Having been so busy getting things done, I was wondering if you could do me a quick favour?

As you’re aware with any business it is good to have referrals and testimonials, I’ve met and ‘worked’ with loads of great people, I just haven’t slowed down to take a look at the value added on our journey.

Whilst I have a good reputation in most circles and people are saying nice things, I’ve not had a chance to collect any testimonials in writing, for the benefit of those that want to get to know me better or deal with me.

The favour I’d like to ask if you would leave me a testimonial below with your name and any comments you wish to make. I also respect the confidential nature of coaching, so if you do not want to leave your name, you can message / email me with the subject “Brilliant Testimonial for Bobby” that I can use later (with just your initials).

It only needs to be 2-3 sentences in length so you can do it in a couple of minutes.

The area’s I’d love a testimonial for are:

a) How any coaching, options or advice have helped make your life better

b) Any tips or recommendations that have helped you do things easier or make more money

c) Any events you’ve enjoyed working with me at and why? eg. attending, organising or crewing

d) What you think of me as a person; my character, values and how it would benefit someone else to work with me

e) Any other great, fun and interesting things that you can think of…


Example, “I met Bobby at / know him from…. and he helped me with….This is what he did for me and what I think of him… and how it would benefit you…

Name – Bobby (Gill) from…. Huddersfield, UK (optional) – http://www.bobbygill.co.uk

(You can leave a link to your personal website but please no affiliated sites or sales pages)

So please leave a comment for any (or all) with regards to life, career, health, wealth, property, internet, events or however it is that our paths crossed. Even if we’ve not met yet and only communicated online or over long phone conversations :-)

That would be great and a big thank you in advance.

Bobby Gill


Making a Difference and Inspiring People, whilst having FUN!

Be the change you wish to see in the world. And remember it’s not about where you are on your journey, as much as how you show up and who you become in the process.

Bobby created and helps support the www.yesgroupmanchester.com website. He is the guy to go to if you want another opinion as he has a natural talent for providing another perspective. Would love to get to know the party animal side of him.
Jayes Vora

Although i have only known Bobby for a about a year I have found him to be an amazing source of support and knowledge. A very genuine and sincere person that is always willing to help. www.propertyJVexpert.com
Saj Hussain

I met Bobby Gill at a Light Up Your Life event in 2008 – he has always offered help and support in any way he can and it has been much appreciated; from a coffee and a chat to IT help. Recently I needed a tiny bit of IT know how and he was on the end of the phone, not minding at all that i’d bothered him. Thanks Bobby, it’s good to know a kind hearted guy like you – i’d happily recommend him.
Emmy Yeadon

Bobby helped me hugely with the Launch of my new book Amazon #1 Best Seller – ‘Connect to Authentic Success’. He proof-read the manuscript and gave some enlightened suggestions. He also gave me great advice on how to approach Facebook Ads, overall marketing strategy and was super moral support! Nothing too much trouble and a wealth of wisdom on all personal development items! Bobby I couldnt have done it without you. You are a legend! The Paperbacks coming out soon so – Ill be back (in Arnold Schwarzenegger voice) xx in addition to that you are an amazing, warm, kind individual with a deep desire to serve others and make the world a better, funnier place to be. You have a unique approach to life and many many talents and gifts! Xx
Amanda Steadman

Bobby I met him 18 months ago when i started MasterMindX always friendly, helpful, Knowledgeable, in many area’s, genuine, funny, warm hearted, I would happily recommend him
Roger Cowham

I’ve known Bobby for a number of years. We first worked together when I was at the start of my professional speaking career and Bobby ran all my online marketing, web pages and promotional links. Bobby always responded quickly when deadlines were tight, his work, support, encouragement and ideas have always been first class. He is truly one of life’s ‘good guys’ and i look forward to working with him further.
Paul Preston

Wow – Bobby – I’m seriously impressed. This isn’t a testimonial as we haven’t known each other long enough but, you rock…great job
Mark I’Anson

Thank you bobby, for helping me make the story emails as automated as possible at pin. It really does help make mine and Stephs life so much easier and less “copy, paste” for me! Ps. I think you should invent your own mango juicer.
Donna Hipkiss

