Gratitude – Life changing moments and souls

Have you ever met someone that you felt such a connection to that you can’t describe it in words? With friends or strangers, who are real kindred spirits. Like meeting others that you just click with and get along with instantly or finding the friends / family you thought you never had.

It is like explaining that which can’t be explained and you don’t have the vocabulary or understanding of; or to put into words that which cannot be consciously understood or make sense. It might happen only a few times in your life, yet you will never forget, you know what I mean. If not, imagine time just seeming to stop and infinity folding back onto itself, there is only ‘now’ and the moment you are in. Do you get the picture and hear what I’m saying?

Things in life happen for a reason, there are no real random events. You meet the people you need to and chose to realise that things just had to be that way.
Have you ever been in the wrong place at the wrong time!? No – because it’s not possible, there is only the right place at the right time… ALWAYS, else you wouldn’t be here, right now!

I met a couple of people like that, especially one. Someone who you ‘know’ for the true person that they are to their soul and they see and ‘know’ the real you as well. You touch each others lives and feel it to the core.

There is no need for the false facades and masks that people wear everyday, as they are just thin veils hiding you from the world. The only thing that truly matters is who you are. Fortunately there is nowhere to hide sometimes, after all, why would you want to!?

Occasionally, if you are lucky and have been really good, you meet those rare people that see right through and accept you for your true self, no matter how you or others may have judged you in the past. After all, it is not what you left behind you long ago but the choices you make today that shape your future.

Even the random guy who took our picture on the last night felt it and was nearly in tears, yet no-one really knew or could explain why. It was difficult to leave but there was comfort in knowing it is just an endless moment in time – and we will meet again.

Those fellow voyagers in life, new acquaintances and lifelong friends; I am so grateful for all these people I have been fortunate enough to have be given the opportunity to meet and share a part of my life with. They gave my life a whole new meaning and direction. And I sometimes wonder about those who I met along the way, on this simple journey of life, that may be thankful for having met me too.

You should cherish all those people and moments too, they are few and far between but that is exactly why they are so special.

I’d come back with something so much better than I’d expected or hoped to find on a ship in the Caribbean.

Some people thought it was the end of the cruise and a wonderful time, little did they realise, it is just the beginning!