It’s A Dog’s Life – Or is it?

Have you noticed how dogs like to play? You can pat them, play fetch and get them to roll over when they’re in a good mood. They will be your best friends and do what they can to please you.

Make sure you look after that dog though, as one day you will realise the dog isn’t there. Why? Maybe because it has found someone else to serve or it wasn’t even really your dog!

Maybe it occasionally visited you but it slept and ate elsewhere. It just enjoyed spending time with you whilst you treat it well – but you didn’t own it, the dog just made the effort for you.

Can anyone really OWN another being!? In a dog’s mind there is no superiority, just equality.

Then it moves on just like The Littlest Hobo, to where it is needed and/or wanted next, having briefly spent some time with you playing and barking. Maybe it will be back – or never be seen again.

If you’ve said goodbye to one, you may be lucky enough for another dog to appear and give you company.

Perhaps everything that happened wasn’t lessons for the dog – but you… Have you ever wondered that it might not be a Dog’s life but yours that you need to look at?

♫ “Maybe tomorrow…” ♪

My new landlord in London has a lovely dog. I’ll remember to be nice and treat it well.

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