Great help with my setting up and supporting my website Bobby. Cheers Darren. www.mountainsinmind.com
Darren Hunt

It was most pleasant to work with Bobby. He's always very helpful and willing to walk that exta miles to get things done. Highly recommend!
Tim Huang

Throughout my whole time as a member in the mastermind community Bobby has never failed to go way way beyond the call of duty to help me out. The testimonials on this page do not surprise me at all. Bobby has also helped me out numerous times with stuff that has nothing to do with mastermind or property. Bobby is an all round great guy and if I ever needed someone with Bobby's expertise in a professional capacity he would be top of my list.
Jamie Graham

you are an inspiration to pretty much everyone who has the honor to meet you. your diligence and determination always shines through and you are beyond awesome at living by the seat of your pants and adjusting to situations that have changed:)
*really big and gentle thank you jams flavoured hugs and san miguels* for not just being you, but being beyond supportive and going that extra bit more every day, but even more so over upw ’12.
Jams Cooper

Bobby Gill, dear, sweet, happy, funny Bobby Gill… Your name is synonymous for help, support, servant leadership and most of all LOVE for your fellow humankind. You bring laughter and sunshine, dedication and strong commitment to all that you put your heart and soul into. I remember the Bob Proctor Cruise around the Caribbean 4 years ago and having a total blast with you and the other wonderful souls that we shared a voyage of personal development discovery, I have fantastic memories of you as my student of NLP You were a star pupil throughout the training. We have crewed together on many many occasions and your always great fun whilst managing your tasks and people that your taking care of. Your loved by many, many people Bobby and that is a great way to count the blessings of life. Keep doing what your doing and being you, because its who you are meant to be. Nicky Pool xx
Nicky Pool

Bobby is one of those people ho is able to look at your issues and give you a different slant enabling clarity to burst through that allows you a much deeper understanding. From that position you can then work to a better answer. Bobby is very supportive and always ready to help if you need him, a great person to have as a mate!
Neil Hewitt

Despite Bobby being an expert on many many things, he is particularly great at putting a smile on your face in even the most trying circumstances.
Alasdair McWilliam

Having crewed events with Bobby in more than one country now I am continually touched and delighted to see his humour, warmth and dedication to others…he is always on hand to offer support, a joke, or a kind token to brighten your day and it is a pleasure getting to spend time with him…a facebook connection developed into a crewing collaboration which blossomed into a friendship. Claire Brummell, Feminine 1st – www.feminine1st.com
Claire Brummell

Bobby, Is for me in one word a Angel! He was always there for me and really caring! I can say a guy with a HUGE heart and integrity, wise and full of life! Very good energy and no EGO.. and funny! Thank you BOB for being there always for me! Love, Mastanee
Mastanee Eenatsam

Bobby is a human with a big heart. He makes himself available to everyone. I’ve know him since 2008. It’s been a blessing to have such a good kind genuine trustworthy friend.
Isaac K K Loong

“Thanks to Bobby Gill for always knowing what was going on.”
Barry RobertsProperty Mastermind X Winner

“My precious Bobby, what a blessing you were to April (who now really believes in the Law of Attraction) when she desperately needed to talk to those whose glass is “3/4 full”, you had a positive, lasting influence on the steps she will take to insure her future fullfilment. As for me, I will always remember and cherish how you related to the youngest “geriatric” on board the ship, how you included me in your hugs and smiles. I want you to know you are now in my blessing offering daily. You are a special man. Luv, Mom (Carol)”
Carol M Edens

“You are a great communicator and synthesiser Bobby.”
Erhun Alptekin

What impresses me is your ability to impart knowledge and wisdom without arrogance and just the right amount of humility, kindness, humour and common sense. Shame I don’t have a daughter who’s single. You’d make the perfect son in law! … though I have a great one of those already!
Mercedes Leal

Meant to say you notes were excellent, thanks. Stayed up hours to read, make notes of my own & absorb. Felt as if I had been in the audience! [ www.2012interviews.com/NAC ]
Kate McNeilly

Linked it, watching the video mate. Great opt in page & great value on post opt in [ www.2012interviews.com/NAC ] Met Bobby on FB & had the pleasure to crew with him on several occasions at personal development seminars.

