November 2009 in Facebook status updates

    NLP overload. Beliefs, values and meta models… lucky my sub-conscious is going to do my test for me with a little help from my notes.
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Manj K Jootle
Manj K Jootle
LOL – you are a crazy dude…sounds like you had fun though.

Good luck – I am sure you will do well :))
30 November at 21:42

  You attending Wealth Propulsion in London this weekend? Contact me as I may have spare free tickets
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  Watching The Green Mile again. What a great, strange & intriguing film. “You can’t hide what’s in your heart”
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Chris Bannocks
Chris Bannocks
Great film!! I know I need to call u bobby, apologies, it’s top of my list for tomorrow – in meetings all day today. Look forward to catching up.
30 November at 07:22
Wendy Loudon
Wendy Loudon
One of my all time favourites. Hope you are keeping well. With love xxxx
30 November at 07:28
Raj Walia
Raj Walia
A favourite of mine
30 November at 23:24

  The Premier Inn at Grantham is 10 times better than the dodgy Travelodge near Newark! At least you know what you’re getting
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Natalie Muscat

Natalie Muscat Thanks babe… How is my home town Hammersmith treating you??? Hugs and love. xxx
29 November at 22:06

Paul Crick

Paul Crick Glad you’re both OK. See you tomorrow at 9am. Drive safe 馃檪
28 November at 22:07

  Near death experience on A1 near Newark. It’s OK, didn’t focus on the sign posts and missed hitting them. Car survived mounting the kerb!
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Harry Singha
Harry Singha
hey are you all well?
30 November at 03:43

We’re good thanks. Close call and a reminder to slow down in general.
30 November at 14:29

Raj Walia

Raj Walia Bobby will be looking after your guests at The Breakthrough to Financial Freedom workshop tomorrow. A part-time super hero can not be in 6 places in one go, need to become a full time super hero lol.
27 November at 19:59

  Off to Nottingham for a week to do my NLP Masters now.
27 November at 19:54 via Mobile Web My Networks and Friends

Michelle Cairns

Michelle Cairns Hey Bobby, how’s life? What seminars u been 2 lately? I’ve hardly been 2 any, so busy at the moment x
27 November at 18:02

Raj Walia

Raj Walia Hey Bobby hope you flew over the traffic yesterday and got there in time, enjoyed your company. Have a good weekend
27 November at 12:26

Michael Blue Pants

Michael Blue Pants Hey bobby, you gonna be in london this weekend at all?
26 November at 21:42

  Dr David Hamilton was brilliant at Yes Group – How to use your mind to heal your body!
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Emmy Yeadon
Emmy Yeadon
Oh Bobby! I forgot to go! I have been so busy with my workshops etc and now have missed it! I also have 2 new recruits who are interested – let’s chat and discuss whether to come at xmas or wait till Jan….. It’s not lack of motivation – just lack of organisation i think. Learning point!!! -x-
26 November at 09:52

  It’s usually me that gets the call – but next time I’VE got a mess to clean up, I’m gonna call Harvey Keitel (脿 la Pulp Fiction)
25 November at 19:57 via Selective Tweets follow @bobbygill

  Love the good that comes out of the challenges and situations that other people see as problems.
25 November at 13:46 via Selective Tweets  (7) (7) 路 follow @bobbygill
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Tobie Ward
Tobie Ward
I love this I will repost, thanks Bobby!
25 November at 14:32
Manj K Jootle
Manj K Jootle
Indeed I couldn’t agree more.
25 November at 15:09
Emmy Yeadon
Emmy Yeadon
Reframe! The best kind of learning comes from a challenge well met and surmounted -x-
26 November at 09:54

Manj K Jootle

Manj K Jootle Hi Bobby,

Thought you may be interested in the next energy wave coming along. Here is another channelling about the the upcoming weekend…major fantastic energy changes – which we all will have already been feeling the effects of.

Please read it – you will no doubt relate this to what is happening right now.

