Fast Forward Your Business 2012 #FFYB2012 and Juice More!

Did you miss the Fast Forward Your Business 2012 (FFYB2012) Tour in the UK with Wealth Dynamics creator Roger Hamilton.

It was great and covered loads of brilliant info like the the Top 10 Future Waves and Trends that are going to change the way we all do business.

There were also some of the top UK Changemakers present at the events in London and Manchester.

Also covered were the Seasons of the Internet and some really cool videos of the trends and what’s happening around the World right now!

Roger has a way of thinking differently and finding information that you wouldn’t come across otherwise. Do you think it’s important to know what’s coming up so you can be ready?

In the great tradition of taking notes and sharing with those that were unable to make it, luckily I took comprehensive Notes at both events and compiled them for you into one Notes pack.

Get over to my website and download the full Notes here >> Fast Forward Your Business 2012

I would also recommend you get your Wealth Dynamics Profile done and attend the Live online Global FFYB2012. You can get your Profile done, the Your Life Your Legacy Ebook, download videos of FFYB2011 and more here: Fast Forward Your Business Global Livecast

You can also download my Notes here >> Fast Forward Your Business 2012

Remember to click Like on that Page as well and Tweet it to your friends, that is of course if you find the Notes of value (which I’m sure the answer is YES) and think your friends will benefit from them.


P.S. By the way, I was just having a discussion on facebook about; if you’re feeling the effects of what’s going on at the moment (with regards to the cosmic clear-out), that it’s a good time to drink vegetable juice and get on the greens. I feel much better after juicing carrots and celery, it might become my ‘pint of the usual’ now!

My friend Toni Brodelle suggested also trying spinach, apple, lemon, courgette, cucumber and blend it with avocado. Remembering to clean the juicer immediately after juicing and before you drink your juice is a much quicker way to do it… even if you have to wait a little bit longer to enjoy your juice. (I won’t bore or scare you with the colonics discussion.)

Anyway, enjoy reading the notes and serve with a healthy juice for optimum reading and well-being pleasure 🙂

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