Cash Flow Dynamics

In March, I attended a Wealth Day organised by Simon Zutshi from the Property Investors Network.

It was a very good event that covered different ways to create wealth and also included wealth profiling.

If you’re a member of XL you’ll know what Wealth Dynamics is all about and the different styles of profile that you can use to make money and create wealth. Also how you can use your profile to decide what area of property you should focus on to make more money.

After covering the different profiles in detail there was a session on stock trading by Knowledge-To-Action. They covered the mindset of a trader and how to manage your risk when pip trading currencies.

Simon Zutshi talked about Business and how to increase your income by asking for referrals, looking after existing clients, why your team is also very important and lots of other tips to increase your cashflow in your existing business.

The highlight of the event was David Cavanagh, an Australian living in Pattaya Beach, who had flown over especially for us. He was AMAZING! I’ve not been to a multi-speaker event before where there was so much value and info being freely shared. David is a star and a real internet guru. He gets rid of all the hype and BS, with lots of simple advice including easy ways to get to the top of google without SEO.
He shared various ways to make money online through websites and ebooks, using copywriting skills, video and autoresponders. A really giving guy with loads of value to add!

NOW after a succesful Property Magic Dolf De Roos is back in the UK and the main speaker at a Cashflow Dynamics Event event in London this weekend (see below for full details), along with The Beermat Entrepreneur Mike Southon and internet expert Simon Coulson and other guest speakers.

You can also meet Dolf at these Property events PIN Birmingham (tuesday) and PIN London (thursday) this week.


Cashflow Dynamics Event – 23rd-24th May 2009

Come to the Cash Flow Dynamics and learn more about your wealth profile and how to make cash flow!

Would you like to make more money?

“At last YOU CAN discover the easiest way FOR YOU to make serious CASH FLOW right now”

Announcing the “Cash Flow Dynamics” seminar in LONDON on Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th May

Would you like to make more money?

“At last YOU CAN discover the easiest way FOR YOU to make serious CASH FLOW right now”

Announcing the “Cash Flow Dynamics” seminar in LONDON on Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th May

Book HERE: Cash Flow Dynamics Event

Once you have attended “Cash Flow Dynamics” you will have a clear idea of what you should be doing and the most appropriate strategy for you to earn extra cash flow right now.

You will also know exactly WHO CAN HELP YOU to achieve the success you desire.

No longer will you have to waste your time, money or energy chasing that new shinny penny. You will be able to focus on the best strategy for YOU. The one strategy you have been looking for that will be the easiest, most enjoyable and stress free way for you to make more money.

Our guest speakers at “Cash Flow Dynamics” are the very best experts in their fields, and will share with you the best strategies to make more cash flow right now.

Just a few of our guest speakers include:

* Dolf de Roos – probably one of the top wealth creation experts in the world. Author of ten best-selling property books including the New York Times Best Seller Real Estate Riches. Dolf teaches at events and institutions in over 16 countries including Tony Robbins’ Wealth Mastery and Trump University. In 2003 Dolf was appointed visiting professor of real estate at the University of North Texas.

At “Cash Flow Dynamics” Dolf will share with you how you can massively increase your results by working with the right team of people around you.

* Simon Coulson – climbed the corporate ladder with BT PLC for 14 years before quitting the city life in December 2003. He started a series of internet businesses. In less than 5 years Simon has generated over £4 million pounds. The first £2 million were from the spare room in his house!

Simon will teach you how he has made his fortune in niche markets as diverse as Bulgaria property, bonsai trees, plumbing and philosophy. All of which by his own admission he knows NOTHING about!

* Mike Southon – one of the world’s top business speakers, a Fellow of The Professional Speakers Association. Co-author of several best-selling business books, including The Beermat Entrepreneur and Sales on a Beermat and has made frequent appearances on television and radio.

These are just a few of the world class speakers we have lined up for you.

Book HERE: Cash Flow Dynamics Event

BMV Quickstart with Simon Zutshi and Property Mastermind Programme

BMV Quickstart

I attended Simon Zutshi’s BMV Quickstart workshop earlier this month in London and it was a great event to learn more and meet fellow investors.

When asked what I was doing there as someone who has been in the property business since 2001, I explained that I am always learning and picking up fresh tips. It’s also good to refresh your knowledge.

In an economy where a lot of investors have ended up jumping in the deep end and are now struggling to swim, it is good to get back to basics and learn how to do and use the simple and basic techniques (with some new No Money Down thrown in as well).

Simon covers ethics which is sometimes missed by many investors, why you need to listen to people and then offer them solutions, ie. how to help the person.

You will get introduced to his power team including solicitors, mortgage brokers and people that provide bridging.

The BMV Quickstart literally does what it says on the tin: it gets you ready to start doing below market value deals the following day. You will know the people to put the deal together and learn strategies to get out there and find the deals straight away.

