How To Have Better Luck This Month / Year

Well as the New Year is upon us, many will be reflecting on the past and thinking about their hopes for the future.  Too many people will be looking back and thinking what they didn’t achieve, do or make happen last year and feel disappointed.

It is all a matter of perspective though. Do you really want to think about what went ‘wrong’!?

What if you focus on what you DID achieve, do and make happen?
Wouldn’t you then be grateful for everything instead…

This is something that Dr John Demartini posted that you should read carefully and meditate upon.

“As you reflect on 2015, think about what you have accomplished during the course of this year. It is wise to think of what you have achieved in the different areas of your life.
1. Spiritually what have you achieved?
2. Vocationally what have you achieved?
3. Mentally what have you achieved?
4. Financially what have you achieved?
5. Familial what have you achieved?
6. Physically what have you achieved?
7. Socially what have you achieved?”

Do you now see how successful your year actually was? The great things that DID happen and achievements that make you happy when you think about them.

Let’s talk about NOW! Note how this post is title “How To Have Better Luck THIS Month”
People tend to make plans for the future, then when it is time to do something, they fail to take the right actions. How familiar does this sound… “Tomorrow (next week/month) I will do X”?
I used to be a first class procrastinator, so I know from experience. How does “Now I will do X” feel?

Also ‘luck’ is a completely different subject which I’ll cover another time – for now you’ll just have to create it with some decisions, commitment and a little work.

Instead, ask yourself if what you are ask-yourselfdoing today is getting you closer to where you want to be tomorrow. The actions don’t have to be huge or drastic, they just need to be in alignment with what you really want.

Of course it’s good to make plans for the future to know where you’re going but you need to take the right steps regularly as well.  So if there is something you want to achieve, why not START today…

Let’s look at 3 areas that people are usually concerned about and the language they use.

– Health
– “I want to lose weight” or “I want to get fit”
Is that what they really mean? Do they believe if they lose x lbs/kgs they will be happier?
Do they see ‘fit’ as the (fake) or extremely ‘perfect’ people on TV and magazines?
Maybe thinking about it as “I want to be healthy” would be better…
This way the focus is on a healthy lifestyle and if you’re overweight, your body knows what it’s ideal weight is (not a ‘right’ weight from a textbook) and will get back there, as long as you work with it, instead of eating crap food and excess calories for the sake of it.

– How about… “I want to quit drinking” or “I want to stop eating so much junk food”
This time it is about stopping something, which is probably now a habit on auto-pilot. Society, family and you have trained yourself to make this something that you just do without even thinking most of the time.
It’s simple to make the decision not to eat the wrong foods – but it isn’t necessarily easy when that’s what you’re used to. Also the habit needs to be replaced with something else, something that is beneficial and will do you good.

Maybe rephrase it as “I want to start drinking more water and fresh juice” and “I want to eat healthier foods”.   When you’ve decided this is what you want to do instead, commit to it!
Don’t say “I’ll just finish this off first though.”  Take action and either give away the alcohol (to friends) and fizzy drinks, biscuits and other poor food choices, lying around the kitchen, to a charity. Or simply pour it down the sink and throw it in the bin. You don’t have to finish it (as you eating it won’t benefit those ‘starving people’ with any twisted logic or justification you can dream up.)

Remember you’ve not started on your new path until you’re moving off the old one.
You can eat crap sometimes later, if you want – but give yourself a fighting chance by avoiding it altogether for at least a couple of weeks!
When I stopped drinking around 8 years ago, I used to go out with my student and work friends 3-4 times a week.  During my first 2 weeks of tee-total (and vegetarian) they tested me and gave me so much grief and pressure to conform to my (their) old habits. But I persevered and won and felt better for it. I do occasionally drink now and eat meat but the difference is that I don’t need to and it doesn’t control my food choices.  I committed and stuck with my plan, regardless of outside temptations. It was a test of will-power but you CAN do whatever it is that you really want to achieve.

