Experiencing Time is Speeding Up

The Quickening – are you experiencing the sensation that ‘Time is Speeding Up’?

It’s OK – you’re not the only one.  If you are reading this and wondering WTF is going on, then hopefully the video below will answer some of your questions (as well as raise a few more).

Many of my Blog readers are property investors, business owners and I share this with them (and you) because I know they are also human beings with heart and souls.  You don’t have to admit you believe the same but I know you do 😉
You will find your approach to do business constantly having to evolve and change to meet the needs of the changing environment and marketplace.  It’s not time to just upgrade but as one advert puts it, upgrade your upgrade!

All the current economic issues, government failures and corporate corruption is just going to get worse.  They have gotten away with behaving badly and even been rewarded – so expect more of the same!
The riots are likely to continue as people emotions are heated and they don’t know why.  This month has already kicked off with a lot of strange energy.
As you’re aware the Americans have magically printed a few trillion more of paper money to continue funding Wars overseas – and in the process devalued the dollar further.  Don’t worry it also devalues all the other currencies, bonds and countries linked to it (that means everyone).  This does not make things better but worse for you financially – robbing you of equity and the value of your paper money.  (Skip video to after 40mins for the big picture)
My advice would be Stop paying the thieving Banks – but that is another matter I will address later! (or send me an email/message)

There are currently a lot of learning experiences available to us all and the speed at which they are coming may seem overwhelming.  Major worldwide events, local disturbances and personal challenges. If you can’t keep up then that is fine.  Just fail fast and learn the lessons you need. To get stuck will cause things to continue till you break free to a greater awareness.

Information is coming so fast that as soon as one thing is done, another comes out, needs to be learned and it’s just faster, faster… Your processing speed is increasing but you still lag the change that is happening right now.

Consciousness needs to evolve and that is the reason all these things are happening.  Are you comfortable continuing to be a sheep, following the lost flock – or sticking your head in the sand like an Ostrich?  You will have to admit it is difficult to ignore everything going on – Awareness is increasing around the world.  There is no bliss in ignorance any more.

What does this have to do with you?  We are moving from a material based reality to a spiritual purpose.
Those who fear the loss of the material perspective and have a strong attachment, will keep getting harsher lessons until they learn.  Those who allow faith and love to enter their lives will have a more spirit based existence.
If you have been challenged in these areas, it is time to open up to make things flow easier – unless you like to make things hard.

Whether you believe in Mayan Calendars, Astrology, meta-physics, Universal Laws or other things you can’t see or explain – you should still watch this video and take from it what is important for you right now.  There are some messages in it that will resonate with you and give you understanding and clarity.
Remember the world is not flat, sound and picture messages can instantly be received on other sides of the planet, the rock called the Moon affects the tides and yes, it is possible to fly!  What else is possible that you don’t know about yet?

Get ready for the birth of a new reality as it’s coming anyway (look around and see the change as it’s already manifesting). We still all have a lot to learn. Enjoy the ride!

Is it time to be at peace with the way things are and let go of how you want things to be?

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience but spiritual beings having a human experience.”

The Quickening from keith wyatt on Vimeo

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