Events management and promotion

Who would have thought events promotion could be so much fun and hard work at the same time!
Told off by promoters, banned from forums… all for telling people about events of value to people!

Having attended a lot of seminars in the past I like to tell people about them so they can go and enjoy them as well. Knowing people in the Property, Business and Personal Development industry means I can occasionally get you free and discounted tickets. And some organisers are so nice I would promote their events for free anyway 🙂

(You can see some of them on the right of my blog here:

On the other hand, some only contact me when they want something and the take/need attitude doesn’t go far these days. You know who you are :-/

Friends and Family
Triumphant Events run by Daniel Priestley are always good value and worth checking out as are XL events with Roger Hamilton (wealth dynamics experience)
Both these companies actually promote business amongst it’s members and are happy to let you post various details about their events and on their forums.

Great Expectations / Frontier trainings with Clinton Swaine run Play To Win, which is another brilliant event that you can get free tickets for. Find out about it here: play to win

XL and Play To Win are definitely the friendliest and most enjoyable events I’ve been to recently. You’re made to feel part of the bigger family as opposed to just a person on a seat. Along with Simon Zutshi’s Property Investors Network, YES, Tony Robbins in the past and of course Northern Property Network. Oh and Manchester PNC with Richard Shepherd and co. Actually I’ve probably missed a few here, my apologies if I have, you know I care! 😉

Told off
I was surprised at the reaction I would get from people for offering the opportunity to go find out more about these potentially life changing seminars.

Earlier this year Chris Howard Events asked me to remove a web domain that was directing people to their site and generating them business. I was surprised as it was not used for data capture or to even add any of my information, just a re-direct straight to their page. Even though other similar pages were in use, I complied of course, as there was no point upsetting anyone.
I still recommend the event for the value you can get, here is some more info:
chris howard breakthrough to success

Tony Robbins events were being promoted through Med Western and due to their lack of concern for their UK referrers and crew, I decided not to participate anymore and told people to contact the Italian promoters directly at, who are getting set for Rome UPW in September 2009.

Of all the people, Tony Robbins Grad site BANNED me without any warning because (here I have to assume as I wasn’t told why) I was telling people about events that might interest them! I can’t hold this personally against Tony Robbins, as it will be some power hungry admin staff that made the decision. They still haven’t replies to my email to request clarification and if we can rectify the situation.

On the bright side, I don’t have to keep up with my posts, contribution or value on that site any more and it is their overall loss not mine.
Also if we can’t promote non-TR events on that site, it goes without saying that we should not promote TR events on other non-TR forums and sites… is this the outcome they wanted?

What happened to contribution and collaboration versus competition and keeping yourself small!?

On a short leash
Last week I was offered some promotional tickets for a T Harv Eker event, Millionaire Mind Intensive – for my blog readers, friends (and their direct friends) and customers. Little did they realise that the world is a small place and as I don’t have paying customers as such, everyone is a friend of a friend and most can read (just joking with you) when it comes to a good deal. They were only offered due the good work we already do with the YES group and other events organisers.

When I offered the free tickets to my friends on facebook, I got a couple of complaints from ticket sellers, as these tickets do actually have a market price and by giving some to select friends we do not wish to devalue the quality of the event in any way. After having removed them from public view after a telling off on facebook, I left them on my profile, as only direct friends then have access to them…

Those of you interested in what these tickets are? You will just have to contact me directly for the information as having had too much controversy this weekend, I could do with a quiet week! Get them NOW before I am booted for doing good work, just because it upset someone.

Little did I know that some ‘friends’ (serial networkers) had added me in the past and complained to the events company to have the links removed from my profile. Now there is taking things too far, having removed the public links, only my mum has the authority to tell me to do that… So if you are reading and you are such a person, please feel free to hit ‘remove friend’ so that you don’t have to put up with my antics if that’s what you wish to call them.

Oh and people that are watching and copying what I do; thanks for the compliment, lets hope you can keep up when I ramp up the plans, copy and ideas flying out.

The funny thing is the more I upset some people for being myself, the more I attract for that very reason who want to work with me! It’s a strange world out there…

Other recommended events
I’ve been invited to a few event recently and thanks to Andy Phillips of UK small Business Network for the tickets to the Wealth Intelligence Academy Gala Dinner end of January 09.

Currently Simon Zutshi, author of Property Magic and death-of-property-investing-report is running quality BMV workshops around the UK for property investors wanting to learn more about the business. Check it out here: BMV Quickstart workshops and Keith Cunningham is coming to Birmingham on 28th March 2009 for a Business Seminar. You can catch up with me there as well.

In April Rob Moore of Progressive property is speaking at the Northern Property Network and running a 1 day workshop in London later in the month.

Que cera, cera..
Will I get a telling off for writing this post? Most likely by someone – but what can I do if it is the truth… that’s the ‘problem’ with the internet it always comes out in the end! And remember you can’t please all of the people all of the time, just do your best and do what’s right! Contact me for your T Harv Eker, Millionaire Mind Intensive tickets now. And I WILL see you there as it promises to be a blast! 😀

In the meantime, enjoy all the events on offer and we’ll meet somewhere when our paths cross,


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  1. Hey Bobby – I think you took a courageous step to show behind the scenes of your promotional activity for these events. Thanks for sharing.

    At least others will learn from it and see how they can benefit from your experience. Thx for sharing.

    BTW – I love Keith Cunningham, saw him at a Chris Howard Seminar last Dec in London. Straight-talking, upfront and really cares. He’s kinda pissed at the industry at the mo, but he’s doing his thing. And the world is a better place for it. He’s highly recommended.

    Keep up the good work.


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