See More
LORD MELCHIZEDEK/Natalie Glasson – “4TH ENERGY WAVE ; Love and the Ability to Detach”
A fresh, new message (today!) from Melchizedek..and it’s A GREAT ONE in its simplicity..kind of an overview.. 馃檪 I’m in total resonance with this, and it confirms how I’ve been feeling lately..especially yesterday..this is sync..!! :-)) Enjoy…
by:11:11 Awakening Code
24 November at 16:23 Share 路

  Reading My Voice Will Go With You and Milton Erickson let me out of trance just in time to jump off at Kings Cross. How did he know this is where I was going?
24 November at 14:20 via Mobile Web My Networks and Friends  (1) (1)
Tracey Carr
Tracey Carr
God knew, Milton had a route map to God and is THE Master of the mind ….maybe see you later xx
25 November at 12:43

  Is it not enough to just be happy? What are your thoughts…
24 November at 12:36 My Networks and Friends  (13) (13)
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Davaa Dorj
Davaa Dorj
…..six pack and monthly 6fig passive income 馃檪
and of course beautiful woman to make lovely breakfast in the morning. preferably romanian :)))
25 November at 00:23
Mary Jefford
Mary Jefford
depends if the happiness is in depth or shallow. eg happy b/c you made someone elses day or happy b/c you found $20!! Give me the first kind way more often than the second… you notice I don’t negate finding $20….. I AM A MONEY MAGNATE thank you thank you thank you!!!!
25 November at 06:32

Arry Nessa

Arry Nessa bobby bobby !!!! how are you where are you and why aer you singing ‘i can feel it in my toes’ are you back in hudds
23 November at 22:11

  Bobby’s Blog Update: Attracting Butterflies: Are you busy chasing after happiness and t..
23 November at 14:50 via Selective Tweets  (1) (1) 路 follow @bobbygill
Torben Hagbard Nielsen
Torben Hagbard Nielsen
Absolutly true!!!…and what a brilliant way to describe it. Butterflies are the symbol for transformation 鈾 馃檪
Bobby, my buddy…You麓re the Man!
The Metamorphosis process that is required turning a caterpillar into one of Gods marvelous creations ; a butterfly, is like you turn in your old beat up bicycle and checking out a brand new red Ferrari, BUT hey that another story 馃槈
and maybe that is why people are afraid of the change and go back to who they where… Because, at a point you are not any longer the person and the habits you use to be and the new ones(habits/beliefs/corevalues) aren麓t truly implemented yet, so it feels like a limbo between who you where, the one you want and desire to be and the one you are, make sense ?
but, wow does those wings, fly 馃檪 鈾 鈾 鈾 … See More

To your continued joy,health,wealth and the most important thing in life…L-O-V-E
Live Life With Love And Compassion
23 November at 16:07

Mary Dempsey

Mary Dempsey Thanks Bobby. I had a powerful day full of love. xx
23 November at 10:02

  I feel it in my fingers, I feel it in my toes. It’s cold, cold, cold and Wet Wet Wet!
23 November at 09:02 via Selective Tweets  (3) (3) 路 follow @bobbygill
Julia McDaid
Julia McDaid
you need some gloves and a raincoat then! 馃槈
23 November at 10:02

Doesn’t help with the puddles and those people with umbrellas are a health hazard. It must be time to hibernate now!?
23 November at 14:00
Danny Stevens
Danny Stevens
Same here in the Pacific Northwest (US). Bundle up and stay dry!
23 November at 21:34

  Finished writing my cracking the crunch e-book submission article (about 4000 words) – now sleep!
23 November at 01:46 My Networks and Friends  (9) (9)
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Bhavin Patel
Bhavin Patel
Thanks for working so hard on it. I can’t wait to read it.
23 November at 10:33

Spent another hour on it this morning… really got to get it to print. It’s in your inbox now Bhavin 馃檪
23 November at 11:00

  Anyone personally recommend any good decorators, cleaners and builders in the London area? Always good to know for property investors
22 November at 19:42 via Selective Tweets  (6) (6) 路 follow @bobbygill
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Thanks everyone. Got sorted today but know who to ask next time.
26 November at 00:37
Manj K Jootle
Manj K Jootle
Excellent – well let’s hope next time isnt an expensive wine 馃槈 馃槢 and maybe proper decorating…LOL
26 November at 12:18

  Gave up my Orange dongle for the internet voluntarily today so I can finish an article. Kept my phone though 馃槈
22 November at 18:46 via Selective Tweets  (6) (6) 路 follow @bobbygill
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Trudy Sargent
Trudy Sargent
what are you writing about?
23 November at 09:15

