How Ordinary is your Life?

At last night’s XL meeting Steve Ireland brought along a great short film about an ordinary life that becomes extraordinary when there is someone else there to watch it. It’s called ‘Personal Spectator’ and you can watch it below and see how it makes you feel, all the way to the twist at the end. Do you live an ordinary life like everyone else? Do you exist and do people notice…

Some of the observations that came out of this were how people behave differently when they’re being observed and how it creates a different energy. Do you really exist if there is no-one there to observe?

The Fred Factor was mentioned about how even ordinary people can make a difference every day.

Was the girl’s life different from that moment on?
Why did the guy do what he did in the film?
How does he feel at the end – and you as a spectator?

The film really highlighted the small difference between just existing and really living. We are all unique and no-one is just ordinary. All it takes is the time to notice the little things. Hattie gave me a voice-over as I sat there discussing my views and it was a really strange experience similar to the film Stranger than Fiction. All of a sudden every little thing I said or did was important.

To keep our ‘ moral code’ we could pretend someone is watching and resolve never to do or say anything you wouldn’t want to see on the front page of the newspapers.

Hopefully you aren’t comfortable living in the shadows. Do you need a Personal Spectator or do you already act as if you have a real existence and people notice that you are alive?

You may notice there are a lot more questions than statements that I’ve written. I’m sure you’ll agree though, that it is what you think that is more important than what anyone else says…

We ALL make a difference whether we know it or not. There is an impact on the lives of others created by us just living every day! You are the author of your own story, write a masterpiece that people will enjoy and so will you, that will be remembered for a very long time to come.

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