Real simple secrets to getting coaching clients that expert don’t tell you!

simplicityBy the way, this started as a short post but turned into a conversation (with myself) so I’d recommend reading to the end if you really want to know the whole truth.

(Sidenote: This took me around 3 hours to write and edit for you, in which time I could have almost authored a book!)

There’s no squeeze box to get these golden nuggets. I was going to share privately or just leave it as another unshared passing ‘genius thought’ in my head – but what’s the point of having a blog if you can’t share the good stuff that will help people!?

Right. Are you sitting comfortably? Then let’s begin.

Having been out of the picture for the last couple of years, due to my own life going to shit (literally), I’m now on the mend and want to start doing what I used to; which is helping people by sharing the energy and love that we have within us.  Then I thought why not just start coaching again!

A not so long time ago (like the beginning of this week), I simply just got started again doing what I love.
And it’s been Awesome so far, as it has also helped me increase my energy, creativity, thoughts and life, whilst giving others what they need/want, which is hope, clarity and help. It also gets me out of my ‘story’ and thinking about my part in their growing stories (a shared vision).

So, a friend asked how I’d managed to get 4 coaching clients this week, like I had a secret strategy.
So I wondered how I could ‘fluff’ it up so he’d believe me (like building the tension in this post now), then I thought to myself “Do I really need to make it sound secret, ground-breaking or amazing?” (Now that is what people have been taught to expect by marketers, salesmen, media and mind manipulators.)  The answer was no, keep it simple and say it as it is.
K.I.S.S. = Keep It Simple Sexy!

The honest and truthful way is often the easiest, by also making it simple as well.
Does someone really need to sell you loads of books, ram it down your throat through a motivational presentation; sell you hundreds/thousands of pounds of products for you to ‘GET’ what the right thing to do in life is?
Do you really need to go to lots of events to find that spark of inspiration that lies within you already, is already lit and waiting to burn brightly?
(I say already lit, as if it wasn’t you’d not be here right now).

The media has confused people intentionally and the real thought leaders pushed aside for trashy pop-stars, celebrities and those that are only famous for being famous (or public screw-ups). The lifestyle and ‘cribs’ of the rich and glamourous (who have been touched up by photoshop to look that way) has been put on view for you to aspire to. Is that really what you (or they) really wanted? You can tell from their behaviour that many are screaming out for help and ‘peace of mind’.

[littleVoice]OK, get back on topic Bobby, everyone loves a good, engaging story but you did have a point didn’t you!?[/littleVoice]

Here’s the simple answer I gave my friend, to the question “how did you get the clients.”
(I will ‘fluff’ it up a little so you get the background as well)

–  I have always been honest, truthful and helped people in the past.
It didn’t matter who it was or why. I’ve had 2 hour conversations with people, where I got the coffee, they got their notebook out and I answered all their questions. At the end they’ve asked, “Oh… and is there anything I can help you with?”  The answer was usually always the same, “I’m good thanks.”  Those people that ‘get’ life, understood. Those that didn’t always felt a little confused and like they’d ‘taken’ from me.
The truth is, I don’t remember the names of a lot of these people and it’s not important, as anything good that happens to you and ‘repayment’ from the Universe comes from right angles. Thanks to Roger Hamilton (creator of wealth dynamics) for that lesson.
To make it clearer – no matter who you help; your repayment, karma, help, will come from another source that is out of your vision at the time.

–  Getting back to this ‘energy’ of giving unconditionally (as mentioned above) is key.

Also having been ‘around the block’ of life, it feels like many times over, I got to learn, grow and help in various areas.  Be it engineering, web design, property investing, stock trading (poorly, it’s not for me), internet marketing, legalese, dealing with corporations, events management, health, fitness etc… Yep, you’re probably thinking you only knew I did one of these things – or ‘none’ of these things as I have a ‘lazy/efficient’ reputation to keep 😉

People ask what I specialise in and what my niche is. Yes, Harry Singha (Youth Coaching Academy) keeps asking what I do; Daniel Priestley discusses KPI (Key Person Of Influence).
Everyone goes on about how to not go an inch deep and a mile wide, but an inch wide and a MILE DEEP in a subject and niche. They are absolutely right (and wrong at the same time). Let me explain, there are many goals in life for people and many ways to get to those goals. You need to pick what works for you.