The book is about ‘Cracking the Credit Crunch’ so I chose to write about Wealth through Social Networking 馃檪 Just finished the article now. Grew from 2000 to 4000 words, oops – well that’s added value!
23 November at 11:02

  Think the world will be safer if I stay in today!
22 November at 12:54 via Selective Tweets  (3) (3) 路 follow @bobbygill
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Anita Langley
Anita Langley
Why – what u been doing?
22 November at 17:18

Oi! Give up 馃槈
22 November at 18:38

  Peckish tonight? Go to the 24 hour Bagel place opposite Shepherds Bush tube station
22 November at 02:00 via Selective Tweets  (2) (2) 路 follow @bobbygill
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Info like this is important late on a night – apparently the place is famous in London according to the guy that works there.
22 November at 11:53

  Some days you’re the pigeon, sometimes you’re the statue. But remember the rest of the time you can be the person watching all the fun
21 November at 16:40 via Selective Tweets  (3) (3) 路 follow @bobbygill
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  Is still taking the medication… no outbreaks of silliness for a while now! :-p
21 November at 14:08 via Selective Tweets  (4) (4) 路 follow @bobbygill
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Marcia Gladwin
Marcia Gladwin
are you sure?
22 November at 08:06

Didn’t think it would last long. Went to see friends last night and couldn’t keep it under control. Back to one day silly-free again.
22 November at 11:47

  Bobby’s Blog Update: Stress management and how to Beat It!: How Heavy Is A Glass of Wat..
20 November at 16:16 via Selective Tweets  (1) (1) 路 follow @bobbygill
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Elliot Kay

Elliot Kay I am sorted now mr gill, we’ll see you tomorrow…you big boxer short wearing man, I hope the apple pie felt warm…
20 November at 15:04

  Got up at 12pm had cereal and now sat in my boxer shorts eating warm apple pie! You probably didn’t want to know that but you do now… 馃榾
20 November at 13:49 My Networks and Friends  (10) (10)
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Paul Gelder
Paul Gelder
have u seen the movie: american pie? apple pie references…
20 November at 20:21

It was inferred – thought I would leave the rest up to everyone’s imagination… lol..
20 November at 20:28

Vicki Grinstead

Vicki Grinstead Ahhh Bobby!! I can’t even begin to answer that so I’ll concede. And seeing as everyone is married now (except perhaps you and me) there’ll be no more weddings to discuss it into the wee small hours! x
Ps. Are you kidding?! Thats my Dan!!! Does it not look like him?!
20 November at 10:20

  Morning exercises: roll over, yawn, stretch. Check facebook, roll over, yawn and back to sleep.
20 November at 08:20 via Mobile Web My Networks and Friends

Michelle Whaite

Michelle Whaite hey bobster! how did you get your twitter thing to say ‘follow @bobbygill’ where it says Comment / Like etc?! I want one! lol and what is selective twitter status? LOL
19 November at 20:32

  Now at Millenium, Gloucester Rd working on ebook article! Busy B.
19 November at 16:34 via Selective Tweets  (3) (3) 路 follow @bobbygill
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Manj K Jootle
Manj K Jootle
Keep you out of mischief….!!! 馃槢
19 November at 18:02
Lavina Carrasco
Lavina Carrasco
Cool Bobby! Get in touch 馃檪
20 November at 13:21

  Lunch at Raddison Vanderbilt hotel, Gloucester Rd. Discussed 2010 plans & business opportunities. Entrepreneurs contact me for more info
19 November at 16:32 via Selective Tweets  (1) (1) 路 follow @bobbygill
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  Do you have a small briefcase!?
19 November at 12:48 via Facebook Mobile Only Friends Share

  So HAPPY people (I know you’re out there reading) – Do you have any good news to share with the rest of us today?
19 November at 11:48 My Networks and Friends  (7) (7)
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Laurence Lowne
Laurence Lowne
The sun came up this morning; my business grew over night.
19 November at 15:15
Movingetc JaneFinch
Movingetc JaneFinch
Have been teaching someone how to do my accounts so I can delegate out a job that I hate and so far we’ve invoiced out 拢1430.00 today. And received 拢470 straight in the bank. My new sales manager started on Monday and has made great progress already and my new social network is almost up and running.
19 November at 16:56

