July 2009 in facebook status updates

Here is this month’s update in status updates (in reverse order with a few working links)


P.S. Once again, I don’t expect anyone to actually read this, I just wanted to update my blog and have a reminder for myself. Reading all this is for the clinically depressed or insane. Let me know if you’re one of them and a stalker – as I’d love to meet you!

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Having a great time at Train The Trainer course in South London. Outrageous Night absolutely Rocks!
31 July at 15:09

Been running errands around Central London, south of the river and even Peckham.
31 July at 15:04

3 1/2 hours sleep and ready ttp go again. I really do need a holiday!
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Satie Punglia
Satie Punglia
U mean this isn’t a holiday
30 July at 06:51

These trips are like holidays but can’t do what you want, when you want!
30 July at 11:37

Busy day running errands around London for Success Resources. I did see a giraffe and finished with dinner at Cantina next to London Bridge.
28 July at 22:33

Find it fun driving around London whilst navigating using a TUBE map! Smoke coming out from under the bonnet doesn’t help though :-O
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Sami Lennox
Sami Lennox
I have time for coffee this week. Let me know if you are free sometime :))))
28 July at 12:21

Will call you later today 馃檪
28 July at 12:23

Do you know anyone with a place to rent in Vauxhall, Oval, Waterloo, Pimlico or Victoria THIS week? URGENT! Send me a message. Thanks!
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Tigy Singh Dhillon
Tigy Singh Dhillon
yeah but onli part-time :p
28 July at 01:41

Sorted for acommodation now, thanks to everyone for their help.
28 July at 22:42

Has his bags packed and is going to travel hobo style. Maybe tomorrow, I’ll find what I call home – Until tomorrow, you know I’m free to roam. http://bobby-gill.blogspot.com/2009/05/littlest-hobo-maybe-tomorrow.html
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Jay Diamond
Jay Diamond
27 July at 10:18
Julia McDaid
Julia McDaid
might see out and about whilst you’re down in town then!
27 July at 12:47

How to run down your immune system: Sleep an erratic 9 hours and spend a further 9 hours driving, in a 48 hour period! Need some sleep… What do you do to abuse your body?
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OMG! That’s what I had yesterday it was swine flu! Slept well and fully recovered now thanks! 馃槈

Poor diet is another one to add to the list…
27 July at 09:39
Zuzana Stovicek
Zuzana Stovicek
he he he….take care.
27 July at 14:35

Can’t sleep and is grateful for facebook mobile!
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I can also catch up on late night ‘pokes’
Oo-er missus 馃槈
26 July at 03:08

OK, gonna get 20mins shut eye, then get up. Should have just stayed up to party all night.
26 July at 05:41
Dwayne Kerr
Dwayne Kerr
26 July at 16:15

Back from a wedding reception in Huddersfield tonight and up at 6am to go to a wedding in Birmingham tomorrow. Indian wedding season has started!
25 July at 23:19

Just been having a tidy up and can’t believe amount I’ve spent on personal development books, courses, CD’s etc in the last 6 months!!
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Ed Ling
Ed Ling
26 July at 21:16

The BESTEST ever course has to be UPW with Tony Robbins. Without a doubt it is where it all started for me. Tony Rocks!!!

Will review all of the other material I’ve studied too… soon…

If you are interested in seeing Tony Robbins Live at UPW, give me a shout as I can organise you some tickets.
26 July at 23:33


Bobby attended Net-worth building with XL North West!

Bobby is attending Look who’s talking? this month in London. 路 Invite guests

Bobby became a fan of Gary Vaynerchuk.

Bobby commented on Wendi Brown’s link.

Bobby likes Wendi Brown’s link.

