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Happy Halloween! Trick OR Treat!?
Sat at 22:51 (16) (16)
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Miles Hockliffe Nah its a con

@Colin Better to wear the latest clothes lines and worship the corporates hey, whilst eating branded sweets… Chill dude and have some fun 馃槈
We will have to go trick or treating next year (do crew t-shirts count as evil costumes? Lol…)
3 hours ago
Colin Fu
Colin Fu
Bobby, no it is not fine. it is worrying… Halloween is about death… and more and more ppl these days celebrate death over life? hm… It is very disturbing indeed…
2 hours ago

Dalbir Singh Virk

Dalbir Singh Virk haha nice profile picture,
your even more scary than the original lol 馃槈
Sat at 21:43 (1) (1)
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Manj K Jootle

Manj K Jootle Hi Bobby, good to connect mister…good to see some fabulous vibrational wisdom around 馃檪 and the humour ofcourse 馃檪
Sat at 01:30

Happy Halloween – guess what I got for Jason!?
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Manj K Jootle
Manj K Jootle
Sat at 02:02
Michael Blue Pants
Michael Blue Pants
yo bobby, u in london at all over the weekend…?
Sat at 02:06

A little bit of cream & some AVG cleared up that viral infection. Now my laptop’s clean I’ll make sure I take surf precautions next time
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Rob Bell
Rob Bell
Glad it all worked out, did you remember to put comodo on too, or are you still living dangerously? 馃檪

What time you boys comin over tonight?
Sat at 18:38

Just managed to log-on! Got F-Secure and installing that as started having issues with Windows System Defender too! Might be tomorrow now…
Sat at 22:41
Rob Bell
Rob Bell
Satnam’s comin about 6ish – you comin with him?
Yesterday at 00:15

Thanks to Rob Bell for his 3am support on Skype for getting my PC sorted (or at least supporting with ha, ha’s and LOL’s). Downloaded Free AVG Virusguard http://www.free.avg.com and it seems to be cleaning up! Now who’s going to do the dishes?
Fri at 15:14 (2) (2)
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Alex Mitchell
Alex Mitchell
thank you too Boab
Fri at 17:14

Why do I have to get a trojan virus attack at 1am, when I’m already late for bed – still cleaning up my PC. And I think I’m a safe & savvy surfer but been caught out this time!
Fri at 04:29 (8) (8)
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Jason Fairfield
Jason Fairfield
Yes please 馃槈
Fri at 14:16

Orange? 馃榾
Fri at 15:11

Is back to his 5-a-side Footy at 10pm, after 2 months off. Phew… lets see how it goes!
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Adam Shaw
Adam Shaw
Well done fella. I’ll get the ambulance on stand-by!
Fri at 16:46

Is this for my training? I don’t chase moving vehicles anymore, just parked cars!
Fri at 16:50


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Sending my love and regards to Leena Patel’s family and friends. We are missing you. xx
UPW London Crew 2008
Anthony Robbins Rocks London again! With a little help from his friends 馃槈
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Been going through stuff that has been boxed up for 15 years in the attic at old family home. Old school books will be worth something soon and what about all those Transformers comics!?
29 October at 18:14 (9) (9)
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You ain’t seen my full collection of Winnie The Pooh characters still packaged!
Note to self: Don’t go out drinking and then on Ebay late at night looking for random stuff to buy!
Fri at 01:31
Andrea Smart
Andrea Smart
Great to sell on to those looking for collectables now tho! You made an investment there! lol. xx
Fri at 02:06

Dwayne Kerr

Dwayne Kerr I now get up when the world is lit up with day light 馃檪
29 October at 15:13

Not liking the cold much but loving the life. Now, take a deep breath and smile 馃檪
29 October at 14:54 via Selective Twitter Status (4) (4) 路 follow @bobbygill
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Julia McDaid
Julia McDaid
Go out and look at the sun on the autumn trees, its wonderful! That will make you smile… 馃檪
29 October at 17:09

If only… been going through boxes of ‘old’ stuff today.
29 October at 18:09
Julia McDaid
Julia McDaid
Ah, you need a break though , quick walk in the park 馃檪
29 October at 18:28