It would have been really useful to have done something like this when I first started as it would have saved me a lot of money making mistakes and learning by myself.

His next event is in Birmingham on Saturday 2nd of May 2009 and you can find out more and book your place here: BMV Quickstart


One action-packed day of intensive BMV training

This isn’t some high-level overview we’re talking about here. We immediately get into the meat of the strategies; within the first hour I introduce you to your own personal Power Team which is CRUCIAL to your success with this type of investing, and by the end of the day your head will be spinning with new ideas and strategies that you can immediately begin implementing.
What will we cover during the day?

Of the dozens of things we will cover, here are what I believe are the most important:

* The step-by-step, nuts and bolts of the BMV investing strategy – the process by which you can by property using none of your own money
* We introduce you to your personal Power Team, including an expert mortgage broker and specialist BMV solicitors
* 6 simple strategies to generate BMV leads on tap
* The 7 key step by step key ingredients to building a trusting relationship with the seller
* How to create a WIN WIN deal for everyone and negotiate like a pro
* The 5 magic words to clinch ANY deal
* How to minimise the amount of work you need to put in by taking advantage of “armchair investment” opportunities.

The secret is to buy property now significantly Below Market Value (BMV)

Savvy investors never pay the full market price for their investments. Right now, due to the current market conditions, we have the biggest ever opportunity in our lifetimes to purchase property BMV.

There are plenty of deals out there and when you find the right deals it is still possible to buy with very little of your own money invested.

Find out more and book your place here: BMV Quickstart


Property Mastermind Home Study

Already an investor and/or do you want to join a Property Mastermind?

WIN a place on the NEW Property Mastermind Home Study course

Simon Zutshi is about to launch details of the home study version of his very popular Property Mastermind Programme.

To find out how this programme can help you to achieve everything you want from your property investing you need to join the “PROPERTY ANNOUNCEMENT LIST”.

To Join this list just click here: Property Mastermind

It is well worth joining as you could be the lucky person who wins a place on the Property Mastermind Home Study course in Simon’s free prize draw. Good luck!

The Property Mastermind Home Study Course runs along side the main Mastermind Programme, which means that this is the only chance to join at the beginning.
Register you interest here: Property Mastermind Home Study Course


Property Networking

Attend property networking events around the UK to learn more, meet other investors and get your questions answered.

Check out ours at the Northern Property Network in Huddersfield, with Rob Moore of Progressive Property presenting on Tuesday 5th May 2009.

And in Bristol organisers Benjamin Leppier & Barry Davies host the South West Property Network, with Rhett Lewis presenting on the same date.

Update, Events & Free Complimentary Tickets

What’s new and been happening in my life this month? Find out below…

I got a great offer at the bottom of this blog I wanted to tell you about.

Why did I put it there? So you’d read the rest first (or scroll straight to the bottom anyway…)

Well what I have I been up to?
So busy I’ve not kept my blog up to date, unlike Twitter, check it out if you’re not on yet. Follow me tweeters:

And excited about the sudden interest in Social Media at the moment and the new changes in the facebook layout. Loving the updated news feed stream. <>

I’m planning on sharing what I know about social media very soon.

Just set up some successful Think & Grow Rich Workshops with Michelle Whaite.
Listen to the Paul Martinelli call here:

Talking to a few people about relaunching ‘Network Billionaire’ (no peeking yet)

Keep reading… free tickets at the bottom!!

** is where I’ll be
* are recommended

** Birmingham, Saturday 21st March
BMV Quickstart Seminar with PIN Simon Zutshi

** HUDDERSFIELD – Wednesday, 25th March 2009,YES Group North

* London – Wednesday, 25th March 2009, YES Group
Highly Recommended! Unfortunately I can’t be at 2 YES Groups 200 miles apart at the same time. The technology is coming though…

* London – Thursday 26th March 09
Dr Demartini | The Riches Within

John Demartini is an Amazing Speaker and I highly recommend listening to him and doing The Breakthrough Experience.

* LONDON, Saturday 28th-29th March 2009
John Demartini’s Breakthrough Experience

** Birmingham, Saturday 28th March
Keith Cunningham Business Seminar

* London, Sunday 29th March
BMV Quickstart Seminar with PIN Simon Zutshi

** London, Friday 3rd-5th April 2009
T. Harv Eker presenting Millionaire Mind Intensive
(these are the tickets available at the bottom)

* London, Saturday 4th-5th April 2009
Rick Otton – Rent To Own Options, Buy A House for a Pound

** HUDDERSFIELD, Tuesday 7th April 2009
Northern Property Network – with Rob Moore, Mark Homer
and Satie Punglia

Apologies it’s not really an offer; or even a deal. It’s a steal!

T Harv Eker – Millionaire Mind Intensive, LONDON

Because of the great work we do with the YES Group and other great events and seminars in the UK, the organisers have kindly supplied some free tickets.

