September 2009 in Facebook status updates

    Go to this event at the weekend for a discount. The Rent To Own Workshop with Rick Otton and David Lee Discount code: CASHFLOWGURU if you book now to get 拢100 off
30 September at 20:50

  Are all BMW drivers inconsiderate pricks or just the majority of them?
29 September at 23:03

  Anybody want to attend Guerrilla Business Intensive for the next few days – starts tomorrow. Call me tonight with why you want to go!?
29 September at 17:41

  Getting ready for Guerrilla Business Intensive with T. Harv Eker. Will you be there this week?
29 September at 11:20   (2) (2)
Sarah Jayne Hewitt
Sarah Jayne Hewitt
I will Bobby!
29 September at 12:45

See you there 馃檪
29 September at 13:20

  Had the weekend off, now back to plans for world domination!
28 September at 10:55

  Listening to Brett McFall, a great finish to the Mark Anastasi Quick Cash event.
27 September at 16:40

  You know its been a long day (and too many Coronas) when you try to open the front door with your Oyster Card
26 September at 22:45

  Sat here with @David Lee discussing Rent To Own workshop in Manchester with Rick Otton on Monday. Northern Property Investors must be there to learn from the World’s Best!
26 September at 20:28


Bobby likes Eloise Ansell’s video Julie overcomes issues using BodyTalk.

  Just been to catch up with @Simon Zutshi at his Mastermind Reunion in London. Might call in on his workshop tomorrow.
26 September at 20:22

  Now that’s a proper brunch at a little Cafe opposite Prince of Wales pub at Earls Court.
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Robert Clark
Robert Clark
I guessed as much – that the problem with you, too much healthy living.
28 September at 19:03
Simone Phillips
Simone Phillips
A diet! What a seefood diet – see food and eat it tee hee xx
02 October at 01:27

  Listening to Alex Goad sharing loads of internet marketing info and Google tips, at top speed! Heard him before but so good I came back for more. Got here early to see Armand Morin again. Glad they saved the best till last, he’s so Inspirational!
26 September at 15:07

  Reading ‘The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People’ by Stephen Covey ready for his visit to London on 14th October:
25 September at 20:35

  Listening to Reed Floren sharing Giveaway info and list building tips. He’s been marketing for 10 years and is semi-retired at only 23!
25 September at 17:25

  At Mark Anastasi’s Speed Cash Seminar at Earls Court. Come on down if you’re not busy watching TV this weekend.
25 September at 09:54

  Just been on the Chopra Challenge. Turned up at the Sold Out Deepak event for a spare ticket. It was gone by time I got back from the cash point. Lesson: It pays to carry cash!
24 September at 19:02

  Next time you see someone, somewhere you wouldn’t expect to, it’s not because you’re mad but they are really there! I’m glad I asked Michelle Clarke to clear that up for me, else I was going to go back to bed till 2010 questioning my sanity!
24 September at 17:29 
Julia McDaid
Julia McDaid
Aren’t you normally that person? 馃槈
24 September at 18:20

  Did you vote Today for Dynamic Mr. Elliot Kay ? Are you an Elliot fan or will the winner be the lovely Jules Wyman ? Get your votes in Now for Britains Next Top Coach:
24 September at 16:12 
Elliot Kay
Elliot Kay
ooohhhhh can I be dynamic and lovely? thanks for your support
24 September at 17:05

  Went to watch Dorian Gray – what would you do if you could put your soul in a picture & what would it look like?
23 September at 23:41
Alex Mitchell
Alex Mitchell
I’ve got one don’t you know. I’m 138 years young.
26 September at 13:30

  Nearly got through a week’s worth of 1500 emails! Phew… And tomorrow? Add the 200+ friends waiting for a reply for over a month… Apologies, I’m getting round to you all 馃檪
23 September at 19:37    (8) (8)
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Marcia Gladwin
Marcia Gladwin
oh you supporter you. Want to talk to a real person instead of emails/ face book? If so @ home tomorrow and would love to chat x x x
23 September at 20:19
Darren Eden
Darren Eden
I think it’s your natural charm. I’ll have to try and pick some next time in London. Ny to come by though.tme tell you.
23 September at 22:30

  In The Royal National Hotel and the cafe has just been mobbed by some Tour Reps.
23 September at 18:01 

24 hour Tescos by Russell Square apparently. And the poor buggers are meeting at 6.30am in the morning! So much for being a tourist and going on ‘holiday’
23 September at 18:04