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Bobby’s Blog Update: What would Bobby Do… if he couldn’t log onto Playvybz?: When I l.. http://bit.ly/XxDx9
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Who else is attending YES Group North tonight?
28 October at 15:47 (2) (2)

And first time visitors come for free!
P.S. If any facebook buddies are going and want to catch up, let me know. Else I’ll see you around Xmas.
28 October at 16:06
Freeman David Chuka Ibekwe
Freeman David Chuka Ibekwe
Yes ? No?
28 October at 18:33

I used to joke about my parents sending me to school & moving house before I got home. They DID this week when I came to Hudds to visit!
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Cammy Ciurdea

Cammy Ciurdea
In this photo:
Out in the Jungle with an amazing group of people. Thank you all for helping me grow, for inspiring me and for teaching me that there are no limits! ”Whatever you have in your mind – forget it! Whatever you have in your hand – give it! Whatever is to be your fate – face it!” (Sufi Quote)
28 October at 02:27 路 View album

Started my 90-day ultimate challenge, along with the rest of my mastermind group. 20 of us to support each other in achieving each other’s goals! How easy and fun is that!? 馃檪
27 October at 19:20 (11) (11)
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Andy Whitehead
Andy Whitehead
Sounds a cracking idea that mate! How does that work then buddy?
27 October at 19:22

Went on a seminar this weekend with Harry Singha called Light Up Your Life. Most seminars are good but don’t have any follow up. After this one we were all assigned coaches and a mastermind group. Simple but effective!
27 October at 19:54
Michelle Clarke
Michelle Clarke
good idea 馃檪
28 October at 10:20

Andrea Smart

Andrea Smart Hey Bobby…Glad you made it back. Thanks sooooo much for the lift as well as contributing MADLY to one of the most amazing weekends of my life! Remember…..”You have everything you need!” Love ya kiddo. Keep warm and igrow-c ya soon. A. xxx
27 October at 18:56

Back in Huddersfield. Got up 5 hours ago and not feeling so good, it’s damn cold! Done some odd jobs and back in bed…
27 October at 18:46 (11) (11)
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Satnam Punglia
Satnam Punglia
Hi Bobby,

Hope you are better! I am free tomorrow. let me know
Rob, we need to get back on track to now that i’m back .
… Read more
will speak later
28 October at 09:26
Rob Bell
Rob Bell
Busy thursday I’m afraid – and Friday til teatime. Fri eve?
29 October at 04:45

Wheel bearing collapsed on my car between London and Coventry but we made it. Had to be there for a syncronous weekend and to connect with a group of beautiful people who helped me find my light and the way. Car fixed and just got back to Hudds ready for another exciting chapter…
27 October at 00:09 via Mobile Web

Barry Davies

Barry Davies Cheers Bobby! Great to see you to!
27 October at 00:08

Wheel bearing collapsed on my car
27 October at 00:06 via Mobile Web

Who do you think you are to dare think you’re not good enough?
26 October at 20:38 via Selective Twitter Status (10) (10) 路 follow @bobbygill
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Dan Storey
Dan Storey
Are you telling me I am not good enough to tell myself I am not good enough???
26 October at 21:33

Tell me who you are, to say that about my friend Dan Storey!?
27 October at 00:11
Richard Holmes
Richard Holmes
don’t you know who i am?!
27 October at 13:52

Up early and at school watching two squirrels playing chase in the trees
26 October at 09:23 via Selective Twitter Status 路 follow @bobbygill

Navid Moosavi-Hejazi

Navid Moosavi-Hejazi http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HtpQmU6v6kQ

Khalil Gibran on Love
Source: www.youtube.com
I have read this poem by Khalil Gibran many times; this is my way to thank him for being one of my great teachers. http://www.pranasanayoga.com http://www.pranasanayoga.blogspot.com
26 October at 01:21 路 Share

An amazing day with Harry Singha and an inspiring talk on Relationshhips.
25 October at 23:50 via Mobile Web (2) (2)
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Andrea Smart
Andrea Smart
Agreed! Very emotional too. Wow. Great day indeed.
26 October at 00:30

Alex Mitchell

Alex Mitchell hey you can you call me when yopu are free to discuss Masters?
Cheers Boab (Scottish BOB!)
25 October at 19:58