Well I know who I am and what I do now. I’m a half mile deep ‘Generalist‘.

As a generalist I have knowledge of ‘content‘ (information) and an increased awareness of ‘context‘ (a view of the bigger picture and how the information can be applied in a wider field).
I usually see the end vision of what is possible but I’ll only ‘release’ it a piece at a time in bite sized chunks, whilst sharing a mid-point goal. This helps others see where something is headed without being overwhelmed with what the ‘impossible dream’ at the end could look like.
Dr John Demartini is a great guy to listen to if you ever want your mind massively expanding in a short time-frame!

Being a Leading Learner, I love to learn about everything, life, people, various topics, different subjects. If someone mentions something, I tell them what will help them with their challenge. Most of the time I refer them elsewhere, as my work is done and I save my time to just chill and hang out (I need to do more of that!)
Other times I help out personally and simply synthesise things I’ve learned and help them apply it to their specific problem.
There are times when people discuss a subject I know nothing about – so if I have an interest (I’m generally interested in most things), I’ll go and find out more.

That is why I like reading and editing friends’ manuscripts before print (as I learn more about them, their life and new topics). It doesn’t feel like work but more like ‘educational fun’. Yes I’m a writer (can’t you tell) but not an author yet.
Hey Mindy Gibbins-Klein (The Book Midwife), I’m not trying to put you out of business, I do point people your way as well; to get their book written, properly formatted and published 😉

–  As well as being open and honest about your thoughts and feelings about general topics, also share your personal life with people, the good time, the fun times and (some) of the bad times if you’re feeling up to being vulnerable.

–  By helping, sharing and being this way, three things happen – people get to know you, (may) start to like you and will then even trust you.

This does not need to be ‘engineered’, just be AUTHENTIC!
Be yourself, honest, truthful, let people know your values, character and what you stand for – and always do the right thing whenever possible.
There will then be those that will then get to know the ‘real you’, like you for being yourself and trust you if you’ve shown traits of being a decent, honest, trustworthy human being.
Of course there will be those that dislike you, as your ideas will conflict with their values of hidden dishonesty and corporate mentality – but don’t worry about them, their time will come to change their minds too!

youre-awesomeAlso, there is no competition, absolutely zero competition, for YOUR coaching clients!
Why? Well if you’re authentic and your awesome self, there is nobody like you. If you try to copy others… well you’re just a poor carbon clone.
If YOUR friends read this post, they will still LIKE you more than me.
Mine will have a preference to hang out with me instead.
There is no you -v- me -v- them.
That is a mind parasite planted by those that live in lack.
It just takes a little time to finally accept it but once you do, everyone else is a friend or collaborator.  Do you think Tony Robbins worries about people trying to be him!?

OK, back to my friend’s question…
Their question (verbatim): Care to share your strategy?
My simple answer: I only sent it [application] to a few Facebook friends that expressed interest in coaching. Of the 8 invitations sent, 4 followed through with the application as they know & trust me already.

Yep, that was my simple strategy.
(Backed up by my character, value, integrity etc. that they already knew about)

–  So, to get more (four) clients, I just put it out there (on Facebook) that I was looking to have a conversation with some people and help them with their businesses, no obligation.
I knew (generally speaking) that mainly people that already know, like and trust me would say yes.
They know already that I can help them (somehow), they like me (enough to want to talk to me) and trust me (enough to believe me about the ‘no obligation’).
Around 10 or so people contacted me in total so far and four (maybe five at time of writing) followed through.