YES Group North Social at Aakash
Lets play and eat together as well!
Yes, we’re having a YES Group North social by popular demand. It has been suggested we go to the Aakash Restaurant in Cleckheaton, just off Junc…tion 26 on the M62. Being the Largest Indian Restaurant in the World it is the only place suitab…le for the largest YES party in the North. Let us know if you’re coming by putting your attendance below and we’ll contact you closer to the date to remind you… http://www.aakashrestaurant.co.uk/Read more
Read more
Host:YES Group North
Time:Thursday, 03 September 2009 19:00
Location:Aakash Restaurant
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Anyone know anyone with an apartment to rent for a week around the Vauxhall/Pimlico/Waterloo/Oval area in London? Contact me now.
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Naomi Johnson
Naomi Johnson
You didn’t say when? My room is up for renting for the month of August if you’re interested. 4th -30th… I’ll be in Sweden. I live in Raynes Park 20 mins from Waterloo.
24 July at 18:12

It is for next week – and yes Julia, I rent my properties for as long as people want them, when empty. I work on the market of supply and demand and cashflow – unfortunately many ‘investors’ don’t!
24 July at 18:19

Northern Property Network – TUESDAY 4th August 2009
with Rent To Owner Expert David Lee
To find out more and to book a place, register here: http://www.northernpropertynetwork.co.uk/ —- We will be back in Huddersfield for 2009 at the V…ictorian Grade 2 listed, George Hotel. It is in the town centre, right next to the railway statio…n. —- August guest speakers are: David Lee – Rent to Own Expert David Lee is back, fresh from Australia after working with rick Otton on new Rent To Own techniques and Lease Options. Do you want to find out about this new way of buying property, that many experts have been using for years? This is the only place to be. If you’ve not heard of David Lee and ‘We Buy Houses’ – where have you been? If you have, you know what to expect and more! Whilst many property events are taking a holiday in August, we couldn’t wait to share this hot info with you. Brand new techniques and methods to use in acquiring more properties whilst the banks are lending less. ———– John Flynn – Genistar John is a financial planner and can help you restructure your current finances so you save more money. Then you can use it to pay off your debts faster or invest profitably. He will be sharing how he can help you save and make money, which is especially beneficial during the current economic climate. AND offering a free no-obligation financial check for you. Booking early is recommended! ———————————————— Come and network with property investors and professionals from the North of England and all round the UK. Tired of attending meeting that are more boring than doing your annual accounts? Do you want something a little different where you can learn, have fun and actually meet people who are successful investors? Wondering why all the big meets are down south? Let us bring the smartest people in the property business to YOU! To find out more and to book a place, register here: http://www.northernpropertynetwork.co.uk/ Be inspired and learn from some of the best in the industry, who will show you how to be successful too. Meet a new network of local entrepreneurs and property investors to share tips and problem solving techniques. Get advice on investments and discuss mentoring and business models. And have some fun for the evening! This is your opportunity to meet other property professionals in the North. You’ll learn about BMV (below market value), NMD (no money down), HMO’s (Houses of Multiple Occupancy), along with other investment strategies and important property related topics. The aim is to make property investing simple and accessible to people that want to step out of the mainstream and follow this route. Come and immerse yourself in an environment where you can meet new peers with similar goals, who will help you move to the next level in your business. We have professional guest speakers from around the UK. They are already very successful in their property field and more than happy to share their experiences and strategies with us all. This event starts at 7.15pm and is in HUDDERSFIELD Entry will be by pre-booked e-tickets only and costs 拢10.00 ———————————————— To find out more and to book a place, register here: http://www.northernpropertynetwork.co.uk/Read more
Read more
Host:Northern Property Network
Time:Tuesday, 04 August 2009 19:00
Location:George Hotel
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Listening to Inspire a Nation with Elliot Kay, Jemma, Adam, De’Luscious et al: http://www.playvybz.com
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Miguel De Sousa Pires
Miguel De Sousa Pires
Brother, I miss you鈥 coming to London soon鈥?
23 July at 18:54

Yo, yo, yo – will be a londoner as of next week so definitely catch up buddy! It’s been too long…
23 July at 19:00
Steve Stavrinou
Steve Stavrinou
Nice one Bobby…now we gotta work on yer Accent! hehe 馃檪
23 July at 19:15

Just had a very interesting conversation with the banks regarding cash flow and how they were going to help me deal with it. I think it went well…
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Claire Boyles
Claire Boyles
Well done you 馃檪
23 July at 17:26

They need to have a few board room conversations and get back to me, till then I can chill 馃檪
23 July at 17:34

In these photos:
4 new photos
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Judymay Murphy meets Bobby – YES Group Huddersfield, April 09
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Bobby attended Net-worth building with XL North West!

