Social Media Workshop – Saturday 9th May, Bristol

Social Media Workshop – Hosted by Ben Leppier and Barry Davies from South West Property Network

Date and location: Saturday 9th of May 2009 in Bristol!

“Teaching you how to get people to come to you and keep them interested by adding value to their lives”

Your wealth is directly proportional to the size of your network and we all know that our Net-work is our Net-Worth!

Build your powerful online presence with social media!

tick1Wanna make more money?

tickWanna get more mileage out of your marketing budget?

tick1Do you want to attract people to YOU without leaving your chair?

tick1Wanna build your online presence like the big stars below?

Just ask influential people and celebrities such as Richard Branson, Barack Obama and Ashton Kutcher who are now seeing the benefits of social media and riding the waves of change.

Barack Obama leveraging social mediaBarack Obama leveraging social media
Dicky Branson doing the sameDicky Branson doing the same

Build your powerful online presence with each form of social media:

Facebook / Myspace / Twitter / Blog / RSS / Youtube / Google

Who is this workshop for?
  • Start-up businesses
  • SME’s
  • Property investors
  • Internet businesses
  • Event organisers
  • Anyone who wants to get more mileage out of their marketing budget
Those wanting to learn more about Social Media and how to use it to grow their business
You will receive help to set-up:
Groups / pages / events management using Facebook / and a multitude of other on-line methods.
You will be shown how to add value to your customers and not be seen as just another salesperson looking for another sale, taking advantage of social media!
Want to hear from Bobby himself before you commit to coming and finding out more at this exciting course we have put together?
Then listen to his free talk here:

Press Play on the bar at the bottom of the presentation to start the audio.
Click on the bottom right icon to make it full size so you can read the slides as well.

This is a presentation Bobby did at the Northern Property Network during March 2009.

Only £197
For more details and other payment options
Contact Ben on 07963627804

Who is Bobby Gill if you don’t know him already?
I asked Bobby Gill repeatedly to do a workshop and he declined many times. He wouldn’t even write his own sales page as his focus is on other people, friends, customers alike. So here’s what I can tell you about him.
He’s someone who just likes to get on with it than talk at people telling them how good he is. People he’s met and worked with all give him glowing recommendations, should he take the time to slow down and ask. ‘Be the change you want to see in the world ‘ as Gandhi said and Bobby agrees, do what you want to achieve and others will follow and want to join your cause.
He is a leader, he sets the trend, he is the spring/summer & Autumn winter catalogue of social media, he can show you how to be the same and get a head start on others and the competition.
To date he has spent 1000+ hours per year researching, following and taking part in the social media trends and advising people on strategies.
Bobby says it’s NOT a popularity contest, those just the numbers will not be able to keep up with a personal service.

He has connected with:

  • 1600+ through facebook
  • 1100+ through twitter
  • Approx. 1000 page loads through Blogging
And these are all people that found him!
Contrary to popular belief it is NOT a numbers game, you will be shown how to work on the quality of your network, rather than the size
He is regularly asked by serious property investors, networkers and event organisers to assist them in marketing their OWN events.
You may already know some of the people that he has helped solve problems for and connected with others. If you don’t then his modesty, professionalism and confidentially means you probably never will. Rest assured he knows what he’s talking about!
His background in personal development, coaching and NLP also means he can help you apply techniques to improve your business by connecting and communicating effectively with people. He doesn’t just talk about this stuff, Bobby walks the walk as well!
He will make you his friend on facebook and just by mentioning the name Bobby Gill will make the environment a warm one when establishing working and social relationships with others, which we have found out ourselves.
He does not like the term Mentor/Guru or Expert and prefers to call himself a Coach.

“I bring out the best in people and just give them more options to do things differently.”
“My mission is to Make a Difference and Inspire People, whilst having FUN!” – Bobby

If you’d like some of that get signed up now as places really are limited for this workshop.

Only £197
For more details and other payment options
Contact Ben on 07963627804

Hosted by Ben Leppier and Barry Davies from South West Property Network

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  1. Excellent video Bobby. Can’t make this workshop and I know a lot of it already – but best of luck and hope you get a good crowd.


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