Bobby’s Blog Update: 10 Words to Delete from Your Vocabulary: “Words are powerful becau.. http://bit.ly/GU8Fr
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Katy Marks
Katy Marks
have you moved to london?
25 October at 13:15
Jo Kenworthy
Jo Kenworthy
may I add something here: notice your language because this reveals your inner world and your law of attraction. Changing language is significant – changing inner talk is they key and that involves changing your vibe. Noticing rather than judging can give you tremendous tools for change thru insight x
25 October at 14:03


Bobby is attending Net-worth building with XL North West! 路 Invite guests

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Did a board break today and cut myself but it comes with the territory. Would you still do it or prefer to stay safe in your comfort zone?
24 October at 21:15 via Mobile Web

Had breakfast with 81st Squadron Association at Britannia Coventry Hill Hotel. Lovely bunch of real heroes.
24 October at 10:01 via Selective Twitter Status (5) (5) 路 follow @bobbygill
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24 October at 01:21 via Mobile Web

Anyone seen the Laughing Cow?
23 October at 23:58 via Facebook Mobile 路 Share

Going to hang out with Harry Singha in Coventry this weekend Lighting Up Everyone’s Life. Just need to pick up my partners in rhyme Andrea Smart and Denis G Noble.
23 October at 16:42 (5) (5)
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Juhi Bera
Juhi Bera
give them big hugs from me!!
23 October at 18:43
Raj Walia
Raj Walia
Harry does an amazing job,i am sure you will add your presence to make it even better
23 October at 20:28

And today for lunch/dinner (or whatever people call it these days) – yes I know it’s 4.30pm which confuses the mealtimes too, Four Cheese Ravioli with Parmentier potates with Shallot Butter. I’d take a picture for Robert Clark but it looks better on the M&S box than my plate… lol…
23 October at 16:39 (3) (3)
Robert Clark
Robert Clark
They always look better on the box than they do on the plate its called Visual Markeing – I reckon they use special scented ink on the box too, cos they always seem to smell nice, but taste lousy 馃檪
23 October at 16:49

I’ll let you in on a secret…. add Heinz Tomato Ketchup. Brings out the flavour in everything (even tomatoes!)
23 October at 16:51
Chris Gentle
Chris Gentle
I do that too, Tommy K on tomatos.
23 October at 19:12

Thanks for an amazing workshop Darren Eden, it clearly has opened up a lot of new options in my mind. Finally finished reading The Magician Way as well, which is a great story that everyone should read.
23 October at 14:11 (1) (1)
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These trouble makers turned a quiet trip to the Property Investors Show (Excel) into a full on session. Followed by crispy duck at the Chinese Restaurant & then Karaoke! Phil Martin, Jim Charles Haliburton, Barry Davies, Benjamin Leppier, Julie Boddy, Alison Jane Bannon. You’ll be glad to know I got back safely humming Living On a Prayer
23 October at 01:33 (3) (3)
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Julia ‘mcdaid’
Julia ‘mcdaid’
Wouldn’t expect anything less given those involved……… 馃槈
23 October at 11:18
Alison Jane Bannon
Alison Jane Bannon
Hey Bobby,
Had a great night. Glad you got back safely! We repeated the whole process the next evening!!
What a hoot!!

See you soon… Read more
Ali B
25 October at 11:15


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HMO Daddy sings Pretty Woman
22 October at 23:33 via Facebook Mobile (1) (1) 路 Share
Johanna Lawrence
Johanna Lawrence
Are there no ends to Jim Haliburton’s talents! Lol… Johanna xxx
23 October at 10:48

How does a quick trip to Property Investors Show Excel, turn into late night drinking, a chinese meal, then watching HMO Daddy Jim Haliburton singing Pretty Woman on Karaoke!?
22 October at 23:29 via Mobile Web

Plant in the window peed on the electric sockets because it had been over watered. Luckily some seminar notes on table soaked most up
22 October at 13:50 via Selective Twitter Status (1) (1) 路 follow @bobbygill
Daniel Latto
Daniel Latto
lol – glad those notes came in useful for something then !!
22 October at 15:07

Are you going to be at the Property Investors Show at Excel today or tomorrow?
22 October at 12:29 via Mobile Web