Bobby likes Benjamin Leppier’s link.

Bobby commented on Gina M Cummins’s link.

Bobby likes Gina M Cummins’s link.

Going to the YES Group North tonight. Will you be there? First-timers come for free! http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=5740775355
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Ricky Comiskey
Ricky Comiskey
I’m there now! First timer…
22 July at 19:17
Cammy Ciurdea
Cammy Ciurdea
have fun hun!xx
22 July at 20:31

Hey Ricky, great to see you. Just got in now as we spent all night chatting. Hope to catch up with you properly next time.

Cammy – see you next week in London. Will I get a couple of hours to sneak to London YES?
23 July at 01:00

Are you a fan of the ‘ Fanpage’ yet? For blog updates and other fun stuff and things to think about, that you may miss on here. Join now: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Bobby-Gill/18060909526
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New video clip added just for you buddy 馃檪
21 July at 14:13
Louisa Relia
Louisa Relia
I need a tutorial on how to make a fan page….!!!
21 July at 14:35

Anyone with any web design experience with Thesis WordPress – friend has got a hot project waiting for you NOW!
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Thanks for the recommends, I’ll contact them today.
21 July at 13:57
Linda Agoudjil
Linda Agoudjil
Hi bobby, my boyfriend owns a web agency called newicon (one of bens mates too)

They build custom wordpress apps and design themes too.

Steven obrien Steve@newicon.net… Read more

Hope your well.
21 July at 23:03


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Bobby commented on Evlogi Modev’s link.

Assembled a barbecue last night ready for my nephew’s 3rd Birthday Party Barbecue today! Gonna have a ‘day off’ being vegetarian so I can enjoy 馃槈
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Bad idea to eat and then go play football! But I did get to come back and finish the trifle, don’t you just love kids parties.
21 July at 00:30
Jiten JaPes Patel
Jiten JaPes Patel
Yeah wat if ALL parties were like that!!!
21 July at 02:55

Back from doing a mini Social Media workshop for some of my XL buddies. Help teach someone and you will learn more too!
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Julia McDaid
Julia McDaid
you’re down fro breakthrough then?
20 July at 08:20

Week after – couple of weddings to attend BTS weekend.
20 July at 12:34


Bobby likes Anita Langley’s link.

Bobby likes Sharon O’Farrell’s link.

Bobby likes Simone Phillips’s link.

Attending a Telepathic Animal Communication workshop on Saturday. You doing anything fun and interesting? 馃檪
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T Linda Camurato
T Linda Camurato
That’s fantastic!! Do you have pets? tell me how it goes, it’s something I find interesting too.
18 July at 13:03
Darren Blake
Darren Blake
Why dont you just read your texts. See latest tag entry from piggy blake?
18 July at 15:49

Going to Leeds later today. If you’re around and want to catch up, give me a call.
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Kiran Dhaliwal
Kiran Dhaliwal
What? I thought you live in Leeds. Isn’t Huddersfield a suburb of Leeds?
17 July at 19:56
Katy Marks
Katy Marks
what you doing on wednesday 22nd. if not much call me.
17 July at 22:22

Clearly not from Yorkshire, Leeds is a separate town! Isn’t San Diego a suburb of LA?

Wed 22nd is YES group night, come along.
17 July at 22:48

Find out more about Mensch-ing at Bobby’s Blog: http://bit.ly/1jp3U
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Kiran Dhaliwal
Kiran Dhaliwal
I wasn’t begging. I was just suggesting you a way to get to the Ubermensch level….lol.
18 July at 06:58
Anita Langley
Anita Langley
Yes, I have just found out what Mensching means and I love it .. better than mincing xx
18 July at 20:37

Are you a Mensch? “A person of integrity and honor. Someone to admire and emulate, someone of noble character. The key to being ‘a real mensch’ is nothing less than character, rectitude, dignity, a sense of what is right, responsible, …decorous.” The direct opposite of a Mensch is an Unmensch (meaning: an utterly cruel or evil person).Read more
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Matt Brown
Matt Brown
I imagine a mensch wouldn’t admit to being one, so not a good question.
17 July at 21:51

Good call Mr. Brown, hence it was a very good rhetorical question 馃槈
17 July at 22:27


Bobby commented on Jairek Robbins’s note Golden rules for finding your life partner by Dov Heller, M.A..

