Beware: The Second Real Estate/ Property Collapse is Coming

The US and UK Banks have been illegally foreclosing / repossessing property, by not even checking paperwork and worse still, by forging it – whilst being bailed out by the Government with your future as collateral. Is that right or fair?

How come the overpaid Bankers and their pretentious solicitors fail to provide any copies of certified contracts or documents when requested? Maybe it’s to hide fraud! And don’t expect your MP or elected representatives to help – as the Government is busy enough trying to get money out of you for it’s past mistakes and new ones as they work with the banks.

Watch this video for what’s happening in the US – and then read on.

First it was sub-prime, now it’s moving to the average/middle-class home owners! The Bankers will do whatever it takes to screw the money out of you.

They have gone to existing businesses in the UK and told them to make up the 75% Loan To Value difference, on demand, even if their properties are cash-flowing. Else they will be taken off them and sold at auction – most likely for a loss. How does that work or help anyone?
Only got a small mortgage? Did you know that if you lose your job, you won’t be able to re-finance the equity! Fail to meet your mortgage payments and they’ll still repossess you. Aren’t you glad you did business with that lovely mortgage broker!

It’s not all depressing. You can contact your mortgage company and ask for a payment holiday, they shouldn’t refuse. Or don’t pay them for a month or even two, then start your repayments and ask them to add the missed amount to your loan. Handy for Christmas hey 😉

It appears that common sense says if you can’t afford to pay your mortgage and are in huge negative equity then the real option seems obvious!

How much financial pain can people take before they say, “Screw It” and stop paying the crooked Bankers?

It appears that the Government might actually want the repossessions and foreclosures to carry on as it provides an ‘economical stimulus’ as detailed below:

  • Estate agents get paid (as they’re not selling any houses on the open market in this economy)
  • Estate Agent employees get paid
  • Buying broker gets paid
  • Selling Agent gets paid
  • Selling Broker gets paid
  • Brokers’ employees get paid
  • Old lender gets paid off
  • Old lender employees get paid
  • New lender gets new loan
  • New lender employees get paid
  • New lender sells to another new lender and is paid
  • Solicitors get paid
  • Solicitors office gets paid
  • Loans get sliced and diced into credit default swaps and mortgage backed securities
  • Slicer and dicers get paid
  • Salesmen now sell this sliced and diced mortgage all over the world
  • Government gets paid off taxes and get money on every ounce of profit that is made in this never ending chain
  • New homeowner buys stuff at home depot / B&Q
  • Home Depot / B&Q now have to hire more employees to deal with the homeowner demand
  • And on and on….

So it’s good for the economy if you look at it.  After all, someone has to pay the Estate Agents, Solicitors, Mortgage Brokers, Bankers and Government employees, else they’d have to go and do something productive for the world instead.

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Where did the economy go… double-dip here?

No bull! There’s a double dip coming unless the Banks lend the Governement a few trillion more!

My thoughts on the Economy, now that I have a moment to sit down and flow… here are my answers to some of the questions that people are asking.

Below is a bunch of things I wanted to share. If I’m not specific on anything feel free to ask and leave a comment.

1. Current economy
The Depression, yes that’s what it is economically regardless of the lies the politicians tell you and stats made up by economists, is affecting the majority of people right now.

People are losing their jobs, homes and there is no such thing as security. With big companies going bust (those not powerful enough for bailout money) there is no such thing as job security. Employee pensions being gambled away on the stock market and they will be lucky if they have much to live on – that’s probably why they’re pushing the retirement age back.

Almost every year the Government spends more than it raises in tax! It ‘borrows’ this money from the ‘Bank of England’ (so much for it being a Government owned body!)
Someone has to pay this back eventually and that means you! Find out about the UK National Debt.

2. Money is being devalued as more is printed, taxes will go up to cover the money being spent and given to the Banks.  Quantitative Easing: “Instead of lowering Bank Rate to increase the amount of money in the economy, the Bank supplies extra money directly. This does not involve printing more banknotes. Instead the Bank pays for these assets by creating money electronically”

You need to be smart in how and where you invest your money right now. Gold has always been a viable option and the demand will always be there for it if you need to sell. Currently Gold has been trading at around £860 / $1380 per ounce and you can always easily get 90% of it’s value from a jeweler or gold dealer.
Can you afford Not to invest in Gold?