  Why Ask anyone else when you can ASCII-Bobby !? 馃檪
Profile Pictures
23 September at 12:08 

  Congratulations to Great Expectations, Jemma Prittie, supporting Elliot Kay for Britains Next Top Coach. Come on Think Big Education, Dan Storey, Jules Wyman would love the support too 馃槈
22 September at 17:53 
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  Still got student rooms to rent in Huddersfield and referrals paid! Contact me now if you know anyone.
22 September at 17:10    (6) (6)
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Ben Austin
Ben Austin
You never know… I reckon with a good contra-deal set-up, Huddersfield could have it’s very own Bobby’s Palace! :o) (Like Stringfellows just without the leopard skin thong!)
22 September at 19:06

That’ll teach me to ask a proper northerner for ‘tips’!
22 September at 19:10

 Bobby Gill is barking mad! Woof…
21 September at 19:45    (6) (6)
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Richard Holmes
Richard Holmes
21 September at 20:59

 Bobby’s Blog: It’s A Dog’s Life – Or is it?
Have you noticed how dogs like to play? You can pat them, play fetch and get them to roll over when they’re in a good mood. They will be your best friends and do what they can to please you.Make sure you look after that dog though, as one day you will realise the dog isn’t there. …
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  Still recovering from a weekend with Davaa Dorj, Iulia Palade, Cammy Ciurdea and Petra Ivan. Big night out on Saturday, a relaxing Sunday and now why is it Monday already!?
21 September at 13:09    (3) (3)
Julia McDaid
Julia McDaid
and since when did it bother you what day it was??
21 September at 14:13
Davaa Dorj
Davaa Dorj
Haha…hope you get full recovery by the GBI
21 September at 14:48

It matters since I got lots to do in a limited time frame. Time doesn’t exist unless someone sets a date/time for something to happen! Busy, busy, hope you’re all well. See you at GBI Davaa and at the Initiation Julia 馃檪
21 September at 15:33

  Join my fanpage here for Blog updates and other fun stuff!

Making a Difference and Inspiring People, whilst having FUN! “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” Below you will find updates to my blog as and when they happen! I’ll be spending more time, doing fewer but better quality thi…ngs. Don’t want to be a fan or a friend? Kindly hit  . If you need me, give me a call. Don’t have my number? Call someone who does! And most importantly – LIVE the life you desire! Bon voyage, Bobby 馃檪 Writer. Property, Business and NLP Coach. Why do I have a fanpage? Why not! Because less is MORE.Read more
Other Public Figure:1,067 fans
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  Loving lazy sundays, time to relax and catch up.
20 September at 18:07
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  Out with the Karma Krew tonight at On Anon, Piccadilly Circus. Party!
19 September at 20:08

 Bobby’s Blog!: Bringing you the World’s Best in London!
What Would Bobby Do? Move to London :-)Many people complain that time and distance to get to events in London is too much – and that’s even before the costs of food and accommodation. For those that are …
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Darren Eden
Darren Eden
Cool. I’ll send you the guest link so you can reserve your seat.
19 September at 19:39
Julia McDaid
Julia McDaid
Are you going Bobby? I’ll see you there!
21 September at 14:15

  Seems to be getting told off a lot today, surely it is a mis-communication. Women!!
18 September at 18:59    (13) (13)
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Sally Griffin
Sally Griffin
Bobby, with that comment you just love………rubbing them up the wrong way-)
18 September at 22:25
Dhriti Mehra
Dhriti Mehra
It is almost tomorrow!!
18 September at 22:58


Bobby likes Tobie Ward’s link.

Bobby likes Elliot Kay’s link.

Bobby likes Jules Wyman’s video Spot your friends…

  Has monkeys on his back. I won’t say who they are…
18 September at 12:35    (3) (3)
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Jams Cooper
Jams Cooper
grumpy, sleepy, happy, dopey… hahahahahaha.
18 September at 12:37
Simon Crabb
Simon Crabb
18 September at 12:45

  Anita Langley, Adam Symes, Richard Holmes , Duncan Turner – late night last night at Penny Powers Ecademy book launch. Did you all get home OK? The @’s work – woo-hoo!
18 September at 12:26    (2) (2)
Cammy Ciurdea
Cammy Ciurdea
I can confirm that both Mr Symes and Mr Turner made it home 馃檪 x LOL
18 September at 12:38
Richard Holmes
Richard Holmes
I made it too, thanks!
18 September at 13:33

