Happy New Year – Your Time is what You Make It!

As midnight struck last night, people rung in the New Year with hopes of a brighter future.  Having waited for 2011 to pass and 2012 to finally arrive.  The tribal partying and celebrating shows the roots of mankind.

Yet it is just another day. Not to make New Year mean any less but to allow you to understand that every single day that the sun rises is the start of a New Day for you.  You didn’t have to wait to make resolutions and changes in your life – but if you have chosen to do that for New Year, then stick with them , as you may not allow yourself the opportunity to change every day, which you can choose to do whenever you want.

Cultures used to thank the past day for what it had brought and celebrate the awakening of each day with the same optimism of a brighter future.  It may not have been at midnight but more likely as the sun came up (they didn’t even have backlit Casio watches back then to tell the exact time, how did they survive!?)

As the wave of the ‘sun rise’ travels around the world, as opposed to thinking of the world spinning on it’s axis as it really does, a wave of people wake up to the start of the New Year based on The Gregorian Calendar (invented in 1582 by Pope Gregory XIII). This Catholic Calendar was adopted by most of Europe that year and in 1752 by Great Britain and it’s possessions.

As the whole World wakes up the New Year on Sunday 1st January 2012, the wave having passed all the way round by Sunday 11am, it is already Monday 2nd Jan 2012 in Samoa who chose to jump ahead a day because the Calendar didn’t suit them. New Year’s Day came early in Samoa after the tiny South Pacific nation cut Friday, December 30, from its 2011 calendar so it can catch up with Asia, New Zealand and Australia instead of lagging behind with the USA.

Our planet does not pay attention to the Calendar, it actually dictates it. Seasons drift, days change and it probably annoys those that like control (yes the whole World does not always revolve around you). Although there are no loose or spare parts in any system, as Hugo Cabret said:
“I’d imagine the whole world was one big machine. Machines never come with any extra parts, you know. They always come with the exact amount they need. So I figured, if the entire world was one big machine, I couldn’t be an extra part. I had to be here for some reason.” Hugo

Days, weeks, months and years aren’t lost – just added to your life and experience, then returned to the universal pot that everyone shares.
Your life, your calendar, starts the day that you are born and you can choose how long you measure your time periods in.  Measure it the way that it suits you and do things in the time that is needed to accomplish your goals. The only ‘race’ is with yourself and it’s not even a race, just the gentle passing of now, through change and to where you will be later.

Make the best of YOUR time and you can choose to do everything better this year, starting Today. Enjoy 2012 and make it what you want it to be… your new creation starts now!

All the Best and more for your present in the future.

“Remember time is finite when measured and infinite when it is not.” – Bobby Gill

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