Bobby’s Blog Update: What would Bobby Do… if he was clamped!?: Got up last week and n.. http://bit.ly/1ux9cx
22 October at 08:13 via Selective Twitter Status (3) (3) 路 follow @bobbygill
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Iulia Palade
Iulia Palade
GO Bobby! 馃檪
22 October at 11:13
Alex Mitchell
Alex Mitchell
no way did you get clamped?
22 October at 13:36

‘s Blog: What would Bobby Do… if he was clamped!?
Source: bobby-gill.blogspot.com
Got up last week and noticed my car keys on the cupboard on the side. I thought it was strange because I’m living in Hammersmith and had been parking at a friend’s in Angel, so didn’t need the keys – but …
21 October at 22:51 路 Share

Not impressed after losing my email address @ntlworld.com (now virginmedia) after they told me I could transfer it. Had it for years and so many online accounts attached to it. Then on hold for hours. FAIL! What do you think about big corporations with no accountability between individuals there?
21 October at 21:12 (4) (4)
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Thanks Kamil. I am currently redirecting mail to Gmail as I still have limited access to the ntlworld settings – but can’t access or download from their server directly. They are going to reset the account tomorrow and hopefully transfer it to my sister’s internet service. It’s easy to sort I’m sure – finding the person to do it is the challenge!
21 October at 22:53
Kamil Wawrzyszko
Kamil Wawrzyszko
No problem. Once you need me, call me on 079 214 36 368. I’m at work till 7pm, but I can advice at least. If you need me to do it for you, I should be at home by 8pm and we’ll wing it 馃檪
Hey, I do this kind of stuff daily at work, so no worries.
21 October at 23:14

Peter Page

Peter Page I only know kind people on Facebook Bobby! Thanks for the comment 馃檪
21 October at 21:02

What Would Bobby Do…? Have some Marks & Spencers Spaghetti Bolognese and tune in to http://www.playvybz.com to listen to Elliot Kay at Inspire A Nation
21 October at 19:56 (2) (2)
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Raj Walia
Raj Walia
Thanks Bobby just tuned in to listen to the great Elliot Kay.
21 October at 21:54

Eating in Quiznos at Embankment. All the happy memories of California and Vegas come flooding back. Mmm… Tasty!
21 October at 14:17 via Selective Twitter Status 路 follow @bobbygill

Was on time for the train. Unfortunately my TIME was 3 minutes later than the actual train time – so had to wait for next one. Bugger!
21 October at 10:43 (9) (9)
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Dhriti Mehra
Dhriti Mehra
love that Jim Carrey quote!!
21 October at 20:30

Were you driving the train Subrata!! Lol…
21 October at 21:01


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So excited that I can’t sleep. Waiting to see what 2010 is going to bring with all the JV’s I have in mind and am setting up at the moment.
21 October at 02:42 (8) (8)
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Planning my dear, planning…
21 October at 10:42
Claire Boyles
Claire Boyles
only 11 weeks left of 2009…
21 October at 12:21

Trudy Sargent

Trudy Sargent How are you??? Miss you!!!! :)))
21 October at 02:05

Anita Langley

Anita Langley Bobby – can you tell me – am i connected with you on twitter? if sooo what is the name of my account i cant remember!!
21 October at 00:31

Just been to a great event in London and caught up with Dan Storey. Kerwin Rae is one of the best business and marketing coaches I’ve seen in a long time, really! You should check him out.
21 October at 00:22 (2) (2)
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Julia ‘mcdaid’
Julia ‘mcdaid’
saw him on Friday at HUB event, he was excellent speaker
21 October at 09:49

Thanks for the comment about the shirt, who else has good taste like Benjamin Leppier?
20 October at 23:12 (1) (1) 路 Share
Michael William Stott
Michael William Stott
I love the shirts Bobby!! Wish I could wear them but they dont work on me!!!
20 October at 23:15

In Hammersmith with Kerwin Rae to get some more marketing secrets
20 October at 19:14 via Selective Twitter Status (4) (4) 路 follow @bobbygill
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Jams Cooper
Jams Cooper
‘amma smif!
20 October at 19:20
Richard Holmes
Richard Holmes
i know of a ticktet going cheap for this event if you or anyone you know wants to go. richard@richinspiration.com for details
20 October at 20:48

