Got milk?

Companies (that also includes Governments, Police and the Courts) only want to do business with you if they can get money out of you – otherwise they are not interested in what you have to say or think.  The bigger they get, the more control they have and the lower your chances of talking to a real human being.

Human beings are trying to communicate with one another – but are trying to be stopped by those in control. With Twitter and Google blocked in countries where there are protest against the Government, does that seem right?
Whereas the internet used to be like the Wild West and a new free frontier to be explored, they now want to control the information flow. Wikileaks, whether right or wrong in your opinion, tells the truth about what is going on. In return, instead of being honest and open, they are told there sharing of the documents is illegal? Yes, even sharing the truth is wrong if it affects big business (like the US Govt). They want to govern the internet, control the information flow and tax the money made on it, in as many new ways as possible. So much for “freedom of speech”. Let’s milk that too!

Who want’s the control? Government, legal systems, courts, banks and other monstrous corporations all intent on making profit at whatever cost.
As these man made entities grow bigger and more powerful, they no longer represent or provide services to the human beings that created them. They now only exist to increase in size and number, even doing business with each other as long as they can make a profit.

If the computer says No then tough, you don’t exist! If the computer pulls up your details for any reason, then expect a bill in the post or investigation.  They are always looking to find new ways to charge you and take your money, which you worked damn hard for with your own body and sweat.  With the stroke of a pen, they will try to steal it.

You are no longer treated as a human being but a number or a cow to be milked.

But imagine what would happen if you didn’t feed the cow, milked it till it was dry and then continued to pull on it’s udders? Well for the profits to continue for the farmers (or your owner that treats you as a slave) they have to continue milking the cow till it dies.

Now would it not make sense to stop killing the cow and give it a rest and something to eat or drink?
Of course it would – but these companies don’t make sense, just money. The organic robots that work for them think it is their job to serve these companies and treat humans as numbers. The companies are not able to have a conscious, as they are fictious pieces of paper that require people to animate them. It is a shame that those that work for these systems forget who really pays their wages. These ’employees’ function in a similar way to humans, as in they need to eat, sleep and shit – but they differ in the fact they are only able to ‘calculate’ as opposed to think or feel, like real beings.

When was the last time you were able to talk to your bank and be dealt with fairly as opposed to being just a customer to charge extortionate fees who is an annoyance so dealt with by a distant call centre and charged extortionate fees?
When was the last time a police officer cared about what you had to say and followed up on a report you made, instead of treating you like a criminal instead?
When was the last time you knew someone went to court and got justice instead of an automatic fine or steam-rolled by corporate lawyers?
When was the last time that an MP, government official or Prime Minister kept their promise?
When was the last time a company dealt with you, with respect and integrity, instead of passing you around an automated phone system, telling you to press various buttons before saying they are too busy?

Government bail-outs in your best interest to stop the economy collapsing? Well that will explain the Bank CEO bonuses then won’t it!
Who’s there to check on them? No-one but themselves, so it’s a pretty easy job to get around anything you would probably be fined or go to prison for.
Students protest but that doesn’t stop the government going back on their promises and increase student fees regardless.
More job cuts and increased unemployment, just what everyone needs, right?

Police cut-backs – now that can’t be a bad thing. If you’ve not heard the ads “It’s probably nothing but…” Yes, you are now being asked to Police your neighbours and family if they act suspiciously or do something strange. Not because they are terrorists – but they can be investigated and some revenue generated.

Inflation through the roof? There’s lots of reasons for that but don’t talk about all the money being printed and new ways to extract it from you.
Are you in business? Great, you’ll be loving all the taxes and legislation you have to comply with then.
Pensioners going to get hit hard in retirement? Who cares about them… except the pensioners themselves – but have they got anything left to take…

What happens when they can’t get enough money directly from us? They’ve milked the individuals, they’ve milked the economy, they’ve milked the resources of the Earth, so what next? Well the Banks and your Government collude to milk it’s citizens for a few trillion more, from them and future generations. Yes, that’s right – they want future income NOW! Who is there to stop them? Oh, they run the show and don’t care what you think because they don’t think or feel.

Looking at the bigger picture human picture…
North Africa and the middle east has erupted in violence because people can’t afford to feed themselves and their families. Other countries have had enough of their dictators.

