Brilliant Testimonials for Bobby

Having been so busy getting things done, I was wondering if you could do me a quick favour?

As you’re aware with any business it is good to have referrals and testimonials, I’ve met and ‘worked’ with loads of great people, I just haven’t slowed down to take a look at the value added on our journey.

Whilst I have a good reputation in most circles and people are saying nice things, I’ve not had a chance to collect any testimonials in writing, for the benefit of those that want to get to know me better or deal with me.

The favour I’d like to ask if you would leave me a testimonial below with your name and any comments you wish to make. I also respect the confidential nature of coaching, so if you do not want to leave your name, you can message / email me with the subject “Brilliant Testimonial for Bobby” that I can use later (with just your initials).

It only needs to be 2-3 sentences in length so you can do it in a couple of minutes.

The area’s I’d love a testimonial for are:
a) How any coaching, options or advice have helped make your life better
b) Any tips or recommendations that have helped you do things easier or make more money
c) Any events you’ve enjoyed working with me at and why? eg. attending, organising or crewing
d) What you think of me as a person; my character, values and how it would benefit someone else to work with me
e) Any other great, fun and interesting things that you can think of…

Example, “I met Bobby at / know him from…. and he helped me with….
This is what he did for me and what I think of him… and how it would benefit you…

Name – Bobby (Gill) from…. Huddersfield, UK (optional) –
(You can leave a link to your personal website but please no affiliated sites or sales pages)

So please leave a comment for any (or all) with regards to life, career, health, wealth, property, internet, events or however it is that our paths crossed. Even if we’ve not met yet and only communicated online or over long phone conversations 🙂

That would be great and a big thank you in advance.

Bobby Gill

Making a Difference and Inspiring People, whilst having FUN!

Be the change you wish to see in the world. And remember it’s not about where you are on your journey, as much as how you show up and who you become in the process.

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