The Apprentice: You’re Fired! 2009 – Series 5, BBC, UK

The Apprentice is back for another series, every Wednesday on BBC1 at 9pm.

With 15 contestants battling for a job with Sir Alan Sugar, this is a must for all business fans and people who love reality TV!

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See the last episode online here:

Lets find some quality candidates this year…


The first episode of The Apprentice kicks off on BBC1 at 9pm on March 25 2009. Don’t miss it!

Twenty thousand CVs were received from applicants around the UK last year and I forgot to post mine! So at least I saved the price of a stamp 😉

Check out the candidate profiles of those that made it:

This series is licence payers’ (and Sir Sugar’s) money well spent. Forget Orange Wednesday at the cinema – Sugar Wednesday is what mid-week was made for!

** Play along with the other viewers and guess who will be fired with the Predictor:


Name Age Occupation
——- —– —————
Rocky Andrews 21 Sandwich Chain Owner
Debra Barr 24 Senior Sales Consultant
Noorul Choudhury 33 Science Teacher
Ben Clarke 22 Trainee Stockbroker
Kimberly Davis 33 Marketing Consultant
Howard Ebison 24 Retail Business Manager
Paula Jones 29 Human Resources Consultant
Mona Lewis 28 Senior Financial Manager
James McQuillan 32 Senior Commercial Manager
Majid Nagra 28 Business Development Manager
Anita Shah 35 Business Strategist
Yasmina Siadatan 27 Restaurateur
Phillip Taylor 29 Estate Agent
Lorraine Tighe 36 National Accounts Manager
Kate Walsh 27 Licensing Development Manager


Sir Alan apprentice ‘bottles it’

“The new series of The Apprentice is already a man down following one candidate’s decision to quit before the cameras started rolling.

The man, who has not been named by the show’s producers, bowed out before the first task had even been announced.

Sir Alan Sugar said he had “never met the fellow” and added “there was nothing sinister about it”.

But in the first episode of the series, Sir Alan tells the remaining group that one of them had “bottled it” and left.” –

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