This is also a sign of how things are likely to be around the rest of the world.  It’s only a matter of time, as people can’t keep up with their bills and afford to feed themselves.  They are calling for change and it won’t come by itself, it requires people taking decisive and organised action to assert their rights.

Did you know the UK froze Colonel Gaddafi’s assets in the UK on Sunday Feb 27th 2011, having been doing business with happily till then, having stalled his request for his money back till the UN Resolution was passed? 

“Officials were working hard to string out the Libyans until the order was in place,” one source said. “It was worthy of Yes, Minister as officials did their best to hinder any efforts to move the banknotes.”

So he was not a criminal (legally) till the guardians of international law, the UN said so. And now his assets have been frozen but the UK Government and UN Council have done nothing to actually help the Libyan people. This money is not the milk but the cream for the Govt., as they say actions speak louder than words.  The money belongs to, not the UK or Gadaffi, but the Libyan people it was taken from! 
Ever been messed around by your bank when you want to access your own money, just so they can check in case you’re a criminal? Well that’s a different matter – just be aware they will do what they want, whether it be against the law or not.

With man-made and natural disasters sweeping the planet, the Earth is calling out to stop the madness created by the governments and capitalist who only use their calculators but forget to make allowances for humanity.

We are all connected and the problem and therefore the solution is us. Yes, that means you!  What can you do? If there is something you care about – take a stand and say enough is enough.  People around the world are starting their personal lawful rebellion.

Find other people that are passionate about the same things that you are and get together.  Talk to each other about how you can create change by standing for what you believe in together.  Like-minded groups of individuals protesting together about local taxes and problems – and demanding change from their elected representatives.

Refuse to spend money with companies who’s business practices they disagree with.  Even the UK Government think it is OK to pay a Arms dealer and defence (attack) contractor like Lockheed Martin to do the UK census.  Yes that’s right, the taxpayer is paying for services from a company that will use the profits to KILL people.  Right or wrong? If you’re having difficulty answering that one then you probably already work for the government and are hoping they do not cut your job soon.

Then when it comes to bigger issues, such as student fees or job cuts, all these groups can come together if they believe in the same thing. Even if the Government makes promises and ignores you, it is not a reason to give up. Change is possible and happening.  It requires organised effort and action.

Share information. If you read something that you believe someone else should know about, like this article, share the link on facebook, twitter via email and tell others in as many ways as possible.

Be it a Jedi on a Census form or refusing to pay an unjust bill or fine from the Government.  They can’t lock everyone up!  Get to know your ‘rights’ because those that abuse them aren’t really going to tell you what they are, else they wouldn’t be able to screw you as easily.

You still have a chance whilst you are alive to make a difference, use that last bit of energy to kick back and say enough is enough. Get educated and read anything that opposes the mainstream media/noise/dogma to get a balanced view, from which you can then decide which is right for you.

Stop the milking NOW!


Udders failed!?

Part 2
“Inner storms will continue growing, creating outer storms. Metaphysical teachings will continue to go mainstream. Government will get bigger before getting smaller. Stabilization and the rebound of financial markets will occur through private innovation; they’re not going to heal themselves. This is the beginning of great change…”
2012 – A look at the possibilities beneath the prophecies – Mike Dooley,
Have you got the message yet?

The planet is being milked of it’s resources for profit as well…
The oil is being taken out of the veins, the air is being polluted so life can’t breathe, the trees being cut down, all in the name of profit!

Remember those nut cases predicting the end of the world in 2012? With the Mayan Calendar ending in 2012, which is actually the end of an age and the start of a new one. How about those saying there is going to be a pole shift? With earthquakes and increasingly erratic weather and natural disasters don’t you think it is possible. Alien contact? Let’s not go there – but since your Government isn’t going to save the world, who is? Are you now thinking maybe those nut cases weren’t so crazy after all!?

Natural disaster are sweeping the world. Do you think there have been more or less than average? Even the planet is shouting for us to STOP!  Cut back on consumerism. Don’t agree with the politics of a business you deal with, then stop giving them money.  It’s in your hands.

The change is coming and actually here already! You may not be able to see the changed world yet – but just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not going to happen.

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