  The Ecademy Blackstars had a private party after the book launch, so we had our own that they missed out on 馃槈 @Anita Langley @Adam Symes @Duncan Turner @Kate A’Vard @Richard Palmer
17 September at 23:47

And the @’s don’t work properly on mobile!
17 September at 23:50

  Just did a trip on the tube with my nose in The London Paper whilst ignoring everyone. OMG, I may have been infected by Londonitis! :-0
17 September at 17:59

  Off to an Ecademy book launch near Victoria, London for Penny Powers new book.
17 September at 16:01    (2) (2)
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  At the Internet Cafe in Hammersmith as the free Sky connection at my place is poo!
17 September at 15:11    (8) (8)
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Full of weirdos (I’m no exception!)
17 September at 15:35

This internet is slower than the speed I work at as well! Bummer…
Heidi – no time for socialising in real life when paying to be on FB.
Satie – pressie for me? Woo-hoo… what is it?
Laurence – where and when?
Satnam – lay off the alcohol before dinner time!… Read more
Rob – need to talk to you too. Will ring after you’ve finished with satnam 馃槈
17 September at 15:46

  Watched District 9 – what a strange film. It is to movies what contempary dance is to dancing!?!
16 September at 23:07

  Feel that there is an air of apathy around people this week, brought on by the change in weather. What do you think?
16 September at 19:27

  Having walked round London for last 2 hours, finally agree Tube Map is not representative of actual distance or location. It has served me well for a month, time to get an A to Z me thinks!
16 September at 15:42
Wasim Ahmed
Wasim Ahmed
16 September at 16:08

  Thought it was hilarious when I wanted to post a letter to Bradford and guy in Post Office wanted to put a Via Airmail sticker on it. Passports please…
16 September at 15:17

  Do you know any students at Huddersfield University or college wanting a room to rent? 拢100 referral paid! Contact me now.
16 September at 09:26

  Waiting for Adam Shaw to do his in Regent’s Park. NOT still waiting here for tonight’s walk but the next one!
14 September at 20:21    (4) (4)
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Sheetal Vithlani
Sheetal Vithlani
14 September at 20:26
Andrea Priddey
Andrea Priddey
Hey Bobby, did you get my message? x
14 September at 20:59
Adam Shaw
Adam Shaw
14 September at 22:42

  wondering what the ‘next step’ is…
14 September at 09:43

  Nothing keeps you focused like a hot cup of coffee between your legs whilst driving!
12 September at 08:27   (3) (3)
Steven Aspinall
Steven Aspinall
Was you driving while you typed that message?? 馃槈
12 September at 11:45
Robert Clark
Robert Clark
how about juggling with chainsaws?
12 September at 22:06
Steven Aspinall
Steven Aspinall
Or hot coal. Lol
12 September at 22:16

  Good intentions to get up at 5.15am today. The snooze button is not your friend – or is it?
12 September at 08:25

  Spending the weekend with Clinton Swaine and the Frontier family in The Sheraton, Heathrow.
11 September at 07:41

  Will you be at Play To Win this weekend?
10 September at 10:36
Steph Daniels
Steph Daniels
Unfortunately not. Be there in spirit. Enjoy
10 September at 13:17

  Watched Funny People – a dark comedy that finally shows Adam Sandler is a good actor. Raymond & Eminem were hilarious cameos.
10 September at 00:28


Bobby likes Elliot Kay’s video Clinton Swaine gives his backing to Elliot.

Bobby commented on Claire Boyles’s note Fifteen Films.

Bobby likes Leena Patel’s link.

  Going to see MJ* Thriller Live tonight in London with friends.
08 September at 16:31    (6) (6)
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Andrew Mullins
Andrew Mullins
How totally ‘Off the Wall’. Sorry couldn’t resist. Hey Bobby howzit going??? RSVP sometime.
08 September at 16:46

That was ‘Bad’!

