Taxing time for the Councils this Winter

The council’s running out of grit and it’s not the first time. The 2009 grit supplies issue from the Local Government website would be lessons to learn from wouldn’t they?  Here is the 2010 briefing on what is happening. 

As long as your council tax money is going to cover wages and meetings but NOT towards rubbish collections and icy roads, at least you know it’s being well spent.

Did you know it might be possible not to have to pay Council Tax? Yes it’s true, if you want to look into it go to

Latest on Council Grit Supplies

West Berkshire council confirmed that it had received an emergency delivery of salt from neighbouring Hampshire hours before it ran out. But it still only had supplies for two or three days. Harrow council, in north London, said it could run out by the end of the week if severe weather continued.

Durham County Council has halted gritting of minor roads because of “uncertainty” over salt supplies.

“It is important that everyone understands we are managing very difficult ongoing winter conditions with restricted supplies.”

GRIT supplies in Kirklees could run out today, as more bad weather is forecast for the rest of the week.

Harrow council in north-west London described the grit supply situation as “pretty outrageous”.

Many councils in Scotland have said they are running low on salt and grit, which has prevented them from treating the icy roads in the longest winter freeze for two decades.

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