3. It is also wise to keep some liquid cash on hand, for when you need it.

4. Commercial real estate!

I believe the worst is not yet over. This is the breathing space before the real storm. As people lost their jobs and homes, more mortgage resets are coming, increasing interest rates and fewer jobs. This has worked it’s way through the residential property markets at the moment and the next one to be hit is the Commercial property (real estate) markets.
Don’t think it will happen? Walk around your local town centre shops. How many ‘To Let’ signs do you see? More charity shops and pound shops than high street brands? Pubs and bars closing or changing hands more often?
Empty shops and cheap stores being the only ones in business are clear signs of the recession/depression.

Do you see more Cash Convertor stores and places offering to buy your gold in exchange for their cash? Do they know something you don’t…

Only another World War could get everyone working again and making money… hmmm… any invasions on the agenda at the moment Mr. Obama?

I hope I’m wrong… but what what if this is how it happens?

I discussed many of these things with my friend Gerry P. and unfortunately the winds and tornadoes started before I actually implemented and acted on any of the facts.

Make sure you’re not left behind by being forewarned. Get educated!


Government and Banks

The Banks and Governments monitor traffic on the internet now to spy on people, I have know of them doing it with BMV property investors and checking their profiles before processing applications.
As TRUST is the Bankers’ issue, maybe they want to look in the mirror too!?

The world is waking up and the ‘Federal Reserve’ is now a household name, instead of a ‘perceived’ Government body – in reality it is a privately owned bank that masquerades as a Government body. People are against the War and attacks in foreign countries in the name of ‘Oil’.
Enough of living in a Police state with everything being filmed and silly little ‘civil laws’ being invented so they can legally steal your money.

Have America not convinced enough people to support them in attacking Iran yet, to prevent Nuclear arms development? Hmmm… remember the WMD-Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq? Neither do the dead US soldiers and citizens of the country or their families and relatives. But it made a lot of US dollars and gave them control.

The fiat currencies are going to go pop and they need wars to keep their pockets lined and economies going. Read up on Buckminster Fuller’s honest writings: Grunch of Giants and Critical Path.

The Amero (have you heard about it?) is as real as the European Union and I won’t even start on the One World Government with the US President (and his puppeteers) in charge.

Remember this is a game being played by Governments, Banks and Corporation liars (lawyers) – to support their hidden agendas. I’m not sharing anything new – just repeating it so that you may hear the truth THIS TIME!

And if you don’t want to believe it then that’s cool too… just remember the choices you made when you’re waiting for your pension to arrive.

Educate yourselves now! Learn the truth…

I don’t know all the answers but I do know the difference between RIGHT and wrong.
Interestingly HONEST is a Powerful (positive) pattern -v- Legal which is a weak (negative) pattern.
Where would you rather be vibrating? (Source: Power Vs. Force by David R Hawkins)


Despite the doom and gloom – this is a great opportunity for change!

Take stock and learn from your mistakes.  Accept the feedback.
Let the stresses and challenges be your friend and make you stronger.
Make plans and do things better this time.

The information is already out there and you just need to want to look for it. It requires change from YOU and people to come together and say enough is enough to this slavery.
We are all free people but forgot along the way… Freedom is More Than Just a Seven Letter Word

Now is a time that people will remember what really is of value, taking them away from greed and materialism and forcing them to appreciate the other things in life.

Remember: don’t be a victim! You’re going to have to let go of the old attachments first.
Then get back in charge, take control and be responsible for the life you live!
When would NOW be a good time to do that?

I wish you a happy life filled with fun, friends, family and laughter 🙂

P.S. Double Dips are for caring and sharing together!

Interest Rates, Banks, Property and the Economy

Not only is it freezing outside and snowing, the economy is in a severe winter as well.

March 5th 09 Update: Interest rates reduced to 0.5% and Quantitative Easing measures to boost economy to be ‘tried’ by pumping £75 Bn into the economy!!

– Interest rates at historic lows of 1%.
– Banks still not increasing credit supply.
– Property bargains to be had and investors are buying.
– Is the economy in a recession and can you still make money?

Here is a quick (ish) run down on the Interest Rates, banks, property and the economy.
It started as an interest rate update and a few hours later it turned into so much more. If you don’t have time to read it all, skip to the section that is relevant to you.


Interest Rates

Falling rates, going down, down and down…
Interest rates are now down to an historic low of just 1%

8 October 2008: 4.5%
6 November 2008: 3.0%
4 December 2008: 2.0%
8 January 2009: 1.5%
5 February 2009: 1.0%


It’s not really good news for savers or the economy, as there is a huge reduction in the credit supply available for spending.
The pound won’t like another cut either as it is already weak against the other major currencies.

I won’t even go into inflation as the government is not entirely sure how it is measured either and how to fudge it to fit the figures that they want. (RPI, CPI and RPIX)



Libor is what banks charge when the lend to each other and it still looks like there are still trust issues between the banks.

