Northern Entrepreneurs Super Conference, 30th-31st October 2010 – Manchester

Surely this will be The Biggest UK Entrepreneur’s Event of the Year. It will be held at The Hilton Hotel, Manchester Airport, Outwood Lane, Manchester, United Kingdom M90 4WP on Saturday 30th & Sunday 31st October 2010

Hosted by Steven Aspinall, Bobby Gill and Mike Clarke PLUS 10 TOP UK Experts, this 2 day event has been setup for entrepreneurs based “Up North”.

With high profile members and guest speakers, the Northern Entrepreneurs Super Conference is all about connecting with the right people. Creating connections with key players in the industry. It’s about making yourself known in the marketplace as the best person to do business with.

The aim as is to help you make the right contacts in the marketplace. The event offers the most cost effective method of meeting the industry’s decision makers.

  • Bringing together key players in the Market
  • Learning through shared knowledge and understanding
  • Listening to the highest profile speakers
  • Generating opportunities
  • Building relationships
  • And, creating a platform for highly effective networking and communication across various Industries

The list of speakers for the event are:

  • Simon Zutshi – property entrepreneur, speaker and author 
  • Glenn Armstrong – serial entrepreneur now with over 300 properties 
  • Marie-Claire Carlyle – The Miracle Coach, Money Magnet and Best Selling Author
  • Phil Martin – Property expert and mentor
  • Michael Bradford – Highly Intuitive International Healer, Business Coach, Consultant, Mentor and Professional speaker
  • Richard Shepherd – Property expert and mentor
  • Zoe Cairns – Social media queen 
  • Daniel Wagner – Internet Marketing Genius
  • Clive Arneil – Stock trading expert
  • Allan Kleynhans – Peak performance coach


  • Mr X – The Current Economy & Investing in Gold

There has never been a group of leaders like this assembled at the same event!


Really. Your future is important and we encourage you to attend this event. But it still only offers one perspective.

At The Northern Entrepreneurs Superconference, you will hear the insights, case studies, and best practices of many of the Industry leaders.

It doesn’t matter if you are into property, internet marketing, or Investing, we have put together what is arguably the strongest faculty of leadership talent that has ever been assembled under one roof!

You will hear how Average people have gone from zero to building a multi million pound property, how properties can be purchased without a mortgage, numerous ways to increase your cashflow, proven techniques to generate online traffic, and many more………..
With a little discernment and critical thinking, you can study all the options and leave Sunday night with the strategies that will work best for YOU.

Don’t come to this event just because you want to take your picture with the speakers, feel all warm and fuzzy, or add to your seminar notes collection. Come because you want to:

• Get out of the rate race;
• Develop faster;
• Develop your leadership skills;
• Convert more leads;
• Learn from the best in the business;
• Develop passive residual income!

We didn’t select these speakers because they have great books, give nice speeches, or and have strong credibility. (Even though they have great books, give nice speeches and have enough credibility to fill the MEN Arena!!)

They were selected because of their unique gifts for taking what they have learned, and teaching it in a way that you will hear it, understand it, and then be able to go back home and immediately implement it!

All of these key people have powerful information you need to know about.

Register here:

Why up north…

We believe there is a shortage of similar events for people that live in the North. We want to show that people that live up North have got as big aspirations as the guys that live in the south. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to get the money thing out of the way, and lead the lifestyle you dreamed about? You can.

The Northern Entrepreneurs Superconference can show you how to achieve it. Of course the event will be motivational, you’ll feel good about attending, and you’ll have a great time…

But more importantly, you will leave Sunday evening with a toolbox of techniques, strategies, and skills you can immediately put into practice to build a life beyond your wildest dreams !!!

If you are serious about building a massive, exponentially growing business – clear your calendar right now, and get yourself a ticket for this event !!

Be warned, however…

We’re not bringing in the most successful people in the profession to teach you how to make a couple hundred pounds, we want you to walk away with a clear strategy on how best to create wealth !!

Any one of these speakers could do the entire weekend, and you’d still get the bargain of your career. Put them all together in one room as we are, and you have the largest and strongest collection of speakers ever assembled under one roof!

We’re talking about people who have founded huge property business’, developed legions of leaders, built networks in the thousands, conducted hundreds of opportunity presentations all around the world, discovered how to overcome fear and rejection, uncovered the secrets of the most compelling presentations, and made millions of pounds in their chosen career’s !

This is not an event for the idle curious. It is for people who want to turn their business’ into a multi-million-pound, income money machine!
We don’t tell you that to impress you about how “big” they are. But to demonstrate how lucrative and valuable a weekend with people like this can be for you.

Many speakers will be revealing information they might not share if it was going to be offered for general public consumption…

This event is for people that really want to become top earners…

We’ve assembled the finest minds and put them at your disposal for an entire weekend.

• You’ll hear them speak;
• Ask them questions one-on-one!

What’s the investment?

If we charged £500 a seat for this event, it would be the bargain of the decade. But you won’t have to pay even that…

Fortunately, we can keep the price below market. So the event is only £67.  

And if you act before 10pm on Sunday 17th October 2010, you can sneak in with our 30% OFF Early Bird Special of only £47!


Seats are limited, so BOOK NOW as this event will sell out !!!

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