– Wealth
– “I want to make more money”
Will making more money make you happier? Will it ease your financial burdens or will you just spend more on stuff that you don’t really need?
Maybe say “I want to utilise money smarter”. This could mean looking at your expenditure and reducing any waste. Cancel the Direct Debits for subscriptions you don’t need or use that much. Find a cheaper insurance company and utility supplier.  Don’t waste as much money on crap you don’t need but just wanted one day.  You’ll find you’ll end up with more money.
Of course you can also look at ways to make more money as well – but if you’ve not reduced your costs where you can save it today – you may find your bad habits spend/waste any extra you would earn as well.

– Relationships
– “I need to find a partner who will love me.”
Do you really need someone else to be loved? Of course it’s great to be appreciated by others but if you have low self-worth, lack confidence and don’t really love yourself, finding a partner to fill that gap will only be a temporary fix.
How about a mantra of “I am worthy of love” and “I am enough as I am”
“I am going to be more confident” – find out how you can be more confident in life and happy being with yourself. You will then also become more attractive to others, as they will see you are love and happy – and who doesn’t like to be around those kinds of people!? You know when you’re around someone like this as you feel good about yourself too.  You don’t need someone else to be love – but once you find love within yourself, you will find it around you too.
(Of course this is a deeper topic, I just wanted to touch upon it here to give you another perspective if you’d not considered it before).

How could you rephrase what you think about these areas and others that you want to see improvements in?  Can you change the words you use, so they make more sense, have more impact and are easier to achieve?

Once you’ve done that, you also need to get started on making things happen.

– Commitment
First you need to decide your new goals that you want to take action and make a commitment to actually DO things differently.  To tell people publicly is a sign to show the world that you are actually serious about the new cause and activities you are going to embark upon.
This leads into the next step…

– Accountability
After deciding and committing to a course of action, you need to make sure you actually do it and take steps towards your goals. You can reach your goals without this but what better way than for someone to ask you regularly how you are getting on?
To be held accountable, tell a friend (who won’t let you off easily) and trusts that you will do what you say. They will keep you on track and support you in making sure you honour your word (commitment).

– Honesty

You have to be honest with yourself and your accountability partner.
What do you have to gain by lying to yourself about what you want or are prepared to do? If your heart isn’t in it, simply don’t commit to it. You’ll only end up feeling bad when you don’t do what you said you would.
Also why lie to someone who you’ve asked to help you stay on track.  The whole point of accountability is to be held responsible to your commitments.

If you’re unable or unwilling to be honest, then this is something you really need to work on.
Too many people, lie too often and think it is inconsequential. It is not!
Your character is built on what you say, mean and is true.
Actions speak louder than words anyway – and if you lie, you will not be congruent and out of alignment with yourself and life.  Don’t live a fraudulent life but an honest one.
Maybe this could be the one thing that makes you luckier and changes your life drastically this year?

Now you may need need some new strategies to achieve the goals you’ve committed to.
You might already have strategies to get to your goals.
Ask yourself, have they worked for you in the past?
Do you believe they are the only way to do it?
Some people are only interested in doing things ‘their way’ and what they already know. They don’t like to find out more or do things a different way. Others don’t like to ask for help or accept it – they’d rather remain ‘stuck’ than do and get what they say they really want.

Why not find someone who has the results you want and ask them how they achieved it.
Wouldn’t it be simpler to do it by following their strategies?
Seek out a coach or mentor. There are people that love to help others, as it makes them feel good about themselves, valued and they are also making your life better and the world a better place.
You just have to be vulnerable, share your challenges and ASK for help.

Joining the gym in January and quitting in February might not be working for you.
Getting a personal trainer instead, to hold you accountable as well, would be a better solution.

