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Experience the Power of the Master Mind!

The “Master Mind” may be defined as: “Coordination of knowledge and effort, in a spirit of harmony, between two or more people, for the attainment of a definite purpose.” – Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill [1938]

A Unique Opportunity for Personal & Business Development
A 5-Week Study Specifically for Business Leaders & Entrepreneurs

If you had the opportunity to study the thinking of one of the master thinkers alive today would you take it?
If that very same opportunity allowed you to share ideas, goals, challenges and develop potential profitable relationships with like-minded business leaders, would you take it?
During this dynamic, FREE 5-week study, you will learn how to apply to your life and business with the foundational principles of Napoleon Hill’s classic book, “Think and Grow Rich!”
This five-week, in depth study will afford you the opportunity to join forces and master mind with a unique group of like-minded individuals who are focused on taking the results, in every area of their life, to a new level.
You will have the opportunity to learn new concepts such as how to use the terror barrier to your advantage! Overcoming procrastination, utilising autosuggestion in the POSITIVE sense, engaging your sensory faculties as well as learning about your 6 intellectual faculties and how to tap into resources that lie dormant ALREADY within!
The results will astound you as you watch the lives and businesses of your Master Mind group improve from one week to the next.
“Change is constant and inevitable, but personal growth is a choice.” Bob Proctor
Together for the 5 weeks we will be studying the marvelous book Think & Grow Rich, the Original, Restored & Revised edition.

This specific book edition shall be purchased from Bobby and Michelle for a small investment of just £20.

Once the course has started, the group has a lock-down for 5 weeks and no other member may join until a new group commences. After enjoying the taster of 5 weeks’ learning there will be the opportunity to continue for the remainder of the Think & Grow Rich course for a further 5 weeks AND to move into one of Bob Proctor’s leading personal development programs the Goal Achiever Program for a further 12 weeks via teleconference calls from the comfort of your own home with Michelle Whaite, Certified LifeSuccess Consultant Results Coach (trained and mentored by Mr Bob Proctor himself personally in Florida, West Palm Beach in 2006).

Where else can you get to join a Think And Grow Rich Study class, a Master Mind group AND get coaching for just a £20 investment?

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to secure your place as the groups are strictly limited to a maximum of 10 delegates ONLY in each group for 2009.
Bobby will then send you a Master Mind Questionnaire to see if you can qualify for a free place on the course by answering as honestly as possible to help you gain the most from the course.

Setting up local groups in Manchester, Huddersfield/Leeds, London. International via teleseminar.

If you’d like a local group and know upto 10 people interested, let us know and we’ll make it happen!

Bob Proctor Cruise

Bob Proctor Cruise – Caribbean October 2008

Have you ever found yourself going somewhere for one thing and coming back with something completely different yet so much better?

The cruise was brilliant. The cabin was plush with a balcony and the restaurants and free food on board was tasty and bountiful. I was taking time off being vegetarian and tee-total, just for the week! The staff and crew were awesome. The Holland America, Eurodam was like a 5 star hotel on water.


There were seminars every day for those people that wanted to attend, with speakers such as Bob Proctor, Paul Martinelli, Vic Johnson, Mark Victor Hansen, Peggy McColl and Rev. Michael Beckwith to name a few. I was just there to hang out and unwind after a testing year. I deserved a holiday and was going to have one. Also met Stefanie who was from Quebec and she really was on holiday and only attended one talk. Now that’s what I’m talking about…holiday!!!

The atmosphere on the ship was electric. There were around 1800 people from all round the world. Four of us had flown into Miami and Anita had flown into Orlando with another 10 people. The London (UK) crew were strong and we just ran into more and more, like Trudy, Mitul and Dimple and we also adopted a few Americans as well (they needed looking after!) including Joe, Stacey and April. Some of the other fab people were Debi, Tobie, Lito, Willard, Ron, Cathy, Becky, Carol (mom) and the list could go on…

Sometimes it may seem that meetings are just chance, when they are really serendipitous.

One night we’d booked tables, for dinner, for 20 people and ended up with over 30!!


We stopped off to go Bananas in the Bahamas with everyone and Michelle, Dimple, Alex and myself ended up on the beach.

When we stopped in Jamaica I went to the beach again with Joe, Cassandra and Maria. When Alex, Anita and Nicky showed up, Joe and myself decided to Jam in Jamaica with some Wray and Nephew. It was stronger than we though but it was all good. We laughed our way back to the ship to set sail.


Being at sea and a night owl, the only place to go was the local dance club on board, the Northern Lights. Every night, till close most nights, it was the place to be. One girl came and politely asked if she could dance with me, I was a little stunned and hastily replied, ‘sure, as long as you don’t fight with the other girls’. At the time, to me, it sounded really funny and people that knew me would have thought the same. She didn’t and turned and walked away, hmmm… really need to work on my communicating with women skills and bottling that humour when necessary. We literally rocked that ship all night, every night and people joked about the harem of women around all the time. What can I say, people that know how to have fun, party and enjoy life know where it’s happening! Lito asked me “Everyone knows your true self comes out at 3am on a cruise ship! Share.” So I shared, “Your true self is always there! The more fun you’re having and being surrounded by wonderful people, the more you will shine… 3am is just incidental! Dancing like a chicken and not caring what others think also helps ;-)”

Maybe I’ll do a 3am motivational seminar on the next cruise in The Northern Lights.

I really enjoyed the meal times and socialising. It was great sitting with and meeting new people from all around the world and backgrounds. One night we’d stayed up till 4am then couldn’t sleep. So after getting my foot back from April (you had to be there to understand), Anita, Stacey and myself went on deck for late night/early morning talks. Waking up in time to go to breakfast and Mary Morrisey’s talk. Then I had breakfast again with some other friends and back to bed! I actually slept whilst people visited the Cayman Islands, but I can’t have missed anything as I wasn’t there.

Nika had ‘picked’ fellow passengers for breakfast that really did have strong opposing view points. We had fun with it and carried on with our day instead of feeling challenged. The following day we found ourselves attracting and sat with more gracious and friendly people, that ‘picked’ us, of one which was Scott who gave us some gratitude coins that he has designed and is producing.

Funnily enough the only souvenir I bought was a wristband in Jamaica, that I forgot on the ship. Even immigration asked if I’d bought anything when I disembarked to which I replied ‘no, but I ate a lot!’

So thank you Scott for that physical reminder of a wonderful time and fantastic memories with some awesome people and new found friends!

So much happened that writing about it all on here would only do it an injustice… see you on the next cruise!