How to deal with Blocked and Withheld Numbers

I’ve been getting more ‘withheld’ and ‘blocked’ numbers recently that don’t leave voicemails either.   Now this can be annoying, as you wonder who it was.

Due to lots of ‘random’ calls. I don’t usually return calls where people don’t leave messages anyway, as problems tend to fix themselves so my reply is not needed.

Today the ‘Blocked’ number rang again.  Here’s my tip on how to deal with them:

I was bored and politely answered and said, “If this call is important, please call back from an unblocked number or your personal number, thanks.” 

Then hung up as someone started to mumble.

Ah, I feel better for letting them know my call rules!

No call back either, so at least I know it wasn’t important and they do too…  Simples!



There was an app called TrapCall (available in the USA and Canada) but it has since been withdrawn and Rejected by Apple’s App Store!


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