Amazing UPW Crew and Family – London 2012

What a super event with some wonderful and ‘attractive’ people. I didn’t get a chance to talk to everyone properly and have been resting and catching up all week. Hence these few words now that I wanted to share with you.

This is mainly for the friends I crewed with. I’ve done a couple of other blog posts about Tony Robbins UPW Unleash the Power Within, which you can find here:

You can also find the Unleash The Power Within Music List here:

It was pretty disorganised in the run up to the event but the experienced crew knew that we would pull it off, as always has been the case. The best organised UPW event I’ve been to was in Italy, led by Hi-Performance. The organisers made time to communicate, help and thank the crew for the efforts they put in – and the fact it was in Italy was also a bonus, as you could go on holiday too!

The London 2012 Event was great. It had been 4 years since Tony Robbins had been in London, when the atmosphere was electric. The event wasn’t as busy this time, as it was in 2008 but those that know the value of UPW were there. There were many there for the first time, lots who had come back and most had come on recommendations from friends and family.

There were a lot of new Crew at the event and many had travelled from half way around the world, including Europe, America, Fiji, Israel, Malaysia, Australia. They had overcome challenges to arrange travel, flights and accommodation – and they supported each other in making it happen. The main reason we were all there is that we believe in what Anthony Robbins teaches and shares. The crew know it can change everyone’s life for the better, as long as they are prepared to show up and make a decision to do things differently. There is no excuse for anyone from the UK not to make it to UPW when such crew members set such a high standard for themselves.

Crew manager Loren Slocum and Toni Brodelle made sure there was direction and that we were supported in making sure the magic behind the scenes happened to make the event flow smoothly. They are both great female role models for how women leaders should be. Everything ran like clockwork, even if timings changed, and I’m sure the participants had a fantastic experience.

A few of my highlights were:
Being on call and of service to organisers, crew and attendees.
Helping attendees register and find their way around on the first day.
Welcoming people into the room with a peak state.
The laughs, the fun and the connection!
The Young persons Youth Leadership Team – you really have to run through their tunnel of love next time you see them!
Gary King sharing his simple happiness formula and Self-Worth.
Being trusted to do a dinner run for Joseph McClendon III
Meeting the brilliant crew members and new friends from this year – and meeting those again from Rimini 2011 and London 2008.
High fiving Tony Robbins and being able to thank Sage as well.
Getting to know fellow crew members and inducting them into Bobby’s A-Team 😉
Sharing and spreading the LOVE in the crew room and main hall.
Sharing fun and personal moments with people at this event to find out what is alive in them. 
Drinks on the last night with crew, leadership and random friends!
The reminder to do the 10 day challenge along with everyone else (the ‘naughty’ food is starting to talk to me)

As crew we are fortunate enough to have talks and session with speakers, other than Tony who is in the main room. The best being Gary King who share the formula for happiness. Which is simply Forgiveness (for self and others), Honesty, Truth (with self and others) and having self worth. If you ever get the chance to see or meet Gary King, I highly recommend it as he resonates so much with the way I choose to live. Find out how ‘attractive’ you are! Here is his website:

There were some wonderful shares in the crew room and I felt blessed to have been part of those magical moments. When two people that can’t travel to each others countries, can meet and hug each other at UPW is amazing and will bring a heartfelt sigh and tear to anyone’s eye. When one person is so blessed that he is recognised for making a difference to others, is nominated as Crew Member of the event and also wins a Leadership scholarship.  It was so difficult to nominate one person for crew member, so I’m sending them personal messages this weekend instead.

At the end we all got to go on stage with Tony and I got to give the big man another high five!
After doing a full weekend and being on stage for hours, giving his all to the audience, Tony still makes time to come and talk to the crew afterwards and thank them – even if it is after 1am in the morning. He appreciates how dedicated they are in helping make the event happen, to contribution and caring for the attendees. He walks his talk and is the genuine and authentic person that you see on stage. Along with the amazing support of Sage, they both touch lives wherever they go.

Is it a coincidence that the summer sun came out as the event drew to a close? ☼
(Maybe we can thank Dr. John Demartini as well for visiting London the same weekend!)

❤ ☆ I just wanted to let you know what I love, honour and respect about you all, is that you are amazing people that move the world! After being to UPW, everyone feels energised and more alive. It is then up to us to continue the Momentum. Stay connected with those that you met, follow up on what you said you would do – and Step Up! Live your life on your terms. You’re all part of my crew: (The-future-begins) and I hope to see you again soon.
 If you’re in say ‘Aye’ and I’ll see you on the other side!

“To be a person you’re not, is to waste the person you are!” – Loren Slocum

Love and hugs,
Bobby xox

P.S. If you’re reading this and haven’t been to Tony Robbins Unleash The Power Within, you MUST go. Why? Read this: Unleash The Power Within

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Now repeat after me…
Now, I am The Voice
I will Lead, not follow
I will Believe, not doubt
I will Create, not destroy
I am a Force for Good
I am a Leader