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It’s time to let the cat out the bag!

As you’re probably aware I’m a big fan of property and networking, as well as being informed of the latest news out there when it come’s to staying ahead of the game.

So let me be the first to introduce you to High Flyers Network. If you’ve been eagerly waiting for the link, here it is:


And if you want to find out more, here’s the lowdown.

Over the last few months my friend Sonny Walia has been secretly creating what can only be described as a ‘game changer’!

Here’s what we mean…

Whatever business you’re in… Forex, property, Internet etc they’re all classed by many as a game.

There are rules to the game to keep every player in check (so to speak) and we (you and I) are classed as the players.

Now every now and then, some bright spark will surface out of nowhere and bring with them a tool or service that will grant those that find it a serious *advantage* over other players, and it’s time to share with you the latest one in property!

This is so exciting, it is going to seriously ‘flip’ your business and put you in the BIG game with the BIG players!

To learn more click the link below



How many property networking events do you get to attend each month?

And if you were able to DOUBLE that – how much of an impact do you think that would have on YOUR business?

Now imagine if you were able to attend 10 of these amazing events… WITHOUT having to leave your home!

That’s right… NO travel!

…sound exciting – I told you it would be!

Now listen – I’m no mathematician – but I roughly worked out that *IF* it were possible to attend 10 events a month it would cost, give or take the best part of £1000.

(average of £100 per event – fuel food entrance fee etc)


So, baring that in mind – if I also told you that this BRAND NEW service not only puts 10 of the UK’s TOP property expert events and MORE at your fingertips every month… but will also save YOU over £980 a month…

…would that grab your attention?

I thought so… because it certainly grabbed mine when Sonny Walia (the creator) first shared this idea with me!


Sonny has just opened the doors BUT – with a twist!

Being a HUGE fan of the property networking business himself Sonny wants to PROVE that his new service not only hits the ‘nail square on the head’ but has the power to catapult YOUR business to the next level.

So… for a limited time only he is offering a 14 day100% risk free trial to his ‘high flyers network’ service for you to test drive and evaluate for yourself just how powerful this ‘game changer’ really is.

Go check it out now – you’ll be amazed at what Sonny has cleverly created and MORE so at the incredible results it will yield to both YOU and YOUR property business in 2009.


See you on the ‘inside’,

To YOUR amazing success.

Your friend,

Bobby 🙂

PS: In a recent phone conversation with Sonny he mentioned that to keep the high flyers network EXCLUSIVE he is capping the memberships at 1000.

Now taking into consideration that this is being launched out to nearly 100,000 people with a free trial attached means that by the close of business today there is a pretty good chance that ALL those places will be gone – so make sure YOU’RE one of the savvy and get on the INSIDE ASAP.

Get the advantage on your competition:


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