The Celestine Prophecy

The film wasn’t particularly engaging. It didn’t even motivate me to do a proper write up but I though the Nine Insights were worth sharing (below).

One review at says “If you have not read the book, skip the movie and read it. If you have read the book, skip the movie and reread it.” Enough said.

Synchronicity brought you here so you wouldn’t have to waste your time to watch the film and to add another book to your wishlist at Amazon. The Celestine Prophecy

This is a work of fiction and a story is used to deliver the philosophical messages by the author.

The Nine Insights…

“* The First Insight… A Critical Mass
A new spiritual awakening is occurring in human culture; an awakening brought about by a critical mass of individuals who experience their lives as a spiritual unfolding, a journey in which we are led forward by mysterious coincidences.

We are discovering again that we live in a deeply mysterious world, full of sudden coincidences and synchronistic encounters that seem destined.

* The Second Insight… The Longer Now
This awakening represents the creation of a new, more complete worldview, which replaces a five-hundred-year-old preoccupation with secular survival and comfort. While this technological preoccupation was an important step, our awakening to life’s coincidences is opening us up to the real purpose of human life on this planet, and the real nature of our Universe.

As more of us awaken to this mystery, we will create a completely new worldview – redefining the universe as energetic and sacred.

* The Third Insight… A Matter of Energy
We now experience that we live not in a material Universe, but in a Universe of dynamic energy. Everything extant is a field of sacred energy that we can sense and intuit. Moreover, we humans can project our energy by focusing our attention in the desired direction, in that where attention goes, energy flows, influencing other energy systems and increasing the pace of coincidences in our lives. It is possible to see this energy enveloping all living things.

We will discover that everything around us, all matter, consists of and stems from a divine energy that we are beginning to see and understand.

* The Fourth Insight… The Struggle For Power
To gain energy, we tend to manipulate or force others to give us attention and thus energy. When we successfully dominate others in this way, we feel more powerful, but they are left weakened and often fight back. Competition for scarce human energy is the cause of all conflict between people.

From this perspective, we can see that humans have always felt insecure and disconnected from this sacred source, and have tried to take energy by dominating each other. This struggle is responsible for all human conflict.

* The Fifth Insight… The Message of the Mystics
Insecurity and violence ends when we experience an inner connection with divine energy within, a connection described by mystics of all traditions. A sense of lightness or buoyancy along with the constant sensation of love are measures of this connection. If these measures are present, the connection is real; if not, it is only pretended.

The only solution is to cultivate a personal reconnection with the divine, a mystical transformation that fills us with unlimited energy and love, extends our perception of beauty, and lifts us into a Higher-Self Awareness.

* The Sixth Insight… Clearing the Past
The more we stay connected, the more we are acutely aware of those times when we lose connection, usually when we are under stress. In these times, we can see our own particular way of stealing energy from others. Once our manipulations are brought to personal awareness, our connection becomes more constant and we can discover our own evolutionary path in life, and our spiritual mission, which is the personal way we can contribute to the World.
Here the four main “control dramas”—the Interrogator, the Intimidator, the Aloof and the Poor Me—are discussed. Each person unconsciously prefers one of these four to suck energy out of others (as described in the Fourth Insight). A way of getting these under control is disclosed.

In this awareness, we can release our own pattern of controlling, and discover a specific truth, a mission, we are here to share that helps evolve humanity toward this new level of reality.

* The Seventh Insight… Engaging the Flow
Knowing our personal mission further enhances the flow of mysterious coincidences as we are guided toward our destinies. First we have a question; then dreams, daydreams, and intuitions lead us towards the answers, which usually are synchronistically provided by the wisdom of another human being.

In pursuit of this mission, we can discover an inner intuition that shows us where to go and what to do, and if we make only positive interpretations, brings a flow of coincidences that opens the doors for our mission to unfold.

* The Eighth Insight… The Interpersonal Ethic
We can increase the frequency of guiding coincidences by uplifting every person that comes into our lives. Care must be taken not to lose our inner connection when we have become part of romantic relationships. Uplifting others is especially effective in groups wherein each member can feel energy of all the others. With children it is extremely important for their early security and growth. By seeing the beauty in every face, we lift others into their wisest self, and increase the chances of hearing a synchronistic message.

When enough of us enter this evolutionary flow, always giving energy to the higher-self of everyone we meet, we will build a new culture where our bodies evolve to ever higher levels of energy and perception.

* The Ninth Insight… The Emerging Culture
As we all evolve toward the best completion of our spiritual missions, the technological means of survival will be fully automated as humans focus instead on synchronistic growth. Such growth will move humans into higher energy states, ultimately transforming our bodies into spiritual form and uniting this dimension of existence with the after-life dimension, ending the cycle of birth and death.

In this way, we participate in the long journey of evolution from the Big Bang to life’s ultimate goal: to energize our bodies, generation by generation, until we walk into a heaven we can finally see.”

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Slumdog Millionaire – What would you do to get what you wanted?

What would you do to be a winner? And what is the dream you’re really aiming for?

This is an uplifting film about a boy’s journey through life and his struggles and challenges, culminating in being on the Who Wants To be a Millionaire show in India. It is told in flashbacks from Jamal Malik being on the show and accused of cheating.

