New York – ‘Thinnest house’ sells for £1.3million

If you thought houses and rents were expensive in the UK, take a look at this 2-bed house built in an alleyway that just sold for $2.1 million (£1.3 million)

Listed in August 2009 for $2.7m, the Real estate broker said that “despite the awkward dimensions, the property will fetch its listed price due to its uniqueness, history and location in one of the city’s most famous preserved neighborhoods.”

Well there can’t be too much confidence in the US / New York Market if it took 4 months to sell and at 22% below the value they expected! It’s still good money for an approx. 1071 sq ft property. That’s nearly $2000 per square foot (£1200 sq.ft.) they got from the $2500 sq.ft. it was valued at!

Then again, with a rental of $10,000 per month, the new owner is not exactly looking for cashflow either! So that’s at least one person with cash who is confident that the real estate / property prices will go up giving them capital growth.


“A home less than ten feet wide, which has been dubbed New York City’s skinniest house, has sold for $2.1 million (£1.3million).

Number 75½ Bedford Street: one of New York’s narrowest, and most photographed, houses

The red, 9.5 foot wide, 42 foot long brick building in Manhattan’s fashionable Greenwich Village neighbourhood was built in 1873. Located at number 75½ Bedford Street, it was built on land which previously had been an alleyway between numbers 75 and 77.

The interior, unsurprisingly as the house isn’t a TARDIS, is even smaller, measuring just 8.5 feet wide.

The two bedroom, two bathroom home, which went on the market priced at $2.7 million in August last year, was last sold in 2000 for $1.6 million.

At the time it was listed last August, real estate agent Alex Nicholas admitted: ‘Due to the narrowness of the house, I think you have to be very clever in how you decorate.’

The narrow home has had some famous residents in the past – a plaque on it notes that poet Edna St. Vincent Millay once lived there; so did anthropologist Margaret Mead.

However, it looks like the new owners might not be living there themselves – the newly-sold building was listed on real estate websites on Wednesday as a rental available for $10,000 a month.” – Source: Tom Phillips –

BMV Quickstart with Simon Zutshi and Property Mastermind Programme

BMV Quickstart

I attended Simon Zutshi’s BMV Quickstart workshop earlier this month in London and it was a great event to learn more and meet fellow investors.

When asked what I was doing there as someone who has been in the property business since 2001, I explained that I am always learning and picking up fresh tips. It’s also good to refresh your knowledge.

In an economy where a lot of investors have ended up jumping in the deep end and are now struggling to swim, it is good to get back to basics and learn how to do and use the simple and basic techniques (with some new No Money Down thrown in as well).

Simon covers ethics which is sometimes missed by many investors, why you need to listen to people and then offer them solutions, ie. how to help the person.

You will get introduced to his power team including solicitors, mortgage brokers and people that provide bridging.

The BMV Quickstart literally does what it says on the tin: it gets you ready to start doing below market value deals the following day. You will know the people to put the deal together and learn strategies to get out there and find the deals straight away.

It would have been really useful to have done something like this when I first started as it would have saved me a lot of money making mistakes and learning by myself.

His next event is in Birmingham on Saturday 2nd of May 2009 and you can find out more and book your place here: BMV Quickstart


One action-packed day of intensive BMV training

This isn’t some high-level overview we’re talking about here. We immediately get into the meat of the strategies; within the first hour I introduce you to your own personal Power Team which is CRUCIAL to your success with this type of investing, and by the end of the day your head will be spinning with new ideas and strategies that you can immediately begin implementing.
What will we cover during the day?

Of the dozens of things we will cover, here are what I believe are the most important:

* The step-by-step, nuts and bolts of the BMV investing strategy – the process by which you can by property using none of your own money
* We introduce you to your personal Power Team, including an expert mortgage broker and specialist BMV solicitors
* 6 simple strategies to generate BMV leads on tap
* The 7 key step by step key ingredients to building a trusting relationship with the seller
* How to create a WIN WIN deal for everyone and negotiate like a pro
* The 5 magic words to clinch ANY deal
* How to minimise the amount of work you need to put in by taking advantage of “armchair investment” opportunities.

The secret is to buy property now significantly Below Market Value (BMV)

Savvy investors never pay the full market price for their investments. Right now, due to the current market conditions, we have the biggest ever opportunity in our lifetimes to purchase property BMV.

There are plenty of deals out there and when you find the right deals it is still possible to buy with very little of your own money invested.

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Property Networking

Attend property networking events around the UK to learn more, meet other investors and get your questions answered.

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