–  Make it clear what kind of people you want to work with.
This is what I posted on Facebook, when I still had space for a couple more people:

“I’ve got time for 2 more coaching clients to help you with your business plan. 
If you know, like & trust me already – you will know exactly how I can help you. 
If not contact me for more info and I’ll answer all your questions.
My ideal client has at least one of the following:
1) A published book or a book in progress/being written
2) An existing business or start-up draft business plan ready-to-go (be it shop, internet or property based – but not MLM)
To answer your first questions that come to mind:
a) Is it free? No 
b) Is it affordable? Definitely 
c) Can you quit/cancel at any time? Of course
I’d also prefer applications to be from people that I actually know, like & trust as well (you will know if that applies to you).
If you’re interested and want to get started, contact me right away and send me a PM for more details.
P.S. When I say TWO more places, I mean it. 
I don’t do B.S. marketing/sales pitches or use fake scarcity tactics. 
Keeping it real & authentic 🙂 “

You see how clear it is on what I do want to do and what I don’t?
I also made it clear about the ‘money’ question, as I don’t want to be having people asking about just that or looking for ‘quotes’.
It will also attract those that it resonates with and hopefully get rid of the time-wasters and those looking to just get something for nothing (you know the type).

–  Learn to say NO.
If you don’t think you’ll be able to work with someone, refer them to somebody they will suit.
I also have to be careful, for the sake of my sanity and reputation, that I did not take on anyone that may conflict with the interests of my current clients in any way.
This is only an issue in the ‘property education’ niche at the moment and I appreciate the approach from those that have contacted me so far – this may of course change in the next 6 months if I come up with a mutually beneficial plan for everyone involved.

–  So how did I convince them to stay on as a client?
Well that was easy too, I didn’t try to convince them of anything. What, I hear you say!?
Heck, these are my friends and I would help them for free anyway! I didn’t need them as clients to force my help on them (just kidding, genuine tip: NEVER try to force help on people, they will not like you for it!)
We just had around a 1 hour discussion about what they could do to make changes to their business – various pricing strategies and improvements to what they were already doing well.
I then put a summary together on what they needed to action immediately, what a month’s goals would be and then a longer term stretch goal. They knew most of this but may not have had timeframes on getting these things done.

[image teamwork makes the dream work]
Even the ‘un-coachable’ client was “ready to get it done” after we’d finished talking.
Now why would I take on an ‘un-coachable’ client? Or even worse publicly mention it, in case they read it?
Well they’re just like ME! We are both people that aren’t easy to coach or be told what to do. We may ignore good advice because we ‘know it’ anyway and accept that we can’t be arsed at times. Yet there are other times, when no-one needs to tell us what to do and we will do it anyway (and some) and keep going to make big things happen. Also we know that teamwork makes the dream work. And even if we don’t reach that dream, we’ll get half way there and the journey will be fun.
Once we’d agreed that it was in both our interests to make this happen, we had an outcome we’d work towards – taking out the ‘coaching’ aspect of it.

Also being openly lazy (efficient) – I don’t like to spend more time on ‘work’ than necessary. So I opted for a mentoring model for the coaching, which simply means I won’t try to ‘draw out the answers from them’, there will be times when I just say: “these are my ideas, are we good to go with them or do you want to add something else or do it differently?”

This harks back to my ‘informal’ coaching days, when problems were fixed over a drink/coffee in half an hour, then we could enjoy the rest of our ‘catch up’ and just hang out.  Whoever thought coaching needs to be ‘by the hour’ and billed as such really needs to get out of the employee mindset and be shot! (with some chill-out serum)

Even though I am a Supporter profile and blaze energy, I can run around the Wealth Dynamics profile all day long (see it helps to be a generalist) and as long as I am supporting others, I can do anything in the other quadrants pretty well. If I can’t (or don’t want to) I always know someone who can.

