The Secret Millionaire – Kevin Green at Northern Property Network!

This is a rare opportunity for you to meet and spend the Evening with a Multi-Millionaire and a Top Business Consultant on Thursday 3rd June 2010.
Kevin Green, Channel 4’s Secret Millionaire and Top Business Consultant Michael Bradford are speaking at the Northern Property Network event in Huddersfield.
We have booked the biggest room and it will be a BRILLIANT event!
Kevin Green 

Kevin Green, property investor and star of Channel 4’s award wining TV show: The Secret Millionaire

Self made Multi Millionaire, Social Entrepreneur and International Speaker, Kevin Green inspires audiences worldwide. Kevin believes in ‘Heart Magic’ where he explains how feelings from the heart are more important to him than thoughts from the head. Follow our hearts before our heads says Kevin as our hearts never lie. Kevin relates heart lead decisions to ‘gut feel’ which has lead him to huge success in life and business.
Kevin is not only a motivational speaker but also instructs delegates with a ‘hands on’ approach of how to create Wealth through implementing clear systems and strategies. Kevin believes charity begins at home and focuses on the importance of laying solid foundations to create financial security before helping others
Michael Bradford
For the past 20 years, Michael has worked all over the world working with individuals, teams and organisations in order to help them to develop their skills in intuition and to practically solve problems they may be experiencing.
What Michael can do in one minute in your organisation will have a profound effect on your results for years. No wonder he is one of the top Intuitive Business Consultants in the world.
Everyday we are challenged with hundreds of decisions, often without having the key facts. The quality of your decisions will determine your level of success – it really is that simple! Find how you can access your Intuition to:
* Make better and more timely decisions
* Increase the odds of consistently being right
* Avoid costly mistakes
* Successfully go beyond your comfort zone and your experience
* Gain the competitive advantage when negotiating
* Discover the keys to your success and gain the Ultimate Competitive Advantage
During the event you will have the opportunity to meet the speakers and network with all the other guests that have travelled from around the UK to attend.
Tired of attending meeting that are more boring than doing your annual accounts? Do you want something a little different where you can learn, have fun and actually meet people who are successful investors? Wondering why all the big meets are down south? Are you ready to go the extra mile to grow your business and meet great people?
Bringing the smartest people in the property business to YOU!
Be inspired and learn from some of the best in the industry, who will show you how to be successful too. 
The aim is to make property investing simple and accessible to people that want to step out of the mainstream and follow this route. Come and immerse yourself in an environment where you can meet new peers with similar goals, who will help you move to the next level in your business.

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