Think And Grow Rich Mastermind Groups

Experience the Power of the Master Mind!

The “Master Mind” may be defined as: “Coordination of knowledge and effort, in a spirit of harmony, between two or more people, for the attainment of a definite purpose.” – Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill [1938]

A Unique Opportunity for Personal & Business Development
A 5-Week Study Specifically for Business Leaders & Entrepreneurs

If you had the opportunity to study the thinking of one of the master thinkers alive today would you take it?
If that very same opportunity allowed you to share ideas, goals, challenges and develop potential profitable relationships with like-minded business leaders, would you take it?
During this dynamic, FREE 5-week study, you will learn how to apply to your life and business with the foundational principles of Napoleon Hill’s classic book, “Think and Grow Rich!”
This five-week, in depth study will afford you the opportunity to join forces and master mind with a unique group of like-minded individuals who are focused on taking the results, in every area of their life, to a new level.
You will have the opportunity to learn new concepts such as how to use the terror barrier to your advantage! Overcoming procrastination, utilising autosuggestion in the POSITIVE sense, engaging your sensory faculties as well as learning about your 6 intellectual faculties and how to tap into resources that lie dormant ALREADY within!
The results will astound you as you watch the lives and businesses of your Master Mind group improve from one week to the next.
“Change is constant and inevitable, but personal growth is a choice.” Bob Proctor
Together for the 5 weeks we will be studying the marvelous book Think & Grow Rich, the Original, Restored & Revised edition.

This specific book edition shall be purchased from Bobby and Michelle for a small investment of just £20.

Once the course has started, the group has a lock-down for 5 weeks and no other member may join until a new group commences. After enjoying the taster of 5 weeks’ learning there will be the opportunity to continue for the remainder of the Think & Grow Rich course for a further 5 weeks AND to move into one of Bob Proctor’s leading personal development programs the Goal Achiever Program for a further 12 weeks via teleconference calls from the comfort of your own home with Michelle Whaite, Certified LifeSuccess Consultant Results Coach (trained and mentored by Mr Bob Proctor himself personally in Florida, West Palm Beach in 2006).

Where else can you get to join a Think And Grow Rich Study class, a Master Mind group AND get coaching for just a £20 investment?

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Register NOW by simply emailing
to secure your place as the groups are strictly limited to a maximum of 10 delegates ONLY in each group for 2009.
Bobby will then send you a Master Mind Questionnaire to see if you can qualify for a free place on the course by answering as honestly as possible to help you gain the most from the course.

Setting up local groups in Manchester, Huddersfield/Leeds, London. International via teleseminar.

If you’d like a local group and know upto 10 people interested, let us know and we’ll make it happen!

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