Lets see what fun today has 铆n store for us all.
20 October at 11:52 via Mobile Web

Just been for dinner with HMO Daddy Jim Haliburton in Maidenhead. Much better than being in Malaysia with QL he said 馃槈
19 October at 20:04 via Selective Twitter Status (5) (5) 路 follow @bobbygill
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Uzma Afzal
Uzma Afzal
Malaysia anytime over Maidenhead
20 October at 05:06

Lol… wondering how many would pick up on the QL comment.
Wish I was there… Have fun 馃檪
20 October at 08:56

At the www.BerkshirePropertyMeet.com to see Juswant, Sylvia Rai and Phil Martin speak.
19 October at 19:48 via Selective Twitter Status 路 follow @bobbygill

Want lease option clause scripts? Mark Jackson recommends checking out books by Wendy Patton and Ron LeGrand on Amazon
19 October at 16:17 via Selective Twitter Status 路 follow @bobbygill

On my way to see Mark Jackson at pre-Berkshire Property Meet workshop. If you’re early, lets catch up.
19 October at 14:27 via Selective Twitter Status 路 follow @bobbygill

Finishing (an already open) bottle of red wine and watching the rest of Moon Rising. As featured on my fanpage: http://www.facebook.com/TheBobbyGill
18 October at 21:44 (6) (6)
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Christy Koleszar
Christy Koleszar
Hey hows is London?
18 October at 21:49
Andrea Smart
Andrea Smart
Have an enjoyable rest Bobby. R&R is great when we embrace it. Chat soon. Huge hugs, Andrea. xxx
18 October at 21:49

London is great! Not enjoying it as much this week but I think that’s just the UK weather…
18 October at 22:16

Cold, home alone and eating McDonalds! Not quite what I imagined for sunday.
18 October at 19:13 (11) (11)
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Andrea Smart
Andrea Smart
Love you Bobby. Call me if ya wanna lively chat! xx
18 October at 21:27
Faika Hassan-Ali
Faika Hassan-Ali
where was everybody…….
19 October at 13:41

T. Harv Eker meets Bobby – London, Oct 09
5-day Guerrilla Business Intensive
18 October at 14:59 (8) (8) 路 Share
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Magic… 馃槈
18 October at 15:35
Mumtaz Hussain
Mumtaz Hussain
well done – great pic!
18 October at 18:33

At Heathrow Airport wondering where to go next. Any suggestions? Bear in mind I don’t have my passport with me today.
18 October at 12:23 via Mobile Web (3) (3)
Michael William Stott
Michael William Stott
last time i was there i ended up in canada and im still here now!
18 October at 16:15
Marcia Gladwin
Marcia Gladwin
you could have come for tea..
18 October at 20:11

(transport issues – couldn’t get to car via train to get to yours and didn’t fancy chancing the tubes on a weekend)
18 October at 20:13

Did Darth Vader have ‘good’ intentions for his minions on the Death Star?
17 October at 23:08 via Selective Twitter Status (5) (5) 路 follow @bobbygill
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Michael William Stott
Michael William Stott
I think this video says it all http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sv5iEK-IEzw
17 October at 23:51

Nice one, I’d forgotten about that – I was only there doing work experience.
Didn’t care much about the office politics or taking over the place.
18 October at 09:10


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Can’t believe how closely life resembles the movies and vice versa…
17 October at 21:50 via Mobile Web

Do you want to earn some money and know people, students, nurses in Huddersfield looking for accommodation? Message me.
17 October at 15:58 via Mobile Web

At @JoannaMartin ‘s Presentation skills workshop, good fun, friendly and great tips how to EARN 拢拢拢’s from speaking http://bit.ly/4unrM5
16 October at 16:54 via Selective Twitter Status (2) (2) 路 follow @bobbygill
Benjamin Leppier
Benjamin Leppier
I’m there tomorrow Bobby, will you be around?
16 October at 17:08

Wasn’t free Saturday, let me know next time you’re in London town.
18 October at 14:47

Not exactly a cracking start to the morning but it can only get better 馃榾
16 October at 09:49 via Selective Twitter Status (3) (3) 路 follow @bobbygill
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Torben Hagbard Nielsen
Torben Hagbard Nielsen
Cheering on the sideline !!! 鈾 鈾 鈾 馃檪 馃檪 馃檪
16 October at 10:02
Faika Hassan-Ali
Faika Hassan-Ali
hope so hun
16 October at 13:05