Small businesses are being allowed to go out of business but large companies and banks are being bailed out by governments. The money is going into the banking system but not coming out the other end.
Giving the banks money that isn’t passed onto their customers leaves tax payers looking like idiots.

Bailing out companies and banks that should have been allowed to go bust is not a very smart and ethical move, the mistakes shouldn’t be covered up and the entire market allowed to correct to what is an acceptable level.
Putting bans on selling bank and other related stocks short is ludicrous. The whole point of an open market is to allow buyers and sellers to help it find it’s price.
This leaves the stocks overpriced (if you can’t sell short and only allowed to buy, it is artificial inflation of the value!)

Quantitative Easing and pumping more money supply into the economy surely can’t fix the problem can it, how much longer before it all goes bang!?
Check out this brilliant article on The End of Money. The idea isn’t as far fetched as it may first appear. The End Of Money by Chris Martenson

Whereas the banks have been bailed out for their criminal behaviour, they are now treating companies and individuals like criminals. Pot calling the kettle black!?

If you are having a tough time financially then stop waiting and go get good debt advice now.
Check out this article and the below links for more info:
(Mention Bobby Gill’s Blog when you contact any recommended parties to make sure they look after you)



What do interest rate cuts mean to homeowners and investors?
If you can raise the deposit of 25% or negotiate a discounted deal with a seller, then rates are so low that it is a good time to take out some long term borrowing.

Already own property and on a variable rate? Great, if it is discounted rate you will be below 1% already saving you hundreds of pounds a month.
This is a good opportunity not to go out spending but either stockpiling some cash or paying off the capital on your mortgage, better still pay off other high interest debts like credit cards and loans. The extra money is a bonus and it is up to you to either invest (reduce debt) and save it – or splash out on doodads and toys. Make the smart decision now and you’ll be glad you did.

Currently cash is king and those with liquidity and able to structure smart deals will be stocking up on property.

James Caan is still buying. I was lucky enough to see him speak at a presentation in London, at the Wealth Intelligence Academy last weekend.
His views were the interest rates are likely to go down virtually to zero and that there are plenty of great deals out there. For example he recently purchased a £10m property, being offered at £7 for just £4.1m because that was all it was worth to him. Nearly 60% BMV (below market value) is a great deal and this is proof that such deals are just waiting to be done.

Richard Branson says fortunes are to be made in a downturn. Assets can now be bought cheaply and the recession will provide “massive” opportunities for entrepreneurs.

Usually big deals are immediately bought up by large firms and pension funds. They are not buying anymore and more likely to be off-loading their property at the moment to stock up on cash. What a great time to buy.

The current climate is only a problem for flippers and property traders, not property investors.
Investors know property always has been about the medium to long term.

Finance is a little harder to raise but deals are still there to be had. With less competition, as average investors are scared by the news, could there be a better time to buy!?

As a contrarian, like Robert Kiyosaki, my view is that it’s now the best time to buy as people are desperate to sell and panicking.

It may be winter but Spring will be here soon. Look after you cash flow short to medium term and reap the rewards later.

The Economy

Are YOU in a Recession or making money?

The UK economy (GDP) has shrunk for the second successive quarter meaning that the country is now technically in recession. I won’t even look at inflation as the government fudges that each time to suit and has various methods of measuring one thing (RPI, CPI, RPIX), roll a dice and pick a figure!

McDonalds are one of the biggest winners at the moment:

People are still going to take holidays, so tourism locally will increase as people will not go abroad. With a better exchange rate it will also attract international travellers visiting the UK.

Food companies are still doing pretty well and other companies that provide basic necessities, like utilities. People want to reduce their bills and increase their income so companies like this will expand in this climate.

Drop me an email to find out more on how to save money on your utilities and earn an extra income too. Utility Warehouse can save you money on your bills and household shopping!
Take a quick look at this French & Saunders video, reminds me of the PC / Mac adverts lol…

There is still money to be made and it is only an economic slump if you aren’t prepared to look for the opportunities.
Bob Proctor
says that their may be a recession on but he is refusing to participate in it. What decision are you making?

Surround yourself with people moving forward, not those sat watching TV, drinking beer waiting for things to change for them. Take a look at these Mastermind groups being set-up around the UK and get yourself a peer group that supports you.


None of the views or news above is good or bad. It just depends which end of the shotgun you are looking at!

And on that happy note, make sure you’re on the right side 😉


P.S. Remember it’s all just a game and you can win if you want to!