A tea-boy in a call centre, he is now on the last question to win 20,000,000 Rupees.

How did he do it?
A: He cheated
B; He’s lucky
C: He is a genius
D: It is written

Thankfully the film is not really about the TV show or the money, otherwise it could have been a pretty formula movie. Instead it pulls you into the film giving you an inside view of people living in the slums of India and the hardships they face daily that you wouldn’t even imagine or wish upon anyone. You feel as you are there as they run around the streets as kids, hustle for money and run along trains.
Focusing on the life of one boy, his brother and the girl he falls for. Their journey over the years and a story of hope, first love and destiny. It is funny and sad and have you on the edge of your seat throughout, making you laugh, cry and feel for the characters. Reminding you of how grateful you should be for what you do have in your life every day.

A heart warming film about love, life and hope. It is a wonderful story of destiny and that our fate has already been written and gives us the answers as and when we need them. Sometimes you want the answer and at other times you may wish you never knew and didn’t ever have to know.

Each part of the film weaves the story together and is an essential piece of the whole jigsaw. It reminded me of M. Night Shyamalan’s Signs

Does he get the money, the girl and have his dreams come true? You’ll have to watch it to find out. Oh and remember to phone a friend to take with you 😉

Some people are so passionate that they don’t know how to give up and do whatever it takes, like Jamal, hopefully you are one of them too!

Live, laugh and love your way through life; because it is already written!
You just have to believe it and not give up on your passion and that which you hold dear. What is already written for you and what will you write for tomorrow!?

This is a British film production with Danny Boyle directing and starring upcoming talent in the form of Dev Patel and Freida Pinto

Poster uses D: Destiny, the film has D: It is written (which I find more profound)

Based on the book Q and A: Slumdog Millionaire by Vikas Swarup.

“Former tiffinboy Ram Mohammad Thomas has just got twelve questions correct on a TV quiz-show to win a cool one billion rupees. But he is brutally slung in prison on suspicion of cheating. Because how can a kid from the slums know who Shakespeare was, unless he is pulling a fast one. In the order of the questions on the show, Ram tells us which amazing adventures in his street-kid life gave him the answers. From orphanages to brothels, gangsters to beggar-masters, and into the homes of Bollywood’s rich and famous, Ram’s story is brimming with the chaotic comedy, heart-stopping tragedy and tear-inducing joyousness of modern India.”

YES Man – should you say Yes?

Is it good to say YES to every opportunity that comes along in life?

This is the only film I’ve ever been to see at the cinema and left with sticky pants! Nothing to do with the movie, just the waffle and Ben & Jerry’s Chunky Monkey ice cream that exploded in my lap. Anyway…

Based on the book YES Man by Danny Wallace.

“I, Danny Wallace, being of sound mind and body, do hereby write this manifesto for my life. I swear I will be more open to opportunity. I swear I will live my life taking every available chance. I will say Yes to every favour, request, suggestion and invitation. I will swear to say yes where once i would say no.”

“Yes Man stars Jim Carrey as Carl Allen, a man who signs up for a self-help program based on one simple principle: say ‘yes’ to everything…and anything. At first, unleashing the power of yes transforms Carl’s life in amazing and unexpected ways, but he soon discovers that opening up his life to endless possibilities can have its drawbacks.”

In the film, Jim Carrey’s character always says No and makes excuses not to do anything! A friend suggests he goes to a Yes Seminar – this will scare anyone who’s never been to a personal development event but it is hilarious if you have. I nearly jumped up and down in the cinema, lol!
He leaves the seminar with a promise to himself, a covenant to say Yes to every opportunity that comes his way. This actually opens his life up to doing more instead of the same old stuff every day.

It works really well for him and you are just waiting for the catch. It finally comes and in true Hollywood style, he works his way through it, leaving you rooting for the hero of the film. Lots of interesting situations crop up and the majority of them will leave you laughing so hard and wondering if you can out do him.

Should you go and see this film? Do you remember what the man from Del Monte says? He says, Yes! 🙂

I’ve been on a pretty good Yes streak myself for the last year and wouldn’t change it for anything. Saying Yes to opportunity opens up whole new world’s that would have been left unexplored otherwise. The places I’ve been, parties I’ve attended and wonderful people I’ve met – all because I said Yes, where I may have said no before. Friends who have been on the journey with me and met along the way will testify to this.

I don’t indiscriminately say Yes to anything, just what I WANT to do and feels right and/or possibly fun. And it always works out for the best. Though I am going to have to cut back in the New Year, as time constraints mean too many things to do take the focus off being good at fewer things by doing less.

Just say No!?

It’s not only about saying Yes over No. After all, your life is all about what you choose to say No to as well. The stone is chiseled and pieces removed, what is left is the finished sculpture. The statue wouldn’t be so beautiful if the sculptor didn’t know which pieces to take away.

The same applies to your life. Know what to say Yes to and be open-minded and also know that it is okay to say No as well; to things you don’t want or need in your life.

Have you ever said No to opportunities that could have put you on a different path? Maybe you should now say YES to Life! Try it – it may be fun and who knows where synchronicity will take you.

You can start by going to watch this film with a couple of friends and having a good night out. The rest of your new life starts with a little Yes!