He’s a great person to work with, humorous and fun.

One thing about Bobby that stands out like a NEON light, is that he’s PASSIONATE.

Passionate about what he does & how he does it.

Along with a genuine warm & friendly charisma, makes him a likable person & trustworthy.

What he done at the National Achievers Congress, pure selfless Bobby Gill.

Hakan Akbas

I’ve just had the most awesome conversation with Bobby and found his insight, rapid grasp of a situation AND his advice to be outstandingly apt in offering the perfect solution to an awkward problem. This is the gold standard of business wisdom wrapped up in almost supernatural understanding of human nature. The guy rocks!
Mercedes Leal

Met Bobby attending a breakthrough seminar and thanks to Bobby I did have one, joined the same crew that very day. Love, compassion, putting oneself in others shoes, selflessness, friendship makes the world worth living in.
That is one of the reasons Bobby made such an impression on me when we met, and he is the best hugger ever!!!! Bobby gives great hugs, have a heart of gold and always ready to give a hand even when you are down and downright difficult. I have cried and laughed with him, I know he is genuine and I can be genuine with him. We have not met in years but he always has a place in my heart, that is what it is all about, and giving people a second chance, which I feel Bobby does. Thankyou so much x – Monica Larsson
Monica Larsson

My business partners Andy Phillips and Simone Phillips and I have known Bobby for many years and the advice that he has given us has been sound. Totally agree with Mercedes Leal in that he can see clearly solutions to tricky problems – he makes things seem so logical. Privileged to have him as a friend
Yvonne Davidson

Thanks for your great support, Bobby, at the MSM event in London. You were amazing. Iíll keep you in mind as we do further events in London in 2012.
Robert Allen

I met Bobby while attending a Rich Dad seminar about the Cashflow Game. We talked just for a few minutes and already I was very impressed by one major trait of his personnality: his YES attitude. That is something so cool I thought…and I remember thinking that being around this kind of person would only have a good influence on me…
This Yes attitude is actually something I try to meditate on. I have had those Yes attitude times but it needs to be more consistent…

Then I saw him again at the Millionaire Mind Intensive at Excel London in April. There I have to say I was quite impressed with his ability to manage stress…and his friendliness plus he knows many many people and had seen me only once before but he recognised me and came to say hi …really cool.

I can feel generosity, friendliness, honesty, integrity and a fabulous energy and aura! Just talking to him is a benefit in itself!

Thank you Bobby
Linda Camurato

I met Bobby at the Rich Dad Leader Training day. Very positive person great to be around supportive and approachable – hes also a motivating person and a great influence on others.

Look forward to meeting you again sometime and I’m sure I will. Keep in touch.

Naiya K

Where do I begin, and how? Its a pleasure to tell you about Bobby. At the beginning of last year I took an interest in personal development and creating my own business. I was very hungry to learn and network, so started attending workshops and events. Everywhere I went, he was there!! This man with the broadest smile ever and a certain specs appeal (pardon the pun). I remember seeing him at the Chris Howard event in Manchester and very shortly after that we were finally introduced at an XL North West meeting. We are both members of the same XL circle group and I have found him to be a very valuable friend, coach and consultant. He is very friendly, positive, approachable and easy to be with. He also has great energy, passion for life and enthusiasm. Bobby asks great questions, enabling others to find great solutions. His experience, knowledge and contacts make Bobby a great connector and teacher. Enough said!
Jules Kay

Bobby is the voice in my head. a wonderful funny guy who gives me a kick in the back side when I need it. Fun to be around and as sharp as snooker ball (only playing). Top bloke! He is a wonderful friend to have on side. for many reasons. One is because he is a very good subtle coach who gives me a push when I need it most but more importantly he is full of life and is just fun to be around. Thank you.
Vishal Norris

Bobby is THE most vibrant man I have ever met. Couple that with an active urge to make a difference to people’s lives, and you have a genuinely wonderful and kind human being.

That’s not all, as Bobby’s knowledge is immense and his style of helping people in business is integral and unique.