“It’s a bit like a builder making a fortune by putting up a substandard block of flats – then the building collapses in an earthquake & he makes another fortune clearing up the rubble” on the banks!
16 October at 09:19 via Mobile Web


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Simon Hinton

Simon Hinton We have marginally increased the seating for this fantastic event…so please book your tickets ASAP Are you coming Bobby?
Location:Charlotte Street Hotel,
Time:Monday, 26 October 2009 19:15
16 October at 01:24 (1) (1) 路 Share

Not sure if I’m north or south next week. Will let you know and come down if there’s still availability and I’m here. Cheers.
18 October at 20:06

Taran Meowage Bains

Taran Meowage Bains Gillson, have u moved?x
15 October at 21:48

Just been ticketed & clamped in Angel! Asked the nice clamper to help me out and he told me how to claim most of the money back. Phew…
15 October at 18:15 via Selective Twitter Status (7) (7) 路 follow @bobbygill
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Faika Hassan-Ali
Faika Hassan-Ali
This people will say anything to get u off their back! So that they can continue doing the dirty! You should have just caused a big scene! And stood in their way!
16 October at 00:06
Wesley Sawkins
Wesley Sawkins
16 October at 06:41

Guy at Mikes Quality Fish & Chips in Angel thought I was joking when I said I’d come from Hammersmith to get my FnC. Little does he know
15 October at 16:38 via Selective Twitter Status (3) (3) 路 follow @bobbygill
Marcia Gladwin
Marcia Gladwin
you’ve been to Angel so many times in the last week you’re either looking for redemption or to move
15 October at 17:42

15 October at 18:47
Faika Hassan-Ali
Faika Hassan-Ali
yummmy…fish and chips!
16 October at 00:13

Sheetal Vithlani

Sheetal Vithlani
In this photo:
Dr Stephen Covey
15 October at 15:22 路 View album

Bobby’s Blog Update: What would Bobby Do… if he had to be on Playvybz
radio show with Elliot Kay at 9-30pm on Wednesday night but tied up
elsewhere? .. http://bit.ly/4jUdmy
‘s Blog: What would Bobby Do…
Source: bit.ly
What would Bobby Do… if he had to be on Playvybz radio show with Elliot Kay at 9-30pm on Wednesday night but tied up elsewhere?He’d report via text/ sms from An Evening With Steven Covey at the London …
15 October at 14:28 路 Share

Attending Joanna Martin’s sold out Presentation workshop on Friday in London. Last chance to book for Saturday: http://bit.ly/4unrM5
15 October at 14:13 via Selective Twitter Status (4) (4) 路 follow @bobbygill
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Andrea Smart
Andrea Smart
See you there on Friday Bobby. xxx
15 October at 14:31
Sheetal Vithlani
Sheetal Vithlani
thought you said no more seminars for rest of yr?
15 October at 14:39

It’s not really a seminar is it!?
18 October at 20:07

Under promise and over deliver!
14 October at 22:43 via Selective Twitter Status (5) (5) 路 follow @bobbygill
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What would Bobby Do… if he had to be on Playvybz radio show with Elliot Kay at 9-30pm and was tied up elsewhere?
He’d report via text/ sms from An Evening With Steven Covey. Having been to see Billionaire In Training Brad Sugars in the morning. A lesson they both have to share is the move from Managers to Leaders.
Brad says dictionary definition … Read moreof ‘to manage’ is ‘to get by’. ‘To lead’ is self explanatory! Which would you rather be?
Steven Covey says ‘Find your voice’ as inspired people don’t need supervision – inspire trust in others, involve other people by communicating their worth and potential. Motivation is Internal, not external. over and out 馃槈
14 October at 22:46
Faika Hassan-Ali
Faika Hassan-Ali
I know someone close to my heart who does the opposite! Lol lol lol
15 October at 10:31

Kenneth Spencer

Kenneth Spencer Hi Bobby, I have just got back from StepUP at Huddersfield.