–  Be clear on your ‘value’ and ‘terms’.
We (I) are always thinking we’re not good enough and working our way with self-worth challenges.
I tell my friends/clients and now you as well, value yourself more and others will too. Yep, I’m stepping up as well.
Make things mutually beneficial! Many coaches get into coaching because they want to help people but forget that it(they) should be valued too. Money is the standard form of value exchange we all understand and respect.

It’s not always about the money though. If you can be clear on what terms work best for you, then communicate that and it is still a “win-win” situation when you’re helping someone with their business and to earn more money.

Also a couple of the friends/clients wanted to refer people to me but I had to decline.

Here is the conversation on my genuine reasons why:

Them: “Meanwhile, I may recommend you to some other people along the way who may need a new coach. Nice one”
Me: “OK, sounds good. Let’s see how it goes over the next 4 weeks then. Also please ONLY recommend me to people I already know, as I’m more likely to make time for them then. Others, let me know so I can check them out first. In business we can’t always be choosy; in life we CAN ;-)”
Them: “Refreshing attitude, but I respect and admire it. Let’s see how [they] gets on with the Coach I’ve already suggested. But if I do recommend you to anyone else… No other reason than I want the best for my friends.”
Me: I completely understand. It’s just… I can only commit so much time. Also I knew my coaching/mentoring would end up taking on a more intensive role. So I want to dedicate my time to serving you and the 4 other friends/clients as well.”

Yes I have a big capacity and energy to take on more – but I have finite time and focus.

I have a permanent position working for one of the best property investment educators in the UK, Simon Zutshi. This takes up most of my time.
I’m also that good and efficient that I can support my team, get stuff done well and quickly, whilst still having energy to spare.
I just wanted some variety and to help some of my friends out at the same time, who may be currently blocking their BIGGER success, that is long overdue to them and they deserve! I have made the coaching/mentoring relationship clear as well – I’m not there to be their fun ‘friend’ on sessions.

–  I’ve also learned to say NO, sometimes you just can’t help everyone. Be polite and refer them elsewhere. You may not get along with them or be able to get excited about their projects. There’s nothing wrong with that, you can’t please all of the people all of the time – I’ve learned that lesson by trying to! Some would call it a fail, the enlightened ones would call it a ‘learning opportunity’. Know when to quit and not repeat actions that don’t serve you or the other person.

So what’s the key to success and getting more clients? 
You don’t need more, you just need ONE (another one).

Here are the “Real simple secrets to getting coaching clients that experts don’t tell you”

So the process is simple:
–  Do good work, be a good person, be honest, put value out into the Universe all the time without an expectation of return.
–  Define your ideal client.
–  Put the offer to people you already know.
–  I then have a simple form for them to fill in and a small token payment to review their business plan.
(As they’re friends I’d do it for free (for love) for them anyway, I just want them to value it as well. The payment creates that energy exchange of value.)
–  On the first session, give them all the info and ideas you can think of and can come up with.
–  Be clear on your ‘value’ and ‘terms’ to continue – make it mutually beneficial so it’s simple for them to decide.

Oh I remember why I wrote this post now. I was driving back from the gym and has another great idea for one of my clients/friends.
By taking on fewer clients, you can concentrate your energy and thought processes. The ideas start to cross-pollinate.
You will come up with great ideas specific to the person you are thinking about at the time.
You can create a bigger and more specific change for fewer people, than if you tried to for many people. It pays to be focused with your time and energy.

Finally, why did people agree to let me help them. Well that’s simple too!
People said YES “Because I’m Bobby Gill” (spoken in a “I’m Batman” voice, which you did anyway after seeing the logo!)

Your friends and associates will say Yes to you – because you’re uniquely YOU.
Fill in the blank with your name and say it out loud:
“Because I’m ____________”

The Rules for helping people are also simple:
–  Put your energy into helping one person at a time.
–  Add value to their life (and it will add value to yours and everyone else’s too!)
–  [repeat]

If you enjoyed this article (inane rambling), please leave a comment and share it.
If you don’t want to, that’s OK as well, I still love you 🙂

Your friend,
Bobby Gill