What would Bobby Do… if he couldn’t log onto Playvybz?

When I logged on to listen to Elliot Kay at Playvybz internet radio station this evening, there was no sound! And I had my What would Bobby Do slot at 9.30pm. So what would I do…

Well I phoned the man himself, THE Coach with a Hat, to find out there are some streaming issues today. I suggested they let people in the chat room know too, to avoid confusion – and give me a call if he needs me later on.

Well that’s what I did for the show this week… if I get a call in the next half hour, I will let you know what else I did.

But till next week, if you’re ever stuck or wondering what to do, just ask “What Would Bobby Do?” and you’d be amazed at how many options you’ll get streamed to you live from the ‘ether’ or wherever you believe. Yes, I use it myself too!

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