Be a Northern Property Network affiliate

Can you help? Do you want to make some extra money? Are you able to do one of two things?

✔ Either come to the next event AND invite your friends and colleagues
✔ Or if you can’t make it, just promote the event online and via email using the links below

*** Go to the affiliate guide that has been put together to make things simple for you. ***

Would you like to increase the success of the Northern Property Network and grow YOUR peer group and Team? Remember “Your Network is your NET-Worth!”

We officially launched in April 2008 with over 120 attendees for the first event and the way that everyone turned up was through word of mouth and friends recommending it to each other.

And NOW, this is the first Networking event that we know of that offers to pay you for referrals!
So join now and show other event organisers how they should be rewarding members for their word of mouth marketing.

The referral fee for this program is a minimum of 25% of ticket sales. That means you can book through your own link, invite 3 guests to register and with your commissions, you effectively get to attend for free every month. So why wait, join now…..

What, you want more reasons?

Referrals are the best way to grow any business and network… and when you choose to promote the NPN with us and register for the programme how about the following:
✔ How about as a special to get you started, we will offer 50% referrals in March and April 2010!
✔ Bobby will throw in a crash course for internet marketing, affiliate marketing and events promotions for FREE.
So you get even more value and can use the skills to promote your own products and other events.

Still thinking about it?

Did I mention the line up of Speakers this year…
✔ Our confirmed speakers so far are Vincent Wong, John Lee, Amanda Brown, Phil Martin, Marcus DeMaria
✔ AND Secret Millionaire Kevin Green.
✔ We will also have Simon Zutshi, David Lee, Glenn Armstrong, Jim Haliburton, Rob Moore, Mark Homer, Simon Zutshi and Richard Shepherd (to name a few)

You can be Promoters and Partners of the event and all these big names when they come to the North.

Here’s why you would want to get involved in this event:

✔ 1. It’s great for you – Simply by promoting this event, you make a statement that you take the property business seriously and are committed to building a great network around you for support and masterminding.
✔ 2. It’s going to be great for your contacts – How else could they spend their time better, than by being in a room with other property investors and entrepreneurs who are learning from the UK’s best.
✔ 3. It’s rewarding for you. The money we would otherwise spend on advertising, we give to our partners and affiliates.


Remember this is YOUR event and we host it every month by helping you to network, meet new people, build relationships, learn from the experts AND therefore generate MORE WEALTH!
You’ve heard it before but it really is true: The property business is not just about bricks and mortar, it IS a people business. The more people you surround yourself with, that are on the same journey as you and successful, the better YOUR RESULTS will be!

“If you help enough people get what they want, you will get what you want.” – Zig Ziglar

So join the program by following the simple instructions below to register your link and you’re already more than half way there, as action is the first step.

NOW go to the easy to use affiliate guide…