The real value of a meal deal

Next time you walk past a homeless person in the street and into a shop to buy some more useless crap – why not think of them and buy them some food that you feel they’d like to eat!

Then you can give it to them on the way out, as you go back out into the cold night.
Does it really cost that much to care?

Sometimes people just need to eat.

Yes, they are there. Yes, you did see and ‘ignore’ them. Yes, they are cold. And yes, those selling The Big Issue are actively trying to make a difference without just asking for charity.

Your attitude towards others shows the world what you are like. If you believe you are better than that, behave better and love others, as much as the love that is due and coming to you.

So stop talking about making a difference and pretending you care. Show it!

It doesn’t cost more than the price of a sandwich and a drink to show you care about life.

Life shouldn’t be about how much money you put into your pockets but how much value you put back into the world!

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