What a weekend! Let it snow…

It was cold as I woke up early on Friday morning, needed to borrow a car to get to Heathrow area of London – and a warning light kept coming on, so had to keep slowing down on the motorway.
Parked at hotel near Heathrow, caught tube to central London and arrived at my first meeting half an hour late. Then rushed back to Heathrow for a champagne reception, which I missed by an hour as shuttle bus seemed to circle heathrow airport forever. Stopped at a hotel 5 minute walk from venue in the cold winter weather. Ended up with a double hotel room with a bed that barely was bigger than a single and sink didn’t drain properly.
Didn’t exchange many details with people at 400+ person networking event on Saturday.
Got a call from a friend to cover his place at a training event on Sunday instead of going to see friends around London, so had to stay an extra night in the hotel – extra expense.
Saturday evening went to cinema with friends after getting lost as I didn’t have GPS/Sat Nav and had to write directions down and still went wrong way due to miscommunication. Got to cinema and only one ticket/seat was available, difficult to share between three of us.
Air con/heating broke down in middle of night, so woke up in cold and sink still not fixed.
Sunday only had time at breakfast and lunch to grab a Mcdonalds instead of a proper meal. Freezing when I set off home in the evening. Phone battery died and it snowed on the motorway taking me longer to get back. Got in to blanket of snow in Hudds about midnight, bank letters and 295 emails waiting.

How was my weekend? BRILLIANT!!!

I think life has it in for me, by offering me such lovely opportunities, that made even all the crap above insignificant, it was an absolutely fantastic weekend!

Just hope I get time to share all the good stuff with you later to put it all into context!

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