Of course if you decide what you said you wanted to do changes – or you don’t want to do it anymore, then that’s OK too. It’s not failure if you decide you want to do something else instead or you don’t really value what you thought you did. Other things might be more important to you and trying something new will show you what you do and don’t value in life.

Remember change is simple, although it might not always be easy.
You know what you want to do, the next step is doing it consistently.

Take The Correct Actions AND Do Them Often To Create New Beneficial Habits!

I’ve coached and worked with people and entrepreneurs, who started off on one path but then decided they didn’t want to continue, it was too much hard work or they wanted to do something else instead.
That’s fine! It’s your life and you can do whatever you want to. No-one should decide your goals or force you to do something you really don’t want to. Of course sometimes it’s worth persevering but it’s always YOUR choice!  People should love you and accept you as you are!

Send me a message to let me know what you’re committing to and I’ll even check in regularly to see how you’re getting along if you want. It doesn’t matter what area of your life you want to improve, it always helps to have someone supportive hold you accountable to doing what you say.

Well this was a stream of consciousness that I typed up, then tried to structure so it was easy to read. Forgive me if I go off on tangents – if you know me though, I usually do but everything has a point in the end!

I hope this has been useful and if you want to make a public commitment to do something, then do so.  Post it on Facebook/Twitter and tell people that you know.  Or send me a message if I can support you in any other way.

Let’s make this day/week/month/year a most excellent one!

Come along to the One Day Coaching Skills Training in LEEDS

Here’s a great event in Leeds that you MUST check out next week!

The Youth Coaching Academy’s
One Day Coaching Skills Training with Harry Singha
Leeds, March 26th 2010

Who is it for? 

Teachers, Parents, Youth Workers and Young People who wish to support young people to achieve their goals and dreams.
This is also a great event for you to come and learn some fantastic communication skills and meet some top coaches.


All young people and school staff from local schools may attend absolutely FREE!
This has been made possible by a local team of parents, teachers, coaches and entrepreneurs. 
Other attendees and adults will pay only £10!

Here’s what delegates will get from this programme?

* Increased confidence in their ability to achieve their goals
* Look at problems/challenges differently
* Confidence in their communication with others
* Clearer about what they want
* Inspired to achieve more and support others to do so
* A greater sense of contribution to their school/community 
* Oh and of course learn the same skills that accredited life coaches are taught!

Harry Singha and his team have been delivering this programme to schools and communities around the world since 2002 and at every event they receive the most amazing letters and testimonials.

What to do next…

1. Register your details at:
2. Forward to any teachers & friends that work with young people
3. If you are a teacher, please choose 2/3 staff and a selected group of pupils to come along for this one off opportunity. Then confirm their names and ages by contacting me.

!!! Special Prize for One Local School !!!

Every School that is represented on the day may then apply to be chosen to have Harry come to their school and then deliver the same one day programme to their entire school for FREE!

So in the end it will be your own representatives [staff and pupils] that will let you know whether it is worth it or not!

I look forward to hearing from you very soon as places are limited.

See you on the day,

Bobby Gill

Below is the amazing letter Harry received recently from his last event in Romania, which encapsulates brilliantly what can be achieved in just one day with this programme. It’s why we want to offer this magical opportunity to as many schools as possible.


Dear Mr. Singha,

There are SO MANY THINGS I want to say to you, that I just can’t figure out a proper introduction. So, please forgive me for not respecting the norms of a proper letter. Of course, this is an electronic mail, so, basically, I could just delete or rephrase any sentence I write here to make myself sound as smart and well-educated as I possibly can, but I am not going to do that! My heart speaks while my mind is dictating to my fingers that what they should type, and I would LOVE it if you would grant me about just 5 minutes to read this.

First of all, I would like to introduce myself: Hi! My name is Văştea Lucreţia-Maria, I’m 17 years old and I participated at today’s “Youth Coaching Skills Course” in Şaguna. Now, you may think I am exaggerating but I assure you that what you are about to read is 100% pure truth. This letter is about how I feel TODAY compared to how I felt yesterday. And you know why? Because today, for the second time in my life, though more intense than the first time, I really feel WONDERFUL!

