Northern Entrepreneurs Super Conference

What can you get for £1.86 an hour? 

A fantastic weekend at the Northern Entrepreneurs Super Conference, that’s what!

Motorway closures, poor weather conditions, train cancellations, clashing events, ill health and the Halloween weekend did not stop the gathered throng of entrepreneurs from learning from some of the top international speakers at this inaugural conference. The net worth of the guest speakers ran into hundreds of millions of pounds, all successful experts in their own fields and all willing to share their knowledge with the eager audience.
We may have been co-hosting the event but we have absorbed massive amounts of valuable hints, tips and ideas from our guest speakers and attendees. Each speaker had something different to offer and sparked a few ideas in many of the delegates, myself included.
It was an excellent event with the room full of like minded people and we were all treated to some fantastic presentations that were inspirational, motivating and packed full of useful insights into what people can actually achieve when they have the right mindset.
Allan Kleynhans opened the event at the Hilton hotel, Manchester airport and our first speaker was professional property investor Simon Zutshi from PIN (Property Investors Network). Simon really got the audience buzzing with excitement when he shared some of his closely guarded secrets with us. A remarkable man with the drive and determination to succeed who was willing to offer personal guidance and training to those who wanted to take their property investments to the next level.
Allan also showed us how a small free application is sweeping across the world, saving its users money and providing an impressive income for its distributors.
Marie Claire Carlyle – The money magnet was superb, she made the room analyse their own limiting beliefs and then set about dispelling the myths that stop us from achieving the success we all work for. A real eye opener and brilliant speaker, thanks for sharing with us all and I cant wait to get stuck into your great book.
Michael Bradford demonstrated the power within each of us and how we allow negative experiences to stop us from achieving success. His intuitive methods have aided well known multi Billion corporate companies and individuals to overcome these energy blockages and reach the goals they were aiming for. Very inspirational.
Glenn Armstrong shared his extensive property knowledge and gave an excellent presentation, the feedback I got from some delegates was excellent as he had challenged their way of thinking with some of the strategies he shared, and one person even remarked that Glenn was “thinking so far outside the box that he needed a new one”.
Zoe Cairns was a real trooper; even though she was feeling very ill she shared some useful knowledge on the advantages of social media and how it can be used efficiently and effectively. Even I had not realised that there were so many different tools available and social media channels to post to. Thanks Zoe, I learned lots from you.
Clive Arneil shared some stock market secrets and showed the room how to take advantage of various market scenarios. Fascinating presentation and some very clever speculation methods.
The Gold guys were also excellent, they gave a real insight into the global economy and just how unstable paper money could be. They made a great deal of sense and I have already asked them for more information, I will share it with you in due course.
Richard Shepherd brought the event to a close with a workshop on lease options and I actually understood how to make real money from control of property. That was something I have really struggled to get my head around previously but Richards approach was terrific. He showed us how to turn possibly problematic and unprofitable properties into profitable deals that were win/win for all concerned. That exercise really helped a few people and a huge thank you from me because I got it, finally!
There were a few joint venture deals going on between delegates and a few people will be doing increased business as a direct result of attending this first Northern Entrepreneurs Super Conference.
The whole weekend was superb, if a little tiring, but when you have so many like minded people together all getting a great deal out of something then it becomes an extremely positive atmosphere and we left the venue excited for the future, despite the continual media reports of doom, gloom and depression. As one of the organisers of the event I have learnt a few things and the lessons will go a long way to making sure the next event will be even better.
With each speaker revealing tips that were already tried, tested and proven to really work and earn, generate and release serious amounts of money, what did attendees get for their £1.86 an hour?
Unbelievable value for money!
2 Tickets for £67 / 18 hours content = £1.86 = Unbelievable value for money!
NEXT EVENT – Spring 2011

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