I’m a huge fan of Bobby Gill. He is one in a Zillion and I am very lucky to have met him.
Andrea Smart

I feel like I’ve always known Bobby :o) I first met Bobby when we were both participants of Chris Howard’s Break Through to Success 2007, connected immediately, loved his smiley face and up lifting personality. I’ve crewed with Bobby at various events. He is always willing to help anyone any way he can, definitely a giver and supporter.He’s been there to listen when I’ve had challenges and been able to offer help, through wise words, or suggestions of who to go to or what to do, especially in the IT department! clever man.

Karen Shaw success coach and Inspirator :o)
Karen Shaw

Bobby – the who always has a smile on his face. One of those people who are good to be around when you want to forget any stress going on. Comfort or laughter, you’ll find it in Bobby.
Fiona Walsh

I first ‘met’ Bobby on a property forum, where he was a very prolific poster using his knowledge & experience to help and guide others – not to mention put a smile on their faces! I have since met him many different times at various events where he is always giving to others, smiling & generally just being Bobby! He has a huge amount of experience in property & self development – not to mention an abundance of energy! – and is always prepared to help others. I am priliveged and very lucky to have met and know Bobby.
Ashwin Gandhi

I met my northern brother , aka Bobby Gill at a NLP parctitioner course near London back in June 08. I found him to be a very funny guy ! Always very positive and keen , that is when i knew i had made a friend and brother for life.
Much Love Bobby
Steve Thompson

Where do you start to describe Bobby Gill? Bobby is the kind of guy you can stay up late chatting with until the small hours and never get bored. He has a great outlook on life and backs this up with expert knowledge in the area of personal development.

He has a great way of helping you expand your thinking and things that once seemed like problems seem to fall by the wayside after his advice.

Other things that are really admirable about Bobby are his commitment to being there for others, his flexibility and fun approach to life, and his ability to be in more than two places at the same time.

Great work Bobby… keep it up!
Dan Storey

I met Bobby Gill through XL North West.
What a star he is. He is a brilliant mix of reliable, fun and challenging.
Helpful in his observances of what makes people tick, what they might need and (importantly) how to get them to come to your event!
His advice is always to the point and he doesn’t offer it unnecessarily or in a patronising way, but to actually help.
Coming from his breadth of experience, it’s advice you can count on.
His attitude is always great

Love that Bobby Gill
Mica May

Mr Bobby Gill, very accomodating, awfully helpful, willing to put someone that he doesnt know first before himself. The man takes pride in helping others and that he does. I called him when I was an absolute nobody with a big vision, Bobby was so happy to help and even gave me some advise in terms of promoting my event and how to move forward being new to the game.

He is full of really useful knowledge and really knows his stuff, be it coaching, property or internet, his NLP is awesome and he has already convinced me that I am a Master – cheers Bobby

I have worked with Bobby already and would love to do more joint ventures in the future, we will be. He is a super positive guy and is great to be around, he cant handle his drink so well…….neither can I!

Highly likeable, highly recommended, a true professional, very funny, top man!
Benjamin Leppier

I have known Bobby for several years now as we met through our common interest in property. Since that time Bobby has become a dear friend who is always willing to help in anyway he can (or will know someone who can help if he cannot).

Bobby is always motivated and a “go getter” which is a great attribute to him and a fantastic character to be around. He knows how to have a laugh and is great company.

We have worked together and I look forward to continue working with the charismatic Bobby.
Satie Punglia

Everyone knows Bobby Gill
One of the most kindest and funniest guys on the personal development circuit
An unsung hero who is the model of servant leadership.
Love him
Harry Singha

Bobby Gill aka “The Bobster” is one of the most positive people I know, whenever I meet him, in real life or at his various haunts on that interwebby thing he always brings a smile to my face.

I have also had the pleasure of crewing with him at “Play To Win” (Clinton Swaine- Frontier Trainings) in London, he is a real team player, dedicated to putting in his all for the benefit of the entire team.
Bobby works tirelessly to reach his goals & supports everyone who has the pleasure to get swept up in his wake along the way.
It has been a pleasure to get to know Bobby and I look forward to benefiting from his many wonderful talents for years to come.
Claire Boyles

Bobby Gill is probably one of the best supporters of people I know! Always there to offer advice, recommend a person or a thing, and a veritable mine of very useful information. He is able to sift the chaff from the corn which is a highly valuable asset indeed, especially as there is sooo much chaff about. This makes him THE person to know in this highly changeable world that we live in.
He is now sharing his remarkable knowledge of Social Networking and helping us all to help everyone else succeed in this area… he is a change agent.

