What comes after Winter?

Anyone else getting Deja Vu?  The weather was similar this time last year and the chaos the same. The world keeps turning and life must go on.

Winters come and go, to return again… just as the summers do. So why are so many people surprised or shocked when it happens again?

So whilst it looks bleak for the councils gritting roads and people who need to go to work, kids are out having fun in the snow and so are some of the adults. Driving isn’t safe, so staying in the warmth sounds like a good idea, extending the Christmas holidays.  With a cup of hot chocolate and snuggling up to watch TV / DVD’s, read a good book or just spend more time on the internet and facebook.

Enjoy the weather and time off, as it will be time to go back out soon enough and spring will be around the corner.  If it wasn’t for the cold, how would we know to enjoy the sun?

Bobby 🙂

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