Dear Mr. Singha.. Harry.. I have waited all my life for somebody to tell me that my goal isn’t unreacheable for me! You see.. I have big plans! Huuuuge plans! -and I have had them ever since I was in diapers. Issue is… they always felt so unreacheable for a normal, dull, small-town girl such as myself. I don’t have a life story.. actually, I do because everybody does, but my life hasn’t been so spectacular so far. My personality is of the introverted type. My insecurity is my biggest problem but I have such big dreams and aiming for such high goals that I always think that they’re impossible to reach. Never felt charismatic enough, never felt good enough, never felt capable of handling the bumpy road to success… NEVER… until today.

Mr. Singha, I don’t know if you’ve seen it or not but you made me cry today. I never felt so confident of myself and I never thought I could actually meet somebody who will tell me absolutely everything I want to hear about my future. It was as if YOU opened tens or hundreds of doors for me! Suddenly, my goal doesn’t seem so impossible anymore. I forgot to breathe as I heard you say that “ the difficult things take time and the impossible ones take just a little longer”, and it made me feel more connected to my dreams than ever! You reminded me of what makes me tick. What makes me special. What makes me shine. What makes me ME! and I just can’t find the right words to thank you properly. I clapped my hands till they hurt but I somehow didn’t feel the need to stop… I felt the tears running down my cheeks and I didn’t feel the need to wipe them off, I smiled through THE WHOLE 8 HOUR COURSE and I wasn’t even aware of the fact that I was doing it until my partner asked me what’s with the dumb look on my face. I know I shouldn’t write to you about this stuff but I want to make it sound as real and honest as possible:


But, Sir, I’m going to be honest with you from the start: Many kids told you today that they want to become life coaches. I’m not going to say the same. I do not want to become a professional life coach, BUT! – I will love myself for the rest of my life for coming to your course today. Believe it or not, YOU are the FIRST PERSON in my life that actually made me believe! Yes! I believe! I finally believe in myself! I believe that my goals are achievable and I would love to believe that I will have the opportunity to hear you speak again!!! So can’t wait for the next meeting! Trust me! I am going to be there even if you would ask me “what is your life’s goal?” and I won’t answer “life-coaching”.

May I tell you a short story?! It’s not my life’s story, it’s the story of “what happened an hour ago”.. you see, an hour, after I came home from your course, my mother saw that something isn’t right with my facial expression from the minute she saw me walking through the front door. That’s when she did something she does very rarely: she came to my room and literally asked me to tell her about my day and why I was so happy. I started telling her about everything! I told her about the course, I told her about the notes I took, told her about what I learnt and I most definitely told her about YOU! And still she wasn’t satisfied. She told me that she had never seen me so excited before and that it’s a big surprise for her to see that the melancholy which was my ‘state of being’ was not being present within me. Therefore she asked me again ‘what happened’. That’s when I looked at her and said “Mother… I finally know what I want. That’s what happened. I know where I’m heading. I never saw this coming, I never thought I will ever find the moral strength to tell myself that I am good enough to do it or that I am worthy of success and I’ve finally overcome that fear of mine! I believe that I can be the very very best I can be!!” You may not believe me but I started crying once I told her this vision of mine… : me, in a place filled with the world’s biggest artists, dressed in a long, fancy gown, listening to the Oscar-nominees for “Best script”. Then I hear “and the winner is….” and can’t actually understand anything until I hear a storm of applause around me, and the person next to me saying “What are you waiting for?! Get up there! Congratulations!”. And that’s when I stand up, get on the stage, receive the statue and face the public.. As I told my mother that, she gave me the biggest hug ever and told me “you know what?! You can do it! I know you can! I see it in you right now and this, your dream, is something that nobody will ever be able to take away from you.” I couldn’t believe my ears. My mother telling me that she is supporting me, not telling me that I’ve officially gone mad. I convinced her that that is exactly what I want! I WANT to be THE VERY BEST THAT I CAN BE and what I want is- to become a scriptwriter. But not just any script writer. I want my scripts to be the ones for the most successful movies, filled with a maximum amount of emotion. I have so many ideas day by day, I could make up a story right this instant and I promise you that you will like it and if I won’t finish telling you about it, you WILL ask me “and?! what happens next?!” And you know why I think that?! Because, now, I believe I am good enough!! Now I do believe I feel WONDERFUL! (My 19 year old sister called 10 minuteas ago and she asked me how I was and I said “GREAT! I feel GREAT!”) You made it happen! Thank you for that!!!

