Confused by Social Media?

Want more leads for your business? Like to be able to stay in contact with your existing clients? Need to be easier to find online?

Have you taken the first steps to get yourself and your brand online yet?

If you’re reading this blog and have been redirected here from a Facebook group or fanpage, Twitter, Ecademy, LinkedIn, forum, RSS Feed or a link shared on a friend’s webpage – then you’re already half way there.

Did you know that you can also publish content about yourself, your company, products and services just as easily? Yes, it’s true! You don’t need a corporate sized budget to be able to compete with the big guys any more. For individuals and entrepreneurs it is much easier to get presence and connect with your existing and potential customers.

Have you any idea what people are saying about your brand online? Check Google to see what it comes up with. The problem is that people are more likely to complain when they receive bad service than take the time to thank you – unless you actively engage with them and ask for testimonials and do your best to deal with the complaints.

Below is a presentation I did at the Northern Property Network during March 2009 to a group of property investors and business owners.

The scary thing is that some people still aren’t using the tools that they have at their fingertips to grow their business and manage their online brand and reputation.

If you need help with your online social media and advertising.
Then contact me and see how I can help find a solution that’s right for you.


Press Play on the bar at the bottom of the presentation to start the audio.

Click on the bottom right icon to make it full size so you can read the slides as well.

Recommended Northern Events for Property, Personal Development & Business Growth

Everything seems to happen in London but these local events bring
the best speakers TO YOU!

If you’re based in the North of England, you must attend at least
one of these amazing networking events. Please share with your friends too!

– Tuesday 26th October 2010
North West Property Event with Dave Coughlin and Michael Bradford

– Wednesday 27th October 2010
YES Group North with Michael Bradford

– Saturday 30th-Sunday 31st October 2010
Northern Entrepreneurs Super Conference (speaker list below)

– Thursday 4th November 2010
Northern Property Network with Andy Phillips and Brian Richards

Please support your local events – so they can continue to keep bringing you the top speakers.

See you there,


Northern Entrepreneurs Super Conference on 30th-31st October 2010
The list of speakers for the event are:
    * Simon Zutshi – property entrepreneur, speaker and author
    * Glenn Armstrong – serial entrepreneur with 300+ properties
    * Marie-Claire Carlyle – The Miracle Coach, Money Magnet
    * Phil Martin – Property expert and mentor
    * Michael Bradford – International Business Coach & Consultant
    * Richard Shepherd – Property expert and mentor
    * Zoe Cairns – Social media queen
    * Daniel Wagner – Internet Marketing Genius
    * Clive Arneil – Stock trading expert
    * Allan Kleynhans – Peak performance coach
    * Mr X – The Current Economy & Investing in Gold


Property, Business and Personal Development in 2009

Kick off the New Year as you mean to go on… get motivated into 2009 and beyond!

Here are a few of the must attend events I’ll be hosting, attending or crewing at over the next few weeks. Come along and say hi, it would be great to meet up in person.

Property / Business

Huddersfield – Tuesday, 6th January 2009 – Northern Property Network with Jim Haliburton and his HMO Strategies for 2009
We will also be discussing how to protect yourself in the current economy
I will be hosting with Steve Foley and the usual suspects will be attending 🙂

Join the FB group and register at the website.
FB Group:
FB Event:

Business / Personal Development

Huddersfield – Sunday 11th January 2009
Write YOUR BOOK and get a REAL publishing deal, with Judymay Murphy
FB Event:

Manchester, Huddersfield/Leeds & London – January/February 09
Think & Grow Rich Mastermind groups.
London 1 day event on 17th January 2009 that I will also be attending and crewing at.
Sign up now to find out more about this program hosted by Bobby and Michelle Whaite.
FB Group:

London – 21st or 22nd January 2009,
Roger Hamilton – Only Eight Ways to Wealth in 2009
(coming to Manchester in February)

London, Friday 13th-15th February 2009
Play to Win with Clinton Swaine (complimentary tickets)
I will be crewing at this event, go to my blog to find out more about what you can learn and experience.
FB Fanpage:
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Blog review:

Manchester, 20th-22nd February 2009
Clayton Ainger, Spiritual Retreat

I hope that’s enough tasty stuff to get you going and not too much to ruin your appetite for the new year at the same time. Wishing you all a wonderful New Year and all the best for 2009!

Bobby 🙂

Check out these events coming to DUBLIN, Ireland in 2009


Dublin, Friday 6th-8th February 2009
Think And Get Rich Bootcamp, Multi speaker Event
Learn new Cash strategies, and go home with money in your pocket!

Dublin,Saturday 7th February 2009
Jason Vale, Juicing for Health

Dublin, Friday 20th-22nd February 2009
Christopher Howard\’s Breakthrough To Success (free tickets)
Personal development and NLP techniques
FB Fanpage:
FB Event:

Dublin, Friday 11th-13th September 2009
Play to Win with Clinton Swaine (free tickets)
Personal development and business games, experiential learning.
FB Fanpage:
FB Event:
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