For me Bobby represents someone who is living his dream and showing us all that we can do the same.
I’m really pleased to say that Bobby G is in my team!

Now What Will Bobby Do with this testimonial?

Watch this space

Sally Jobes

Bobby is such a fantastic character. Always willing to help and support others which is just so lovely. A solid reliable friend and a determined entrepreneurial person I am lucky to know. His passion for selflessly wanting to make a difference is what sets him apart from most others.
Sarah-Sophia Harfleet

I’ve know Bobby now for one year and the more I get to know him, the more honoured I am to call him my friend. I can always count on him for support, guidance and a new out of the box idea. He has a generous spirit and a magnetic personality. Thank you for being my friend. You are truly special!
Trudy Sargent

There are two Bob’s in my life – Bob Proctor and Bobby Gill and I have to say that Bobby Gill is up there with the best of them. When Bobby says he will do something either for you, with you or for a friend, consider it done. He is very precise, methodical, knowledgeable and is a great connector of people!
I have found working with Bobby over the last few months a pleasure. Bobby is a great joint venture partner to work with who definitely goes the extra mile! I would recommend working with or hiring Bobby as he is a good team player and supporter and am positive he would add value to your business as he has mine. Bobby has helped me reach more people than I would do solo – through his fantastic networks which means we both get to help more people get what they want!
Michelle Whaite

Bob, Thanks for sorting the website out. You did a great job. Its great as a piece of sales literature, the contacts are coming. With regard to testimonials….honest…trustworthy..will do anything for a mate. Not only sorted my website but is great with advice on property and renting in-general. He’s helped me out with good advice on a number of occasions, never been wrong. He is good to have on board for advice if you are thinking of taking the plunge for the first time
Darren Blake

Bobby is always there to hlep and give advice when asked, he replies with a quick question or prompt to spur me to action or just to think a bit deeper about a subect to gain clarity and more forward, he has a vast knowledge base around his passions, he is always out and about networking and meeting people all over the country. Overall a great guy to know
Kenneth Spencer

I can’t remember where I met Bobby, but it was for a good reason and glad I did! He is a true Entrepreneur, and will help you anyway he can. You just have to ask him. We have an on going joke “have you signed up yet?” which makes me laugh every time. Hey Bobby if you ever need any photographs taken I’m happy to help. http://www.hdimages.co.uk/
Hitesh Daudia

Bobby’s rare combination of enthusiasm, drive and authenticity has really been of immense benefit in my personal and professional life. Aside from his wacky sense of humour, he’s been a real godsend kidnapping me to all these wonderful events: YES group 15year anniversary, Whitney Property Investors, Clinton Swaine’s Play 2 Win. He’s always on hand for advice and coaching. All this is offered from his genuine goodwill and one of these days, I’ll work out a way to repay you…and you will accept! (Even if it means travelling to the US!)
Juhi Bera

I met Bobby at the Yes Group North. He’s a warm, welcoming, genuine. You never feel that Bobby hasn’t got time for you. He remains positive even when others might crumble and is always looking for new opportunities to support others. He committed to Running the Coach and Grow Rich seminars and delivered despite some irregular numbers in Leeds.

Bobby Rocks!
Martin Huckle

Hi Bobby,

A testimonial to you following meeting you at the amazing 3 day retreat at the Sanctuary. You have the most beautiful smile – your face (and the recipients of that smile) just lights up. You are very quick-witted and extremely funny. This gift uplifts those around you – did you know that laughter is the one of the most powerful forms of healing – you must do, as I certainly witnessed you freely and lovingly giving that gift to all last weekend and I witnessed the instantaneous healing those (including myself – especially when you tried your very best to complicate to the hilt the game of Power Animals Charades – what a tonic you are !!!) received. Bless you and may you continue !!!! Loads of love and I hope we meet again in the not-too-distant future.

