What an Outstanding Peer Group!

After doing a talk on Web 2.0 and Social Media at the Northern Property Network on Tuesday alongside professional speakers, then a conference call to the US about Wealth Events on Wednesday, I took Thursday off!

This weekend I will be in London with, talking to and in the presence of all these brilliant people. I didn’t realise till now where I’d be and am so excited I wanted to share my weekend with you before it’s even happened! I am so Grateful to have such a wonderful peer group and the best friends in the world… I can’t list you all but you know who you are 😉

On friday (today) I’ll be at the “What are We On Earth are We Doing?” World Tour with Roger Hamilton and Lynne Twist and lots of other lovely XL people.

In the studio with Elliot Kay and Brett ‘The Hitman’ Hart at midnight on Friday on www.playvybz.com – if you’re near a PC log on and join the call!

With Jonathan Jay from Success Track Business Coaching all weekend.

Monday meeting Amanda Steadman from Wealth Babes for a possible interview (or probably more likely coffee and a catch up).

Stalking Simon Zutshi at the XL Momentum meeting. He seems to be everywhere I am at the moment, maybe it’s the other way round and following me. (Unfortunately Topher Morrison is not in the UK, as he is usually top of my stalking list! If you’re reading Toph, I’m watching… lol… just joking… no, really I am!!)

Then off to see LifeSuccess Consultant Michelle Whaite to arrange the Think & Grow Rich groups and pick up the study books. Before a midnight drive home!

There are lots of other brilliant people I know I will meet over the long weekend and these are just some of them that I’ll definitely be catching up with.

Then next Thursday I’m on a conference call with Michelle Whaite and Paul Martinelli for the Think & Grow Rich Mastermind groups. Get BOOKED on now: T&GR Facebook Group

Isn’t it amazing how the world is getting smaller and opportunities are everywhere!

There is a saying that to find out your wealth, look at the average of the people that you surround yourself with. It is important to surround yourself with other successful people and great thinkers, with huge ideas. After all, wouldn’t you rather be playing a bigger game?

I keep running into writers, authors, coaches, professional speakers, entrepreneurs and successful individual’s in their own fields. Maybe it’s a sign!?

Take a look at who your peer group is that you’re spending time with this weekend. And come and take a look at our mastermind groups.

There is always time to change and step up your life. Where you are now is based on decisions you made in the past. Your Future is based on the decisions you make NOW!

Have a fun weekend, I know I will.

OK, must sleep busy week…

Bobby 🙂

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