Awesome speakers, teenager Sabirul Islam was inspirational, he moved the teenagers with his story,

speak to you soon
14 October at 21:20

Kenneth Spencer

Kenneth Spencer Hi Bobby I have at last actually set up a blog and I need a bit of help with it, what do you say?
14 October at 21:17

Off for lunch at Gt Portland St, then London, Hilton Metropole for Stephen Covey this evening http://www.covey.networkbillionaire.com
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Just been to see Brad Sugars on Business is Booming tour in London. Can’t believe its been 2 years since I was in Vegas on his workshop
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Fahad Maniar
Fahad Maniar
i was scheduled to go but breaking my hand wasn’t planned 馃檨
how was it?
14 October at 14:08

Brad is always good!
14 October at 22:30

Christina Nicolaides

Christina Nicolaides Hi Bobby, I am good thanks. How are you? Still on the seminar circuit I see… You crazy cat! xxx
14 October at 13:10 via Facebook for iPhone

Kenneth Spencer

Kenneth Spencer Hi Bobby, off to your old town, Huddersfield, for the SetpUP event today, 500 plus teenagers!

More later

14 October at 05:54

Huge Spider seen in Hammersmith!
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Faika Hassan-Ali
Faika Hassan-Ali
I was in Hammersmith today and never saw that! 馃檨
13 October at 23:09

Got to be looking out my window to see it… lol…
15 October at 12:41

Hey Brad Sugars – hope you’ve had a good UK tour. See you in London tomorrow.
13 October at 14:48

Where does your mind wander when you wonder?
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Christina Nicolaides
Christina Nicolaides
Well yours wanders to me every now and again! 馃檪
14 October at 13:11

14 October at 13:46

Mobile Uploads
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“There is More to Life Than Increasing its Speed” – Gandhi
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At XL London meeting increasing the ‘Speed of Trust’
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Bobby’s Blog Update: Bringing you the World’s Best in London!: What Would Bobby Do? Mov.. http://bit.ly/LtMJg
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Is online with his Orange mobile dongle… Mobile laptop and internet finally!
12 October at 14:19 (9) (9)
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Know about it!? Wait till I put a picture up!

LOL… reminds me of the joke about the guy with the yellow dongle that used to eat Wotsits, whilst watching porn… but anyway…
12 October at 14:47
Raj Walia
Raj Walia
If Bobby wasn’t busy enough now he has an orange dongle to play with. Lol Bobby thanks for being the cheerful you.have ways of making people smile.
13 October at 18:24


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Best tip from Darren Eden Initiation workshop was to do what you love. Thanks… I will…
11 October at 22:08 (3) (3)
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Steph Daniels
Steph Daniels
Missed you today…..
11 October at 23:48

Natalie Muscat

Natalie Muscat Hey sweetie, How are you??? What are you up to nowadays… I’m back at uni in Switzerland… xxx
11 October at 17:50

Kenneth Spencer

Kenneth Spencer Hi Bobby,

Good to talk to you last night, you are a party animal!

How do fit it all in?

Yes Bobby the picture illustrates you do have eyebrows or am i missing something? What are you trying to tell me?

Oh yes time to sign out,

bye for now

10 October at 07:27

At an intuition workshop The Initiation with Darren Eden this weekend
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Went to see Randolph Maatthews perform with Steve – he is a unique and brilliant artist that you must see live to believe.
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Jo Kenworthy

Jo Kenworthy Sorry to have missed you – wanted to come tues but my daughter had an open night at her new school. Have you relocated to London now? Hope things are good for you love Jox
08 October at 22:31

Jams Cooper

Jams Cooper do you know many financial traders by any chance bobby??? are you in londonland full time now? hope everything is well:)
08 October at 22:16 (1) (1)
Jayne Thorpe
Jayne Thorpe
I know a few if you them them Jams.
09 October at 00:07

Managed to get from Huddersfield to Hammersmith using car, train and tube without GPS or tubemap. What an improvement
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Steve Stavrinou
Steve Stavrinou
A genuine Breakthrough To Success! 馃檪
08 October at 22:07
Faika Hassan-Ali
Faika Hassan-Ali
Hey u. U should have rang us as we live not too far from Hammersmith. It would have been great to catch up!
09 October at 02:31

Pa Joof

Pa Joof
In this photo:
MMI Crew London _Aug 09
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Sarah Horn