This is your opportunity to come and learn, meet other great individuals and have a profound effect on your life and business! 3-days at the ExCel in London 3rd-5th April 09.

Get booked on NOW: >> <<

It already looks set to be the Personal Development event of the year!

I hope it was worth reading to the bottom and I really do look forward to seeing you at one of these events and definitely in London.

Bobby 🙂


Other than all that it’s been a pretty quiet month!

OK, it’s nearly 3am, I have Friday ‘off’ to catch up with Rob Bell and Arry Nessa. But first, another episode of 24 with Jack Bauer.

Jeremy Dent left a great comment on my blog the other day about my busy-ness: “You need time to sleep, eat and make love as well, Bobby!” – Will schedule it in mate!

Blog post and email, two in one. Sweet… Who said guys can’t multi-task!?

Property, Business and Personal Development in 2009

Kick off the New Year as you mean to go on… get motivated into 2009 and beyond!

Here are a few of the must attend events I’ll be hosting, attending or crewing at over the next few weeks. Come along and say hi, it would be great to meet up in person.

Property / Business

Huddersfield – Tuesday, 6th January 2009 – Northern Property Network with Jim Haliburton and his HMO Strategies for 2009
We will also be discussing how to protect yourself in the current economy
I will be hosting with Steve Foley and the usual suspects will be attending 🙂

Join the FB group and register at the website.
FB Group:
FB Event:

Business / Personal Development

Huddersfield – Sunday 11th January 2009
Write YOUR BOOK and get a REAL publishing deal, with Judymay Murphy
FB Event:

Manchester, Huddersfield/Leeds & London – January/February 09
Think & Grow Rich Mastermind groups.
London 1 day event on 17th January 2009 that I will also be attending and crewing at.
Sign up now to find out more about this program hosted by Bobby and Michelle Whaite.
FB Group:

London – 21st or 22nd January 2009,
Roger Hamilton – Only Eight Ways to Wealth in 2009
(coming to Manchester in February)

London, Friday 13th-15th February 2009
Play to Win with Clinton Swaine (complimentary tickets)
I will be crewing at this event, go to my blog to find out more about what you can learn and experience.
FB Fanpage:
FB Event:
Blog review:

Manchester, 20th-22nd February 2009
Clayton Ainger, Spiritual Retreat

I hope that’s enough tasty stuff to get you going and not too much to ruin your appetite for the new year at the same time. Wishing you all a wonderful New Year and all the best for 2009!

Bobby 🙂

Check out these events coming to DUBLIN, Ireland in 2009


Dublin, Friday 6th-8th February 2009
Think And Get Rich Bootcamp, Multi speaker Event
Learn new Cash strategies, and go home with money in your pocket!

Dublin,Saturday 7th February 2009
Jason Vale, Juicing for Health

Dublin, Friday 20th-22nd February 2009
Christopher Howard\’s Breakthrough To Success (free tickets)
Personal development and NLP techniques
FB Fanpage:
FB Event:

Dublin, Friday 11th-13th September 2009
Play to Win with Clinton Swaine (free tickets)
Personal development and business games, experiential learning.
FB Fanpage:
FB Event:
Blog review:

Auctions and upcoming events

Just a quick property update for you on auctions. I went to a local auction in Huddersfield last week to watch the auctioneer cringe. They’ve been quite ‘cocky’ in the last couple of years, with a lack of respect and time for investors, inflating prices and playing silly games to increase their commissions – how times change.

Of about 33 lots:
3 had been sold prior
66% were unsold on the night by not reaching reserve
Couple of properties went for what looked like 20-25% BMV
Couple of houses were a fair price
One new build apartment – no bids or interest at all!
Was surprised to see a building plots being in demand, as bank finance is tight for investors and the new build market stagnant. Probably for self-build or a builder with time and money on his hands.

I recommend you watch your local auctions and contact the estate agents about any unsold lots. They have bargains waiting to be picked up for those of you still buying.

Let your friends in property, personal development know about this blog – and those that want to expand their lives. Sign up for updates by entering your name and email at the top right –>

Upcoming Events

25th Nov, Manchester (& 27th Nov, Darlington) – Cash Flow Nights,
Rent to Own Options with David Lee, How to Buy a House for £1!

28th Nov, Birmingham – The Property Investors Xmas dinner,
with Simon Zutshi and the PIN Team

29th Nov, London – YES Group 15th Anniversary Party,
See you at THE Party of the Year!

1st Dec, Manchester – Female Entrepreneurs from Australia,
Two amazing ladies, Getrude Matshe & Samantha Backman

3rd Dec, Leeds – Northern Property Network Meet with two amazing guys 😉

Others speakers details removed as requested.
Bobby Gill – Student HMO Landlord

Bobby will share with you how you can put together a deal in this economy by being creative. Why Student HMO’s are a great way to invest for yield and what to watch out for.