Anna Urbaniak

Anna Urbaniak
In this photo:
Birthday-album 2010 (1)
You too, create your friends birthday album:
19 November at 10:42 路 View album
Barry Davies

Barry Davies Hi Bobby,when you coming to Bristol next?
Do you know anyone looking for a lease option deal in Leeds, can you get them to call me on 07766 524 858 please dude.
18 November at 20:32

  Bobby’s Blog Update: Tenant Deposit Protection Scheme – FAIL!:  Another government..
18 November at 18:34 via Selective Tweets  (1) (1) 路 follow @bobbygill
Julia McDaid
Julia McDaid
That’s why I use the insurance service and keep them myself!! Still unnecessary cost, at least you don’t lose all the cashflow…………..
18 November at 22:32

  Don’t know what the panic is about for 2012. I think the world will end way before then!
18 November at 18:04 via Selective Tweets  (15) (15) 路 follow @bobbygill
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Manj K Jootle
Manj K Jootle
Raj…it was a phrase…not literal…honestly dude!!!!!
18 November at 21:37
Manj K Jootle
Manj K Jootle
Bobby – the latter sounds like more fun – hahahahah and the world event for fun too….
18 November at 21:37

  Another government enforced botch-up! Yes, they have 拢5 million tied up
due to bureaucracy….
 ‘s Blog: Tenant Deposit Protection Scheme – FAIL!
18 November at 15:20 My Networks and Friends  (1) (1) 路 Share
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  Dear Woo-woo friends – Can anyone give me a breakdown on the planetary disturbances this month?
18 November at 13:27 My Networks and Friends (44) (44)
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  Is awake! I thought we were supposed to sleep more in winter, like bears!?
18 November at 08:16 My Networks and Friends  (4) (4)
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Barrie McDowell
Barrie McDowell
If you live life to the full why do you need to sleep so much? 馃檪
18 November at 08:20

Got to recharge those batteries when living to the full! 馃榾
18 November at 08:35
Yaoz Agmon
Yaoz Agmon
Good morning.
18 November at 08:41

Manj K Jootle

Manj K Jootle Thank you BG for the invite…was looking at some other events, but that one looks good. 馃榾
17 November at 21:40  (2) (2) 路

Robert Kiyosaki in London next year is going to be one of the biggest events ever. And the ticket prices are a steal for only 拢250 if booked before end of November!
17 November at 21:54
Manj K Jootle
Manj K Jootle
Serious! Brilliant!! Will book myself onto that.
17 November at 21:56

  Apologies to the 340 friend requests I’ve not replied to in the last 2/3 months – been kinda busy even for facebook. I promise to get through them ALL in the next 48 hours!
17 November at 14:17 My Networks and Friends  (2) (2)
Alex Mitchell
Alex Mitchell
stop pretending your popular :-p
see you in Newark for more torment AHAHA!
17 November at 20:52
Manj K Jootle
Manj K Jootle
17 November at 21:24

Julia McDaid

Julia McDaid It can be translated, they just don’t get it! 馃槈 One day there will be a new way of thinking……………… it’s happened in other industries
17 November at 12:02

Julia McDaid

Julia McDaid Nothing is impossible! 馃槈
17 November at 11:51

  Is wondering why me… (to everything!)
17 November at 11:38 My Networks and Friends  (28) (28)
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Andrea Smart
Andrea Smart
Just because, Bobby!!! lol…. You up for coming along to the Superhero Mindset Launch gig in Mayfair tomorrow nite? Sounds like just your sorta thing! Hear what Lizzie says? She’s right Superhero!!! Call me. xxx
18 November at 00:18
Jo Kenworthy
Jo Kenworthy
you created it …. so take a good look and do a bit of tweaking in your manifesting. Anything in your life today arrived bang on time at your bequest.As you look around notice what is working for you and what you would like to change. when you accept it all with open arms and surrender you can start to make changes. Feeling good when you are in an… See More uncomfortable spot is the sign of a person who has taken off the blinkers and is set to ride the tiger. Life is after all an adventure – sometimes Starbucks can cloud that awareness 馃槈 big hugs x
19 November at 15:15