Sarah Horn Thanks for the photo B – you’re a gem xx
07 October at 13:09

Who else thinks Dumb & Dumber is a brilliant film and a modern classic deserving recognition?
07 October at 11:23 via Mobile Web (1) (1)
Sharon O’Farrell
Sharon O’Farrell
One of my absolute favourites – never fails to make me laugh out loud every time I see it!
12 October at 09:55

Is it really 2am! Yawn… I should be asleep after a tiring and mind expanding couple of weeks
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Phil Martin
Phil Martin
Me 2 Bobby, just preparing for Excel Property Investor Show, I need to go to bed :o)
07 October at 02:06
Jams Cooper
Jams Cooper
ditto. need to email you later this week, need help with ideas and networking if poss?
hope you’re well tiger:) power nap, alpen and go get the world;)
07 October at 02:16

Satnam Punglia

Satnam Punglia
In these photos:
GBI-London 09
GBI- T Harv Eker
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In this photo:
MMI London
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Davaa Dorj

Davaa Dorj
In these photos:
MMI Crew London _Aug 09
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Davaa Dorj

Davaa Dorj
In this photo:
MMI Crew London _Aug 09
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Davaa Dorj

Davaa Dorj
In this photo:
MMI Crew London _Aug 09
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Charlotte Allen

Charlotte Allen bobster! long time no speak, how are you buddy> ? x
06 October at 21:47

Deepak from Simple To Bridge at www.NorthernPropertyNetwork.co.uk sharing NMD & other creative finance solutions.
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John Pownall is at http://www.NorthernPropertyNetwork.co.uk sharing property & internet marketing tips on buying/selling property & info
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Cammy Ciurdea

Cammy Ciurdea
In these photos:
MMI London
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Carolina Knight

Carolina Knight hey Bobby! have been following your principle of ‘there is no such thing as big decisions, only decisions’ and it’s great. Have asked Chris and he’s moved in- having a great time! so thanks! 馃檪 xx
06 October at 17:02 (1) (1)

Don’t ‘blame’ me… lol… Happy for both of you 馃槈 x
06 October at 17:07

Driving back from London for the http://www.NorthernPropertyNetwork.co.uk in Hudds today. (Safety notice: I took a text stop at a service station to type this)
06 October at 11:50 via Mobile Web (1) (1)
Alex Mitchell
Alex Mitchell
Don’t believe ya
06 October at 13:29

Grateful to Success Resources for the opportunity to meet T. Harv Eker this weekend In London.
05 October at 11:39 via Mobile Web (1) (1)
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Erin Ross

Erin Ross Thank you, Bobby, for thinking of me. I’m glad to have you in my life and on the planet! Sending love and a great bighug, e
05 October at 00:37

T. Harv Eker and Kieron Sweeney are wrapping up Day 5 of GBI on Sunday. Doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun learning!?
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Alex Mandossian sharing some brilliant internet marketing tips at Guerrilla Business Intensive.
03 October at 17:11 via Mobile Web

Listening to Joel Roberts at Guerrilla Business Intensive. He is crazy / mental but above all, a GENIUS in Communication with Impact!
02 October at 18:00 via Mobile Web

“Love nice people, do business with RICH people.” T. Harv Eker
02 October at 17:46 via Mobile Web (2) (2)
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Dean Ferracho
Dean Ferracho
Love it!
02 October at 20:28

Anybody got ‘7 Habits of Highly Effective People’ audio book on CD that I can borrow. Want to prepare for http://www.covey.networkbillionaire.com
02 October at 08:18 via Mobile Web

Just got back home from @Jemma Prittie house warming. @Elliot Kay looking like a bum and @Adam Shaw setting higher standards for seminar wind ups!
02 October at 00:33 via Mobile Web

Needed to go buy Krispy Kreem doughnuts this morning for event. None at Hammersmith tube but got them at a service station on drive to Alexander Palace. Came back to car and blocked in by KK doughnut truck! The irony of it.
02 October at 00:30 via Mobile Web

Dwayne Kerr

Dwayne Kerr ???
I was at the bar spending my ill-gained internet profits, what happened to you???
01 October at 18:47

Another great day accidentally winding up events organisers & staff. Might write a new book titled “Six Habits of Highly Ineffective & Lazy People”
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