Bobby likes Jairek Robbins’s note Golden rules for finding your life partner by Dov Heller, M.A..

Bobby likes Christy Koleszar’s link.

Bobby likes Ade Shokoya’s link.

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I travelled back to the past and added it on this date: 16 July
19 July at 17:45
Uzma Afzal
Uzma Afzal
You sure were a cute kid Bobby!!
20 July at 21:22

Just finished devouring another of Drunvalo Melchizedek’s book’s about life, sacred geometry and the Mer-Ka-Ba meditations for living in the heart. Then randomly appears a Activate Your LightBody teleseminar I wasn’t even searching for…. How random is that? And now someone is going to leave a meaningful comment below to prove it really isn’t! Baffled? You should be….Read more
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Robert Clark
Robert Clark
16 July at 11:12

That’s ok Robert, it’s only a temporary state of mind!
16 July at 12:18


Bobby attended Free teleseminar: Activate Your LightBody.

Bobby likes Joan Vella Gambin’s link.

Bobby commented on Jan Simpson’s link.

How to hold on while the train is in motion in order to avoid falling…

I am referring to the older gentleman by the door!!! But you knew that 馃槈
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Lol… if I’d taken that pic it would have been more in focus and offered my seat too.
15 July at 11:37
Benjamin Leppier
Benjamin Leppier
yeah you’re right you can hardly see the old guys face and his legs look tired
15 July at 11:40

Just had another tenant hand in their notice to add to the vacancies. The ups and downs of being a landlord, the so-called experts only paint the pretty pictures!
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Robert Clark
Robert Clark
We’ve only got a very small portfolio, but have found it more and more difficult to rent them out recently, and we’ve had to lower rents too… not good, but at least we managed to fill the vacancies
15 July at 14:43
Mike Brown
Mike Brown
We are a letting agent in north/east manchester and need more properties with 3 or more beds
15 July at 19:57


Bobby commented on Dagmara Elminowska’s note Attitude is everything.

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Bobby attended Introduction To Telepathic Animal Communication. 路 View Feedback (5) (5)
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Marian M茅rida
Marian M茅rida
LOL!! Many times is easier handling with a pitbull than with a human…
15 July at 18:48

At least you know when a pitbull is going to bite you… lol…
15 July at 19:01

Is searching for his soul. More to the point, do you know where yours is tonight? Sleep tight…
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My soul has been soul-napped! I’m assured it is being looked after well and is on vacation/holiday for a while.
14 July at 12:34
Kiran Dhaliwal
Kiran Dhaliwal
Soul-napped???? By who ???????….now I am so curious Bobby!
14 July at 15:32

You ever wonder where that extra spurt of energy comes from as you’re getting towards the end of a game of football? Like you’ve just been warming up for the last hour instead of playing flat out like you’d thought!
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Jams Cooper
Jams Cooper
adrenaline. it’s the last push all out motherfucking syndrome!
14 July at 00:24

I was player harder in the last 10 minutes than the whole game. Love to surprise the other players like that especially as I cover half the pitch and am on them before they’ve realised 馃檪
14 July at 00:41


Bobby is attending Accelerated NLP Master Practitioner Course – Nov 2009. 路 Invite guests

Bobby became a fan of Velody.

Bobby likes Fahad Maniar’s link.

Do negative people get you down? It’s not their fault, we ‘allow’ ourselves to be ‘infected’ by their negativity! Same as you turning on the TV/radio and choosing a channel to tune in to and watch/listen.
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I find it fun by making their negative thoughts more real by playing along (only for the sake of entertainment of course) or infecting them back with positivity – assuming I like them enough to invest my time!