With love and every luscious and good !!
Wendy Loudon

Met Bobby while crewing at MMI – T Harv Eker and since that day he’s been a constant source of joy in my life.
As a fellow crew member he has been supportive in challenging times always funny and smiling and willing to help. He has introduced me to a group of amazing people and I will always be gratefull for that! I believe you make every event remarkable and I look forward to us playing again!

Lots of love xxx
Cammy Ciurdea

i know bobby from 5 aside football. We then had a disscussion about proporty and i have attented a number of his meets.. New to this kind of thing he was a great help, and never put you down even when i didnt know what i am talking about!!!! always willing to help and share his knowloge!! a great person to know!!!!! cheers mate!!!
Luke Horsfield

Bobby’s expertise in 2.0 has helped me emmensly. He is a true professional and a gentleman in his business dealings. His ethics are intact and working with him made my life a lot easier.
Being a relative Facebook virgin… Bobby’s help and advice will ensure that my business will have the best chance for success in todays very demanding and competitive market. He is a true asset and i am very pleased that i sought his expertise. Thank you Bobby…youre a star!
Sunny Walia

I first met Bobby at Wealth Mastery, where you don’t get a chance to really spend time getting to know someone. Shortly after started seeing him at Yes groups and other events. I finally got a chance to get to know him better on a cruise in the caribbean last yearwith loads of other fantastic energetic people. He has a great sense of humour, very smart but importantly very understanding. Pleasure to be able to call you a friend!!!
Mitul Shah

I remember the first time I met Bobby, he sat next to me in the front row at Your Life Your Legacy, and I told him about play2win and from then on he was everywhere. Every seminar I have been to he is there, with tons of energy and his big smile. Bobby goes beyond that, he is a true supporter, he just does things, so many times I have come back and found myself in a note from Bobby or something of the like, he is always there if you need anything. He is still the only person I know he gets into trouble for helping promote events If its crewing with Bobby, hanging out with Bobby or reading what Bobby will do, it is a pleasure and a honour. Bobby we know who is number one really…Always got time for you my friend. Keep being great.
Elliot Kay

Bobby, I think we first met at Bob Proctor through Elliott and like him you guys are OMNIPRESENT! You have always assisted me if I’ve called on you for help and given me straight answers on other requests! A fab friend; I have to say though I really enjoyed the Ice Cream Factory and look forward to seeing you again soon. YOU ROCK…
Amanda Steadman

Bobby is one of the greatest guys that I know. He is full of energy, vibrant, helpful, fun, committed, a true friend, a leader, a complete party animal who never sleeps, very quick witted, always has a smile on his face. I am truly blessed that Bobby is in my life forever (sorry Bobby) We love you Bobby we Do, we love you Bobby we.
Anita Langley

On a wednesday evening at YES group north I met Bobby and have considered him a good friend ever since.

Bobby has always been a friendly, helpful and knowledgeable person. Any time I need help if I call on Bobby I know he will be there. If he doesn’t have an answer or solution himself he is quick to use his fantastic networking skills to find a the answers.

Thank you Bobby

Bradley Potterton

I met Bobby a few years ago through a mutual interest of property. He has been a great support and friend ever since with his can do attitude towards any challenge. A great sounding board, full of suggestions and connections to get thinks sorted……..
Satnam Punglia

Bobby, like me, is a bit of a northern lege!

A little more tanned than I, he’s a somewhat older (and wiser) version of me!

Great wit, a friendly charm and a super spirit, Bobby is a fella to brighten anyone’s day.

Top man indeed!

