Rent to Own Options and Free Business Seminar!

Here are details on Rent To Own, events and other business seminars.
Hopefully I’ll catch up with you somewhere this month.

Rick Otton and David Lee are the experts on Rent To Own Options. Rick is coming over to the UK in April to share his knowledge on How to Buy A House for a Pound.
And Shimon Rudich a Rent To Own Solicitor/Lawyer is speaking at the Northern Property Network Event.

Free Teleconference
There is a FREE Teleconference on Thursday 5th February 2009
You can find the link at: >
About 1/4 of the way down the page, just underneath the Trump, Kiyosaki and Allen pictures, where it says “SPECIAL EVENT THURSDAY 5th FEBRUARY – Click here to join Rick’s Worldwide Teleconference”

2-day training
You can book onto Rick’s 2 day event in London on Saturday/Sunday 4th-5th April 2009. Excuse the audio/video autoplay and check out the INFO packed page here:

Rent to Own Cash Flow Nights
Rent to Own Cash Flow Night Presentations with David Lee the Cashflow Investor
Bracknell, Berkshire – Tuesday February 10th 2009
Ealing, London – Thursday February 12th 2009
Sheffield, Yorkshire – Thursday February 19th 2009
> <- BOOK NOW! Rent To Own Solicitor Talk

The Northern Property Network was postponed due to Extreme Weather Warnings. I still made it down to meet those who had plans to travel. Bob and Roger, who’d booked into the hotel anyway, had a meal with me and we had a great chat all evening on all things property and life!

Luckily for the rest of you, this still gives you an opportunity to listen to Shimon Rudich, a local Rent To Own solicitor who is still coming to share his inside knowledge.

HUDDERSFIELD – Tuesday, 17th February 2009
Northern Property Network >


Bob Proctor – Create Your Own Economy
London, 6th-8th February 2009
This weekend Bob Proctor from The Secret is going to be in London for a 3-day event called Create Your Own Economy.
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Clinton Swaine – Play To Win
LONDON, Friday 13th-15th February 2009
Next weekend, I will be crewing at Play To Win with Clinton Swaine for a 3-day business seminar and you can get FREE Complimentary tickets using the link below.
To read my review go to my blog:

I hope that’s not too much info for you to digest.

I’ll see the Southern Winners in London for Play To Win and
the Northern Property Tycoons in Huddersfield for the NPN.

All the best,

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