(Disclaimer: no animals or people were harmed during these conversations)
13 July at 17:48
Kiran Dhaliwal
Kiran Dhaliwal
13 July at 20:44
Glyn Melling
Glyn Melling
Avoid toxic people.
13 July at 22:08

Had to walk a mile round trip to the post office! Dude where’s my car? http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=7790681&id=843165327
Wall Photos
13 July at 17:13 路 Share

Sending big Monday hugs to everyone! ((hug))
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Robert Clark
Robert Clark
Thanks bobby – by the way, who’s the strong athletic looking guy with glasses in your profile picture?
13 July at 17:22

LOL… that will be me! The other guy is Stephen Pierce, Internet millionaire.
13 July at 17:24


Bobby commented on Simon Crabb’s link.

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Such a nice day. Think I should go watch Transformers 2 as a treat!
12 July at 17:21

Have been distracted for the last few weeks/months. Getting back on purpose now!
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Kiran Dhaliwal
Kiran Dhaliwal
12 July at 20:26

Everything and anything… other than work…
12 July at 20:44

Just bought a VW Golf Driver off Ebay. Drove it to my mate at the MOT garage and got 2 thumbs up! Good buy… happy days 馃檪 http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=7752020&id=843165327
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If you want to sell it for spares or repairs no need, else definitely MOT for someone who wants a roadworthy car to drive.
11 July at 18:31
Rosemary Lamb
Rosemary Lamb
Congratulations!! Can’t wait to be taken for a spin in it…;-)
12 July at 15:05

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Alex Mitchell
Alex Mitchell
welcome to the vee double ya (VW) club
12 July at 02:00


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Woke up 10 mins ago to a text message from an Ebayer with a car for sale. I’d asked for some details on his car about 1am. With 8 mins to go on his auction I saw it as a sign to get bidding, wish me luck!
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Janet Symonds
Janet Symonds
perhaps a golf?
11 July at 17:09

Good guess, VW Golf Driver – pictures added 馃檪
11 July at 17:25

Found out the car my dad had smashed up, he sold for scrap for 拢100 with my stereo still in, not emptying the boot and 4 months road tax on it! Oh well, won again at 5-a-side footy again yesterday. And going to spend the weekend in Hudds chilling.
10 July at 20:49 路 View Feedback (4) (4)
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Ellen Chant
Ellen Chant
dont you just love family??!!!
10 July at 20:56

They made it sound like they were doing me a favour!!
10 July at 20:59
Kiran Dhaliwal
Kiran Dhaliwal
Great!!!!! I love it.
11 July at 06:48


Bobby commented on Istvan Takacs’s link.

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Bobby commented on Claire Boyles’s note the Man of My Dreams …

“The Future enters into us in order to transform us, long before it happens!”
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You often read and understand wise words – this isn’t that moment.
10 July at 00:22
Matt Brown
Matt Brown
Quite right this isn’t a moment i’ve read wise words… I understand them and know what it’s getting at, but on this occasion they’re gibberish! 馃檪 I’m sure the next ones will be better tho.
10 July at 00:28

Bobby’s Blog revisited!
‘s Blog!: Synchronicity! Always the right time and the right place.
Source: bobby-gill.blogspot.com
Have you ever had a truly profound thought and said WOW to yourself? Like you never realised you were that deep a thinker? Then have you come across t…hat same thought later in a book, on the radio or on …Read more
09 July at 19:02 路 View Feedback (2) (2) 路 Share
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Drinking cool mango milkshake and reading some hot skype messages! This is the life… 馃檪
09 July at 16:50 路 View Feedback (13) (13)
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Lots of things keep happening that are maybe meant to happen or feel like they happened before.

“The Future enters into us in order to transform us, long before it happens!”
09 July at 20:53
Alex Mitchell
Alex Mitchell
I’m here too make people laugh!
09 July at 22:05

‘s Blog! Social Media, Web 2.0, Facebook Presentation http://bit.ly/aLvKt << Here's the link some of you asked about. And send me a message if you're interested in finding out more.
08 July at 20:34