Ben J Austin

Bobby is one of my most fantastic crew members! He is a fantastic people person. Also he has been so helpful getting people to my event through his amazing networking skills! – couldnt ask for a better person to work with – thanks Bobby!
Jemma Prittie

Bobby really helped us make the YES Group www.yesgroup.org.uk 15 year celebration event a success. Bobby was making sure we got the word out through his incredible network – Thanks Bobby you made a huge difference!
Karl Pearsall

Bobby is one of the greatest guy I’ve met in the UK. Lovely, lovely man. He’s selfless and will go all his way out to help others. I thank him for his generosity & his kindness. Great sense of humour, witty, smart, friendly, great fun, genuinue & offers great advice. Thank you Bobby! xoxoxo
Nicky Chang

BOBBY! what can i say? we met first at one of your Northern Property Network. to keep my ego happy i like to think i helped you and your networking events with my legal expertise and presentations butthe truth is YOU HELPED ME and my firm with your expertise 10 times more than that. as they say some people just talk… but you are A REAL EXPERT in networking, blogging, internet marketing, etc etc and A REAL GENEROUS AND NICE PERSON to deal with. we at MS Law Solicitors are very much in debt and look forward to being able to repay your help and kindness.
thank you Bobby (sorry no kisses!)
Shimon Rudich

Bobby. What can I say. The man gets everywhere. Is there an event in the country he has not attended or crewed? He has an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and experience and an unstoppable desire to connect people always done in with infectous good humour. A true supporter who lives by the credo Givers Gain, going out of his way to help others. If only he could get up on a morning he’d make a great BNI member!
Simon Murphy

Thanks Bobby for the practical and accessible Social Media Workshop yesterday.
There’s so much around about using Social Media to increase business these days, but what you did was to take us each from where we were to a higher level of understanding, no matter where we began.
So much more helpful for me that a lecture I couldn’t stop, or worse, couldn’t understand!
Thanks again.
Mica May


Just attended your social networking event in Bristol. It was really useful to find out how we can use social networking sites to raise our profile and to add the the businesses bottom line!

You rock man!
Barry Davies

We got given some great tools in order to market our business more effectively and give greater exposure; and tips on using facebook as a means to help my business grow was very useful.
Jody Wilkins

Hi Bobby. Sorry for the delay in posting this testimonial. Thanks for your input on the Social Media afternoon that we attended in July. I really enjoyed it, and it helped me sort out a few things in using Twitter and Facebook!!
Elaine Downs

Bobby Gill brings true meaning to the phrase ‘a legend in his own lifetime’!!

He has a thirst for knowledge and is always delighted to share that too.
He also has a desire to connect and support people.
He is a joy and pleasure to know and I am greatful to have such a wonderful friend.

Thank you Bobby Gill (can I have the money now!)
Jules Wyman

The first time I met Bobby was at the Yes Group North when Karl Pearsall spoke about masterminding. I ended up in a group with Bobby and my challenge was lack of time. After the group finished he went to his car and got his Tim Ferris cd’s and lent me them after only just meeting me. I think this is just a small example of the dedication he will go to to make a difference and the spirit in which he lives his life. He is now a good friend and we’ve had many laughs together. Top bloke!!!
Tim Neale

Bobby always brings a light-hearted and fun energy in all the groups I have worked with him in. I would have him on my Team anyday of the week. Keep up the great work.
Mac Attram

Bobby – a Super personality, warm heart and always willing to help out. I thank him for all the support and true crew spirit he shared with us which made everyone’s job easy. Yes, he was there immediatley. I guess he has connection with “Star Trek” – All you had to say Scotty: Beam Bobby Gill!!.
Mala Shah

Bobby is a genuine, kind hearted, down to earth person. He always has the time to reach out and help and share his knowledge and opinions. Blessed to know him.
Nasim Patel