Well, sir, I think I wrote down pretty much the main things I wanted to say to you. Today you’ve received the love and respect from a young Romanian lady thanks to that course. I am sure that you’ve received the love and respect from many other students who were present, but I only speak on behalf of myself. Thank you! I just can’t thank you enough! Thank you so so much! I literally can’t wait for the next course!

And even though it will take a lot of courage, I will come to you and thank you in person because I have the feeling that this e-mail is a bad joke, compares to me saying “Thank you!”, while looking into your eyes. That’s an important part of communicating through body language, isn’t it?

Oh well… seems like I’ll have to end it here.. that’s all I wanted to say. I wish you the best of luck and a wonderful life because you really deserve it! The world needs people like you! Keep doing what you are doing because you’re doing it like no other!

Yours truly,


How do I host three events in March?

I don’t know how I got into the event’s industry, find the time to organise/promote them or even where I get the energy to be there and help out – but I do know that I am passionate about all the topics being discussed, meeting people AND Making a Difference in a BIG way.

Here’s two fantastic tips for you:  
Find what you really love doing, enjoy talking about and watch work become play 😉
And TEAM: Together Everyone Achieves Miracles!

Events are for property investment, internet marketing and youth coaching.  Please come along and check them out if you are interested and in Huddersfield, Leeds or London on the following dates.

Speakers and hosts are Steve Foley, John Lee, Vincent Wong, Amanda Brown, Dwayne Kerr, Harry Singha, Michelle Cairns, Rachel Leigh, Michelle Pyman, Emmy Yeadon.

All the best,

Northern Property Network – THURSDAY 4th March 2010
with John Lee, Vincent Wong and Amanda Brown
Date: Thursday, 04 March 2010Time: 18:30 – 22:30
Location: George Hotel
St Georges Square,
Huddersfield, HD1 6JA
Hosts: Bobby Gill and Steve Foley

To find out more and to book a place, register here:

March guest speakers are:

Vincent Wong and John Lee
This March we have Wealth Dragons and good friends John Lee and Vincent Wong coming to speak to us about a great new way of investing using Lease Options.
Property millionaires and authors of the first book on Lease Options in the UK, they say you too can become financially secure within 12 months. The secret lies in knowing what strategy to use in any market conditions. If you can afford to buy a TV, you can afford to buy a house and build a multi-million pound portfolio.

Amanda Brown
Also Amanda Brown from PDS – Planning and Development Solutions. Amanda is an Accredited Landlord and has a portfolio of 4-6 bed houses in Leeds that she multi-lets. She will be speaking regarding the proposed changes to the class system with regards to HMO’s (Houses of Multiple Occupancy), and how to reduce your risk now and in considering the purchase of further properties for rent.
PDS also advise landlords on conversion to flats, HMOs, bedsits regarding enforcement / applications / appeals and making the best of their portfolios.

To find out more and to book a place, register here:

‘Social’ Internet Mastermind – Tuesday 9th March
Networking event with Social Media Q&A session
Date: Tuesday, 09 March 2010Time: 18:30 – 22:00
Location: Pitcher and Piano
200 Bishopsgate,
London, EC2M 4NR
Nearest Tube: Liverpool Street
Hosts: Dwayne Kerr and Bobby Gill

“Who Else Wants To Meet Successful Internet Expert Make Money Online”

– Internet Business Mastermind Networking Event –

Success with the internet is not easy.