Dwayne Kerr

Dwayne Kerr Mr. Gill!
16 November at 20:54

  Do you want to get your finances back on track? Contact me now to get your free Financial game plan!
16 November at 20:11 via Mobile Web My Networks and Friends  (2) (2)
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Manj K Jootle
Manj K Jootle
You’ve been game planned 馃槈
16 November at 20:41

  Close Encounters of the Furred Kind

Shepherds Bush this afternoon
15 November at 23:03 via Facebook Mobile Only Friends  (1) (1) 路 Share
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  Just another lazy sunday but it has been fun 馃槈
15 November at 23:00 via Mobile Web My Networks and Friends  (1) (1)
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  At Anita Langleys watching X-Factor!
14 November at 21:29 via Mobile Web My Networks and Friends

  Just been to watch 2012 – do you want extra ‘cheese’ on top of your end of the world?
13 November at 23:59 via Mobile Web My Networks and Friends  (2) (2)
Andrea Smart
Andrea Smart
Hey, how was it Bobby? Do u recommend it? If you want a lovely lighthearted and deep film, go and watch UP! I cried! (that’s usual!) lol. xxx
14 November at 00:02

Don’t get me started. No-brainer entertainment with explosions and more of a comedy. Think Day After Tomorrow crossed with Titanic. Bruce Willis would have saved the film… lol…
14 November at 14:53

Dalbir Singh Virk

Dalbir Singh Virk thanks for the message, thats right lol
13 November at 21:53

  Woo-hoo, its Friday the 13th! Unlucky for many but lucky for the rest of us 馃槈 Which way does the luck go for you?
13 November at 13:50 via Mobile Web My Networks and Friends

Can you recommend some inspirational DVD’s for us all to watch?
This year is going to be another year of study. Philosophy and spirituality this time. What films can you recommend? What are your top five choices? I would like real philosophy and spirituality that is accessible but still challenging and very applicable….
12 November at 16:01 My Networks and Friends  (3) (3) 路 Share
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  Just been for dinner (lunch) with Iulia Palade & Cammy Ciurdea to a Vietnamese Restaurant and guess what…. I managed to use chopsticks properly for the first time! Should have taken a pic too of “Bobby’s First Sticks.” And the food was good too, with most going in my mouth as opposed to on my chin :-p
12 November at 15:50 My Networks and Friends  (12) (12)
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I still find it so much easier eating out of a dog bowl :-p
13 November at 11:59
Cammy Ciurdea
Cammy Ciurdea
I think you should just stick to having muffins all the time! yummy!
13 November at 12:02

Lizzie Barker

Lizzie Barker Hey Mr G! Me doing purty good. Busy busy bumble but better than sloth methinks. How are you? Where are you? I am confused about where on earth you live these days?! Life full of happiness & joy? xx
11 November at 23:55

  What are you happy about today and grateful for?
11 November at 22:16 via Mobile Web My Networks and Friends

  Find out why there is a What Would Bobby Do… Live NOW on with @elliotcoach: coach
11 November at 21:28 via Selective Tweets follow @bobbygill

  Is it Spring yet and time to get up…?
11 November at 13:24 via Selective Tweets  (2) (2) 路 follow @bobbygill
Christy Koleszar
Christy Koleszar
Grr, I wish it was spring….long time yet matie! Hows u?
11 November at 15:24

Good thanks, it is getting cold though – hibernation time I think.
11 November at 15:26

Dwayne Kerr

Dwayne Kerr Thanks Mr Gill! Life’s a celebration bro!
10 November at 19:42

  Great Wealth Dynamics Spectrum Day. Education from @rogerhamilton and UNMISSABLE edu-tainment from @tophermorrison.
09 November at 15:14 via Selective Tweets  (1) (1) 路 follow @bobbygill
Bhavin Patel
Bhavin Patel
Sound like you had fun. Even tough I am not a member of WD. Still, 2020, we can do it!
10 November at 17:04

Serena Pears

Serena Pears Haha! It’s to much coffee!!! You enjoy your day 馃檪 x
09 November at 08:09

  On my way to the Wealth Dynamics Spectrum Day. Are you there?
09 November at 08:06 via Selective Tweets  (3) (3) 路 follow @bobbygill
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Katy Marks
Katy Marks
no because you did not tell me about it
09 November at 14:39

At cause or effect? It’s on in London again tomorrow. Now you know, are you attending? 馃槈
09 November at 18:00