I love your comments Bobby. You are so wonderfully happy and cheery, even in the face(s) of adversity. Your messages truly come from your wonderful warm heart with love… Love ya for that. x
Andrea Smart
Hi Bobby, I reiterate what Andrea has said and thank you for asking my opinion. To actually get this done is a blessing, you never let anyone down and always deliver. Your a true friend, one which I treasure immensely for your genuine willingness to give all the time, despite whatever else is going on in your life. I am sure the website will develop more in time as you will add more with peoples suggestions and ideas but for now it’s brilliant. Have a great day and I am full of gratitude for knowing you are my friend. H x
Heather McDonald-Hamilton
Bobby, can I commend you on your stirling efforts! Well done! I really like what you’ve written; it captures both your spirit and mindset, which give a genuine and true a feel for what you and ’it’ are about. The idea and concept are indeed great. I think you already know your own ’genuine’ nature – of course – but the important things here is that it comes across in your writing. This is crucial I feel to your success. I truly believe you will, knowing what I’ve both seen and heard of you and about you from other creditable fellow property investors) and you carefully maintain it, and you speak from the heart, I honestly feel you WILL succeed; and I wish you all the best, I truly do. I take my hat off to you.
Ian Coleborn-Drover
Bobby’s a fun loving human being full of positive energy! Always there to help and advise in times of need, and full of knowledge on a whole spectrum of subjects.
Daniel Haley
I have known Bobby for two or three years now, initially through property networking and subsequently through our shared passion for self development. His sense of fun and endless enthusiasm strike you immediately, but underneath there is also a driven and shrewd businessman. What I admire about Bobby is how he balances these two areas of his life so well so as to get results whilst enjoying the journey. If Bobby can help someone he will – often at his own expense- and it is no surprise that this giving nature attracts people, opportunities and abundance in his life. It is a real pleasure to call Bobby a friend.
John Rattigan
Bobby is a truely remarkable person. Apart from being highly successful in property investment, he is also a guru in the field of personal development. I always look upon him as a friend, a teacher and to a certain extent, my spiritual guidance. His spirit of giving selflessly is a true inspiration to many. The “secret” that Bobby once shared with me has totally taken me on a different path of life and shaped my destiny entirely. I’m forever indebted to him.
Vincent Wong
I have had dealings with Bobby and have found him very professional and supportive. Bobby is excellent at communication and is an open thinker who can consider issues in a different way to most people – very useful.
Fraser Macdonald
Bobby is a guy of much heart and passion. He has a genuine desire to help people grow and be the best they can be and is known to go the extra mile for this. I sincerely wish him the success he deserves.
Jane Thorpe
Bobby Gill – gentleman and legend, always has time to help and advise others, a very genuine, giving and honest man with great integrity. A man, who’s coat tails are very much worth hanging onto.
Chris Vize
I met Bobby Gill on a forum earlier this year, and was so curious when I learned how he’d bought nearly £2M of property in one go, I just had to meet him. So after a twelve hour day in Durham, I drove over to see Bobby on the way back to Manchester. The investment was well worth seeing, and so was Bobby. I’ve always been attracted by rare people who think outside the box, and don’t care what “society” thinks about them. Bobby is one of those people, and that’s why he’s a friend of mine.
Gerry Pridham
I have known Bobby for a number of years, initially met through our common interest in property. Knowing Bobby in this time he has always been able to come to my aid with his “CAN DO” attitude (or knowing someone who can). He has an infectious motivation, energy and self belief for success. He has a big heart and has always given his time and advice.
Satnam Punglia
Bobby Gill is one of the shakers and movers in the buy to let property market. A friendly, approachable person who is keen to network and give back what he has received.
Jim Haliburton
I have only known Bobby for a short time, but I find him a very open and honest person. He seems very keen to help even if this means an inconvenience to himself – he’s a rare individual!
Chris Bean
I have known Bobby for nearly a year now & can attest to his knowledge in property & property investing as a whole. He has passed leads on to me that weren’t quite right for him & also shared his knowledge with me on many occasions, always offering this for free which shows what kind of a guy he is! A very giving one! He’s drawing alot attraction his way because of his capable knowledge on lots of things & especially in personal development. Well done Bobby & thank you for your continuing help.
David Mulliner
I have known Bobby for about 6 months and have to say that he is such an inspiring genuine person. He lights up his surroundings with his energy and humour, and is a real pleasure to be around. Bobby has no hesitation to help others, and I am glad to be able to bounce ideas off him. Bobby inspires me because he’s just going for it! He’s out there, meeting people and doing the deal.
Hagop Tchaparian
Bobby is without question one of the most popular, discerning and positive natured people in the property business – so much so that it is an honour to describe him as a friend. I was instantly drawn to his optimistic attitude and his obvious passion for personal development when we first met, and have been ever since! Just spending time with Bobby is a motivational experience in itself and a lot of fun! I have no doubt a forum like this will add yet another exciting dimension to his unwavering generosity and selfless capacity to help others.
Max Harris