance and stability.
What can you do to help make this transition into this new age of information and consciousness? Here are some suggestions:
1. Have a daily spiritual practice. Every spiritual tradition has one thing in common: a daily practice. This can be many different things: yoga, meditation, chanting, prayer, contemplation, exercise, journaling, etc. It is not important what you are doing, but that you do something almost every day, and do it with an intention to let go of your blocks and focus your consciousness. Kundalini yoga and meditation are the most powerful tools that I have found, but everyone must find their own pathway and collect the tools for their own toolbox.
2. Don’t give in to fear, despair, or anger. There is so much happening that can trigger these emotions: the media, the environment, politics, terrorism, etc. If you understand that these emotions are all symptoms of the Aquarian shift, then you can go through them without losing your center.
3. Don’t be a victim. You have the power to change your life. Don’t give that power away to anyone through blame or resentment. You are responsible for your happiness and grace. Don’t buy into any view of reality in which you are not 100% responsible for making your life work. The Aquarian Age is all about empowerment and consciousness.
4. Be a source of light. The more people who consciously choose to embrace the Aquarian shift, the easier this transformation will go for humanity. It is a spiritual truth that a small percentage of people who have shifted their consciousness can influence the rest of humanity. If you are reading this, then you are most likely one of these pioneers. Find a way to spread your light: teach, heal, create community networks, serve, sacrifice, love. Welcome to the Aquarian Age!

Article by Santokh Singh Khalsa –