What would Bobby Do… if he couldn’t make a live call?

What would Bobby Do… if he had to be on Playvybz radio show with Elliot Kay at 9-30pm on Wednesday night but tied up elsewhere?
He’d report via text/ sms from An Evening With Steven Covey at the London Hilton Metropole (with an audience of 1100 people)

Having been to see Billionaire In Training Brad Sugars in the morning. A lesson they both have to share is the move from Managers to Leaders.

Brad says dictionary definition of ‘to manage’ is ‘to get by’. ‘To lead’ is self explanatory! Which would you rather be?

Steven Covey says ‘Find your voice’ as inspired people don’t need supervision – inspire trust in others, involve other people by communicating their worth and potential. Motivation is Internal, not external.

Bobby Gill over and out 😉

Playvybz radio show, Inspire A Nation with Elliot Kay: 8-10pm Wednesdays
Brad Sugars – best selling author and Business Coach, ActionCoach
Stephen Covey – best selling author of The 7 habits of Highly Effective People

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