  Had a great Sunday to make up for a non-existent Saturday 馃榾
08 November at 23:50 My Networks and Friends  (3) (3)
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  Saj P shared an afternoon with us on Internet Marketing. He is a genius on CPA /Clickbank. Check him out:
08 November at 22:34 via Selective Tweets follow @bobbygill

  At EConfex event with Steve Foley. Saj P. has just covered Ebay marketing and now CPA Banner advertising and Media buying
08 November at 16:38 via Selective Tweets follow @bobbygill

  At Steve Foley’s Internet Wealth Creation Summit 09, eagerly awaiting CPA expert Saj P.
08 November at 12:46 via Selective Tweets  (2) (2) 路 follow @bobbygill
Sharon O’Farrell
Sharon O’Farrell
He was in Dublin a few weeks back and a technophobe pal of mine bought his program and is totally flying with it now!Enjoy x
08 November at 12:54

The guy really knows his stuff and makes it simple – to understand at least 馃槈
08 November at 22:37

Hitesh Daudia

Hitesh Daudia Thanks Bobby for getting back to me on the phone, really appreciate it. Will drop you an email next week. Have a great weekend.
08 November at 00:49

  Did I just miss Saturday!?
07 November at 23:30 My Networks and Friends  (5) (5)
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Davaa Dorj
Davaa Dorj
Tell me about that mate, i’ve just missed last 3 sat nite. So not
08 November at 02:44
Trudy Sargent
Trudy Sargent
I missed the whole year! I’m now discussing New Year’s Eve party plans… LA or London? Not sure what is happening? Or France? … How are you???
08 November at 04:13

Had a great Sunday to make up for yesterday 馃榾
08 November at 23:49

  Ha, ha. Don’t you think its funny when you see smokers outside pubs in the rain smoking their much needed cigarettes? lol…
06 November at 19:55 My Networks and Friends  (12) (12)
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They are non-smokers like us, choosing to light up 馃槈
07 November at 16:57
Harry Singha
Harry Singha
light up a cig or
light up your life
i know what i choose!
08 November at 14:46

  Got a juicy, smokey pork Bavarian hot dog sausage in Lyric Square and vendor looked at me funny. Do you think it’s cos I am brown or does he suspect I’m really a vegetarian?
06 November at 16:44 via Mobile Web My Networks and Friends  (1) (1)
Harry Singha
Harry Singha
your crazy bro
look forward to our next meal together lol
08 November at 14:46

  Is life too short or do I just have lots to do?
06 November at 11:05 My Networks and Friends  (9) (9)
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Fiona Walsh
Fiona Walsh
defo too short. im 60 already
06 November at 17:05
Hitesh Daudia
Hitesh Daudia
Life is what happens when you are making other plans!
06 November at 18:09

  Busy day, then driving back to London. Mac Attram, Paul Crick, Elliot Kay, Marcia Gladwin, Hitesh Daudia, Raj Walia – will return missed calls and messages tonight / tomorrow 馃檪
05 November at 14:41 My Networks and Friends  (5) (5)
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Elliot Kay
Elliot Kay
called you….no answer
05 November at 20:31
Raj Walia
Raj Walia
up late Bobby call when ever
05 November at 23:01

  Sorting an apartment flooded by my tenant and no contents insurance… bummer!
05 November at 14:37 My Networks and Friends

  Ain’t getting any warmer today, so I may as well get up!
05 November at 12:30 via Mobile Web My Networks and Friends

  Great talk by Una Doyle and Steve Ireland about Relationships at the XL meeting tonight. Discussed the five love languages (book by Gary Chapman). Are you speaking the same love language as your partner?
05 November at 01:32 My Networks and Friends  (6) (6)
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Una Doyle
Una Doyle
Thanks Bobby! 馃檪 For those of you who would like to receive the content of the talk FREE, send Steve a message. By the way our new blog is and you can follow us at
05 November at 09:42

Great Una – and an online test would be good too 馃檪
05 November at 12:39

  Been to Bradford today to see solicitors and now in Manchester for XL North West Leadership meeting
04 November at 22:17 via Selective Tweets follow @bobbygill

  At with Mark Jackson sharing Purchase Lease Option case studies
03 November at 20:17 via Selective Tweets follow @bobbygill

  Who else is coming to the Wealth Dynamics Day next monday? Get booked on or let me know as it’s a 2-4-1 deal and I’ll be there.
03 November at 16:15 My Networks and Friends  (3) (3)
Mica May
Mica May
BTW Hattie crewing Mon, think they might still be short for the extra one on Tuesday (since Ms H won’t be there)
08 November at 22:01

Can you clarify that cryptic message… !?
08 November at 22:36
Mica May
Mica May
I suspect more people might be needed to crew tomorrow.
But you are there today and can see the situation in reality, not from my ivory tower up here in’th’ills.

