Remember When You Were a Kid and Life Was an Adventure

earth-to-echo-et-flight-of-the-navigator-explorersDo you remember when you were a kid?
Your friends were really your friends… Friendship would last forever…
You’d hang out all day… and Summers were eternal too…
You lived where you did and would do till the end of time… and you were never going to leave the house you grew up in…
Anything out of the ordinary, like a trip through the woods or down a street you’d never been was an Adventure… Just like staying out late after dark or having sleep-overs!
Enough money for a bag of sweets was more than you ever needed…
Where the idea was to stay out as long as possible and not in
When not having a bike would have been worse than today’s equivalent of not having the latest ‘games machine’…
A time when kids were kids and your life was infinite with no end in sight.


How times change; you may have even completely forgotten what it was like growing up – until I reminded you just now.


Some of you reading will now have kids, so you still get to experience ‘being a kid’ once in a while. Fortunately I get to borrow (and return) my nephews when I want to remind the kid inside me how simple life used to be. We hang out, play, talk nonsense, discuss possibilities of things that are ‘out there’, watch films – even though they think the last Star Wars trilogy is the original and prefer the Lego versions anyway.
Yep, I also admit to watching the latest Disney and Pixar flicks and use them as an excuse.


Now, if you’re like me you’ll remember those feeling mentioned earlier and great 80’s films like ET, The Goonies, Stand By Me, Flight Of The Navigator & The Explorers. As kids and young teenagers they were wild rides of the imagination, yet real enough that it could be you.


Well I got to watch ‘Earth To Echo’ with the nephews recently and it’s the nearest to all of those films these days, with the memories and feelings you’re likely to get that I mentioned earlier.
It has been updated to modern times, to include camcorders and mobile phones – but these kids are ready to hit the dirt road on their bikes and ride into the night to see how far they can go, rather than hide inside.
Borrow a couple of kids if you have to or just watch it yourself to feed the ‘inner child’.
If you’ve not seen the 80’s films I’ve mentioned earlier, check them out too.


Remind yourself how great life used to be and can be again;┬áif you just treat it, once more, like a kid on the ADVENTURE of a lifetime – your lifetime! THIS Lifetime!


Let me know when you’ve watched it and what you thought.