* It is a tribute show so don’t expect the real Michael Jackson to be making an appearance. We were booked for the O2 tonight but plans changed!
08 September at 16:54

  The greatest thing you can experience is to be able to really see yourself in others…
08 September at 14:47    (7) (7)
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Daniel Priestley
Daniel Priestley
for better and worse
08 September at 14:52
Wendy Loudon
Wendy Loudon
How true is this xxxxx
08 September at 18:44

  Been having some ‘more’ challenges with the finances this weekend, then remembered So going to suck it up and keep on trucking!
07 September at 12:01    (5) (5)
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  Going to howl at the full moon tonight!
04 September at 22:26    (8) (8)
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‘Myke’ Michael Anthony Snuggs
men in white coats to the ready!
04 September at 22:27
Julia McDaid
Julia McDaid
why??? you sprouting hairs all over??
04 September at 22:46

Yup – hairs ALL over!!
07 September at 12:02

  Just finished putting a house together that one of my tenants too apart. Why, oh why!?
04 September at 22:25    (5) (5)
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Jams Cooper
Jams Cooper
hahahahahaha… was fred west your last lodger?
04 September at 22:38
Satie Punglia
Satie Punglia
you love it really Bobby
04 September at 23:19

 ‘s Blog!: How Ordinary is your Life?
At last night’s XL meeting Steve Ireland brought along a great short film about an ordinary life that becomes extraordinary when there is someone else there to watch it. It’s called ‘Personal Spectator’ and you can watch it below …and see how it makes you feel, all the way to the twist at the end. …..Read more
04 September at 17:20   路 Share
Leena Patel
Leena Patel
Hey Bobby, thanks for this vid, brilliant, hope you ok!! x
04 September at 17:22

  Anybody got any jobs in London? Have a few friends looking for work. Please send me a message or let me know if you hear of anything. Thanks.
04 September at 16:36    (6) (6)
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Alex Mitchell
Alex Mitchell
only for therapists
05 September at 13:18

I’m looking for a job Alex, not to be referred… lol…
07 September at 12:28


Bobby likes Heidi Amber Sutton’s link.

Bobby likes Adam Labno’s link.

Bobby commented on Danny Rampling’s link.

Bobby likes Danny Rampling’s link.

  “80 percent of success is just showing up” – Woody Allen
03 September at 23:34    (14) (14)
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Tim Neale
Tim Neale
will do tomorrow 馃檪
04 September at 00:33
Shaghayegh Esther Yehudit Shayesteh
Shaghayegh Esther Yehudit Shayesteh
it’s time gill, it’s time!
04 September at 04:54

  Learning to say ‘NO’ to things that aren’t helping my purpose. Supporter lessons from Wealth Dynamics coming to a blog near you soon.
03 September at 16:43    (10) (10)
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John Marshall
John Marshall
Blogs are the way to go Bobby!
03 September at 16:44
Ben Austin
Ben Austin
Wealth Dynamics. One of the most profound systems of thinking I’ve ever learned. Fine work sonny.
03 September at 17:40
Marie-Claire Carlyle
Marie-Claire Carlyle
Bring it on Bobby!! from a fellow supporter! x
03 September at 18:25

  Got a TomTom power cable off E-Bay and then found another one too, just like buses – none for ages and then two come along at once. Hope they fit as my tube map is getting worn out!
Mobile Uploads
by:Jemma Prittie
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  The rash is starting to clear!
03 September at 16:39    (8) (8)
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Taran Meowage Bains
Taran Meowage Bains
errr! u skank!
03 September at 19:24
Darren Eden
Darren Eden
Just keep scatching Bobby
03 September at 21:03

  Why am I up this late… again!?
03 September at 01:40    (3) (3)
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Goodnight SS… Goodnight world! xx
03 September at 02:23

  Got some more tenants sorted today and called banks to sort some issues out. All in all a good day. Oops… going to be late for XL meeting tonight
02 September at 17:24    (2) (2)
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  Doesn’t time fly. Already another month… hope you use it well!
01 September at 23:23    (2) (2)
Veronica Kinsbourg
Veronica Kinsbourg
And almost the year over again!!!! Time flies to quickly.
02 September at 00:47
Julia McDaid
Julia McDaid
It’s going to be a good month though!
03 September at 17:30

  Going to be at XL North West in Manchester on Wednesday – see you there.
Net-worth building with XL North West!
Connect… Inspire… Create…
Location:Amblehurst Hotel
Time:Wednesday, 02 September 2009 18:30
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Bobby likes Marcia Gladwin’s link.

Bobby became a fan of Disney Pixar. 

Bobby attended Net-worth building with XL North West! 

Bobby attended YES Group North Social at Aakash. 

Bobby attended Northern Property Network – TUESDAY 1st September 2009. 

  Going to the Northern Property Network meeting tonight with David Price and Neil Marsden
01 September at 14:56 
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  Driving back North from London. Pulled in for a hitch hiker but someone beat me to it. Maybe get another one later!
01 September at 09:24

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