Do you want to go on Adam Ginsberg’s “Secrets of an Auction Millionaire Complete Training System” course this weekend in London? – contact me as my friend has a place available, serious enquiries only from people who know who he is: adamginsberg.com
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Cammy Ciurdea
Cammy Ciurdea
see you there on friday :p
08 July at 19:09
Andrea Smart
Andrea Smart
08 July at 19:40

is starvin’ like Marvin! Not had time to eat since the breakfast meeting. Pack of Cadbury’s Chocolate fingers, bag of crisps and cup of tea should do the trick.
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Heather McDonald-Hamilton
Heather McDonald-Hamilton
Tut tut Bobby! What would Tony Robbins say?
08 July at 08:43

He’d say – listen here Bobby, it’s OK to have a zag day once in a while, just remember to eat healthily because “The higher your energy level, the more efficient your body. The more efficient your body, the better you feel and the more you will use your talent to produce outstanding results.”

Thanks for the reminder Heather! I had fish and chips for dinner today. Much better than all that junk 馃槈 I will keep up the continued improvement, x
08 July at 15:53

Hosting http://www.northernpropertynetwork.co.uk with Richard Shepherd discussing Getting Valuations Right and new SARB Regulations
07 July at 20:54


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Bobby became a fan of Official YES Group.

Bobby became a fan of How to become a money magnet.

Bobby attended Eureka! – Another Amazing YES Group London Event

Did I really promise to go to a BNI Breakfast meeting this morning?
07 July at 05:56 路 View Feedback (1) (1)

It really is strange that I’ve been up for 7 hours. Usually having my breakfast around midday!
07 July at 13:12

Just got back from 5-a-side footy after 2 weeks off. Scored a hat trick and won the game! All’s well that ends well 馃檪
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Becky Richardson
Becky Richardson
Yeah, I don’t know what any of that means. LOL
Must be a London thing?
07 July at 01:20

GIS = Global Internet Seminar in London.
07 July at 05:49

Couldn’t help myself from buying another book, just bought Outliers paperback by Malcolm Gladwell. After Tipping Point and Blink – it’s gotta be good!
06 July at 13:56

Sat in Borders / Starbucks watching readers absorbing the infinite knowledge from the pages of all those books.
06 July at 13:27

Great weekend finished with finding out from Stephen Pierce, how easy it is to make real money on the internet.
06 July at 00:22

Back at Global Internet Seminar with Alok Jain talking about Viral List Building.
05 July at 11:37

Listening to Peter Thomson sharing the Secrets of Success.
05 July at 09:52

Listening to the Dan and Topher double act. Entertainment and Entrepreneurship at it’s best!
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Diane Hughes likes this.

It’s another lovely sunshiney day. Have an awesome weekend!
04 July at 08:37

Listening to Daniel Priestley discussing Wealth Profiles. Good interesting stuff on how to get leverage!
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Mica May
Mica May
but if you really want to understand, listen to a Supporter explain something. Hey Bobby?
03 July at 22:41

Called in to see Topher Morrison at The Mental Game of Wealth, in London.
03 July at 14:38

Listening to Ken Sapp on Twitter Profits. Still chance to book on, get here. London this weekend at the Global Internet Seminar http://www.gis.networkbillionaire.com
03 July at 10:02

Listening to Ken Sapp on Twitter Profits. Still chance to book on, get here. London this weekend at the Global Internet Seminar http:www.gis.networkbillionaire.com
03 July at 10:01

How cool were the tropical thunderstorms last night!? Needed that after a hot fortnight.
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Mica May
Mica May
cool indeed!
03 July at 22:43

Missed last tube home, got half way and then a taxi. Up at 5-30am tomorrow! The joys of crewing.
03 July at 01:10

Why is it some people only focus on the lack of what’s missing and don’t see the bonus of the value added?
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Mica May
Mica May
maybe they’re Accumulators, thats just how they think. Can be a useful perspective when well managed by a great Supporter!
03 July at 22:46


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Bobby commented on Dagmara Elminowska’s link.

Going to be at Global Internet Seminar http://www.gis.networkbillionaire.com this weekend AND at Topher Morrison’s Wealth event. See you in London!
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Danny Scahill
Danny Scahill
Let me know way in advance when these things are on m8, gutted cant make this one…
02 July at 09:47

Will do, join the Property business group and fanpage for updates: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=3347985050
02 July at 10:16

Just got back from a great meeting with XL North West and

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