Gorgeous here BTW. No headless horsemen whatsoever today.
I wondered if they might need at least one more tomo as Hats is coming home.
09 November at 14:21

  Bobby’s Blog Update: Always try to help a friend in need: Always try to help a friend i..
03 November at 16:13 via Selective Tweets follow @bobbygill

  Tips to get to bed before midnight… tire yourself out during the day.
02 November at 23:34 via Mobile Web My Networks and Friends

  Not been to Liverpool in 10 years and now its Cultural Capital. I should have come earlier and spent the day here; maybe get it in next time before 2019!
02 November at 19:58 via Mobile Web My Networks and Friends

  At Liverpool Property Meet with Adam Labno and co. If you’re in the area, check them out.
02 November at 19:56 via Mobile Web My Networks and Friends

  Just been delivered the DVD’s I bought off Ebay. 3 year old nephew is going to love Monsters -v- Aliens and B.O.B.’s Big Break when he gets back from nursery… yippee…
02 November at 12:23 My Networks and Friends  (4) (4)
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Christine Danielle Montague
Christine Danielle Montague
Ha ha, not as much as you, i’m sure! 馃檪 x
02 November at 12:28
Manj K Jootle
Manj K Jootle
You sound very excited about it yourself…you sure they’re not really for you??
02 November at 12:32
Andrea Smart
Andrea Smart
‘fess up – One BIG Kiddie aren’t you Bobby?!!! hehehe xx
02 November at 12:42

  Room with a view – Good moo-ning!
02 November at 11:48 via Facebook Mobile Only Friends  (2) (2) 路 Share
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  4am and still awake in bed, as minutes life tick away whilst everyone in the UK sleeps.
02 November at 04:01 via Selective Tweets  (4) (4) 路 follow @bobbygill
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Had to make a call at 9am! It is always time except when there’s no-one on the other side of the phone.
02 November at 12:20
Faika Hassan-Ali
Faika Hassan-Ali
everyone except me……I neva sleep!
02 November at 16:43

  Buggered if you do, buggered if you don’t!
02 November at 01:55 My Networks and Friends  (15) (15)
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Sorted… will update later…
02 November at 12:20
Adam Shaw
Adam Shaw
Sounds painful :-0
02 November at 14:07

  What happens when you get three Internet Marketers in a room Satnam Punglia & Rob Bell? Not a lot actually but we had a laugh. Good to take time off from behind a PC 馃檪
01 November at 22:24 My Networks and Friends  (4) (4)
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Rob Bell
Rob Bell
We would have got more done were it not for the firefox damage we committed early on… still, it was great to see both of you!

I’ve fixed FF now, it was an errant add-on conflicting with others – damn you HP and your evil Web Print add-on, you denied 3 men what little work they might have done this Sunday eve!!!
01 November at 22:44
Satnam Punglia
Satnam Punglia
I think the cups didn’t help
02 November at 15:18

  Just setting off with Satnam Punglia to go see Rob Bell for our 6pm meeting. Oops… gonna be late!
01 November at 18:22 via Mobile Web My Networks and Friends

Alex Mitchell

Alex Mitchell ok Boab
take it I will wait another month to finish the call, need to talk transportation too
01 November at 14:53

  Love lazy sundays, not so keen on the cold!
01 November at 12:25 via Mobile Web My Networks and Friends  (5) (5)
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Robert Clark
Robert Clark
Time to wrap up warm!
01 November at 12:43

Pigs in blankets comes to mind 馃榾
01 November at 14:18
Michael Q Todd
Michael Q Todd
It will be summer soon Bobby.Or is emigration to NZ a tempting option rightnow as the afternoons get shorter for you
01 November at 16:59

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