For YOU to become a successful full-time internet marketers you must set aside TIME to associate with other successful internet marketers.

You’ll have the chance to question each of our Internet Experts when you attend one of our regular internet networking events held across the country.

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At This Special Social Networking Event you’ll get a chance to network in a relaxed atmosphere AND…

* A special “How To” nuts and bolts Q & A ask the experts session on using Social Media success strategies.
* You’ll get to rub shoulders with active “UK BASED” internet marketers.
* The chance to share your business ideas with real people who will know how to take it forward.
* Pick up useful tips that could show you the difference between an online success and an online miss.
* Get access to a wide range of JV partners in many online niches.
* Plus much more…

Register here to attend:

Youth Coaching Skills Programme in Leeds – – Friday 26th March
Presented by Youth Coaching Academy’s Harry Singha – A special day for young people, teachers, parents and coaches.

Date: Friday, 26 March 2010
Time: 09:30 – 17:00
Location: Leeds – TBC
Michelle Cairns
Bobby Gill
Rachel Leigh
Michelle Pyman
Emmy Yeadon



The Academy’s Highly Acclaimed One Day Version of The Essential Youth Coaching Skills Programme For FREE!!

That’s Right,You Can Attend This Programme Delivered By Harry Singha Himself, As Our Guest!

The Event is sponsored by a group of Individuals from around the Leeds area. The course retails at £150 per person and we are delighted to announce that we are sponsoring this event. So you get the training and workbooks for FREE and all we ask is you pay £10 to cover the cost of the venue.

We are teachers, parents, youth coaches and local entrepreneurs with one thing in common: We are really passionate about young people and personal development!
If you wish to Increase your confidence and competence to inspire young people to shine even more then this is for YOU

Would you like to improve your existing skill set in relation to:

* Helping young people to learn better
* Communication and engagement with the ‘hard to engage’
* Managing your own state and supporting others to do so

Plus would you like to have simple yet practical tools to use immediately to help others to:

a) Identify what they really want; and then
b) Identify exactly where they are now; and then
c) Create a workable plan to get there!

Register your details here to book and for updates:

Have you heard of life coaching and wondered why it seems only available to celebrities and executives and in the main to adults?

That’s the exact question Harry asked himslef when became one of the UK’s first accredited Life Coaches in 1999, when he commited to a mission of making Life coaching more accessible for young people around the world, by training young people and those who care fro them to become coaches!

Fact there are tens of thousands of trained coaches in the UK now and the research and evidence of its effectiveness is mounting. The DFES and the National College for School Leadership are all acknowledging and promoting the use of coaching within education establishments.

Register your details here to book and for updates:

Simply put coaching is a powerful relationship for supporting an individual/group to bring out the best in themselves.

We are passionate about supporting the personal development of young people in the North of England and beyond.

In our commitment to the above we are delighted to announce the realisation of one of our objectives bringing Harry Singha, Chairman of the International Youth Coaching Academy, the pioneers of Youth Coaching.

Here’s what you will get from The Youth Coaching Academy’s One Day Essential Youth Coaching Skills course:

o Introduction to youth coaching
o How to avoid Learning challenges and a way to support anyone to learn anything
o Emotional resilience – how to change from an undesired to desired state
o How to communicate and engage with the ‘hard to engage’
o Advanced rapport building skills
o Effective Listening and Questioning skills
o How to use a universal coaching model to support anyone to identify a Goal and then identify where they are in relation to it and then take some steps to move towards it.
o How to take any issue and end up with an action and a celebration for dealing with it.

The course offers all participants practical skills to be able to use immediately and confidently.

Register your details here to book and for updates: